Why Trucks Are Better Than Cars

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Trucks are made for off-roading and towing. Cars are for the boring stuff like commuting. Right? What happens when people (see:idiots) switch these roles. Like how about driving a Chevy Corvetter through deep mud with the top down? Glad you asked, because these guys thought it was a great idea.

Corvette vs. MudPretty sure that this little off-road adventure was not what Chevy engineers had in mind for the Corvette. How this became a good idea probably involved lots of alcohol and hot sun baking brain cells? We wonder how the undercarriage works now that it was dragged through the mud. Plus, what kind of cleaning bill comes with those leather seats and interior that undoubtedly got mud splatter.

Taking your truck off-road and doing stupid things can be a good time. Dragging a sports car through the mud? We don’t think so.


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  1. LJC says:

    One word:

    It can really go a long way to explain things this 🙂

  2. Mickey says:

    Even a dunce cap won’t fit those fools. How stupid can you get.

  3. Airport Calgary Limo says:

    But why? Were they also drunk driving at the same time? They obviously need to give that Corvette to someone who would take better care of it, someone, well, like me. Lol.

  4. Jason (Admin) says:

    It’s just sad…The Corvette is a beautiful automobile. To see it literally “dragged through the mud” depresses me a bit.

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