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VIDEO: Tug A Truck Is Just A Traction Contest

Tug a truck is nothing more than a traction contest.

Tug a truck is nothing more than a traction contest.

I’ve written in years past that Tug-A-Truck is stupid. I believe that only a fool would risk destroying a trucks’ powertrain just to “tug” another truck across some line.

But Tug A Truck is also stupid because the winner of a tug-a-truck contest is always the vehicle with the best traction.

Need proof? Here’s a Dodge diesel (with some pretty good weight in the back, it looks like, as it’s sagging) beating an unloaded semi, because the semi couldn’t find traction.

VIDEO: Stupid Idiots Ruin Trucks with Tug-O-War

I’m a Tundra fan, but I definitely wouldn’t mind having a cool lifted 80’s domestic pickup with a big block and a gigante (pronounced he-gone-tay) set of mudders. That would be a fun truck to own.

What I’m saying is, you wouldn’t see me ruining my truck like the Rhodes scholars below…

About two years ago, I railed against the stupidity of “tug-a-truck” competitions because ultimately they’re about destruction. While one driver appears to win, the truth of the matter is that both trucks are damaged by the competition. As you can see in the video above, something broke on the truck on the right at the 16 second mark. At 18 seconds, the shirtless referee starts waiving off the “competition”. Nearly 7 seconds later, the other driver finally becomes aware that his buddy’s pickup is destroyed.

What, exactly, was the point of that little exercise? The loser just ruined hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of parts and accessories. The “winner” just ruined someone else’s vehicle…and truth be told, the winner also strained some of the components in his truck’s powertrain, suspension, and frame. How these strained parts will hold up long-term is a question mark – one that the winner brought upon himself.

Tug-A-Truck Is For Dumb Fools

De gustibus non est disputandum is a latin expression that’s survived nearly 2500 years because it’s very, very wise: It means that “there’s no accounting for taste.” Many motor sports are a question of personal taste. While it has a huge number of fans, there are those out there who have no interest in NASCAR due to its relative lack of road courses. Likewise, IndyCar racing is often passed over by race fans thanks to the perception that it is missing the hardcore, door-to-door racing that is largely impossible due to its open-wheel format.

Tug a Truck is the sport of fools.

Tug a Truck is the sport of fools.

There are some types of vehicular competition, however, that would seem to be a universally bad idea – ‘Tug-a-truck’ is a perfect example.