TRD Pro Package Pricing Announced – Pricey, But Not As Much As A Raptor

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The Tundra’s new TRD Pro package isn’t directly comparable to Ford’s Raptor F-150. The Raptor is more heavily customized for off-roading, offers more power, a wider track, a shorter wheelbase, and a few other (admittedly awesome) extras.

Still, it’s not as if the two trucks don’t have a lot in common. Both offer increased ground clearance and suspension travel (about 1.5″ more travel front and rear on the Tundra), top-grade shocks, unique styling, and under-body protection. Both also seem to be targeting truck buyers with LOTS of extra cash, as Toyota and Ford are demanding a hefty premium for these trucks.

TRD Pro Tundra pricing.

The TRD Pro Tundra will start at $41,285, plus destination charges and options.

While a true head-to-head off-road comparison of these trucks has yet to be completed, there’s one area where the Tundra has a clear advantage over the Raptor: Price. Toyota’s announced pricing for the TRD Pro Tundra, and it’s thousands less than the average Raptor.

TRD Pro Pricing Info

Toyota’s list price for a double-cab TRD Pro comes in at $41, 285, while the CrewMax is listed at $43,900. This pricing is based on the SR5 trim level, which comes with most of the features you’d expect on a new vehicle (windows, locks, air, cruise, etc.) but not much more.

Comparing this pricing to a new Raptor – and using data from about the average price paid for a new Raptor – it’s likely that the average TRD Pro Tundra will be thousands of dollars less than a Raptor. According to Edmunds, the average price paid for a 2014 Raptor SuperCab is over $53k. The average price paid for a SuperCrew is lower at just over $50k.

Ford Raptor pricing vs Tundra TRD Pro

Average price paid for 2014 Ford Raptors, taken from (screenshots shown). Click to verify the data for yourself.

NOTE: If you’re wondering why the average SuperCab is more expensive than the average SuperCrew, you’re not alone. My guess is that the people buying the SuperCab are opting for more options, but it could be that the SuperCab is also in shorter supply.

Unless Toyota forces customers to buy heavily optioned TRD Pro Tundras, the average truck will be quite a bit less expensive than the Raptor. At least if we’re comparing the starting price of a TRD Pro Tundra to the average price paid for a new Raptor. If we compare starting price to starting price, the difference is smaller (about $4k, depending on the model).

The TRD Pro Tacoma Might Be The REAL Raptor Challenger

Finally, consider this: If F-150 Raptor customers are “real” off-roading enthusiasts rather than pretenders, the TRD Pro Tacoma has got to be on their radar.

After all, the Tacoma has a shorter wheelbase than the F-150 (which is important to off-roaders), is lighter (also important), offers a manual transmission (kind of a big deal), and costs even less than a TRD Pro Tundra. The Tacoma starts at “only” $35k for a 4×4 Access Cab with a 6-speed manual.

Tacoma TRD Pro Pricing

The TRD Pro Tacoma checks in at $35k, nearly $15k less than a new Ford Raptor. The Tacoma is also available with a manual transmission, something the Raptor lacks.

Ask any real off-roader to choose between a $50k full-size pickup with serious off-road racing abilities and a $35k mid-size with serious technical off-roading abilities (and a stick shift instead of an automatic), and the odds are good they’ll lean towards the TRD Pro Tacoma.

After all, $15,000 is a lot of money.

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  1. hemi lol says:

    nice article. interesting the ford has more power…………. but its slower…

    the ford has long arm suspension and yet the wheel travel is almost identical! within 1/2 inch…

    and the tundra’s approach and departure angle is better as well…. raptor has some cool other gadgets tho…

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