TRD Parts for the Toyota Tundra

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Here’s a list of TRD parts available for the 2007 and 2008 Toyota Tundra. We’ve included the suggested retail price as well as what you can expect to pay for each part (prices don’t include install).

TRD Brake Kit Toyota TundraTRD High Performance Brake Kit

TRD’s part description:Provides increased heat capacity for substantially more resistance to brake fade and caliper distortion during multiple stops from high speed. Creates firmer pedal feel due to stronger and more rigid components. Better modulation characteristics under threshold braking…Our take: Cool. Literally. Keeps brakes cool. If you plan on racing and/or towing like crazy, buy these brakes. You can probably get them for $2500-$2600, but expect to have to order them. The good news is you can put your old rotors and calipers on eBay or Craigslist and get some of your money back.

Fits Tundra 07-08′, Sequoia 08′ with 20″ wheels (or larger, will not fit with 18″ wheels) — Part No. PTR09-34070 — Suggested Retail Price: $2,795

Poor Man’s Alternative: G2 Brake Caliper Paint Red. If you’ve got a few hours and a little bit of talent with a paint can, you can get the look without spending very much. G2 is quality stuff too – stay away from cheap caliper paint kits. They don’t stand up very well under high heat.

G2 Brake Caliper Paint Retails for $38.00, and is available in black, green, purple, and yellow too.

TRD Tundra Cold Air Intake KitTRD Cold Air Intake Kit

TRD’s part description:replaces the factory inlet air duct, air cleaner lid, air filter and inlet system hose assembly and reduces the air inlet system restriction…A unique Intake Flow Accelerator (IFA) smoothes and accelerates the air flow into the TRD inlet system.” Includes reusable air filter and a spot for TRD’s “filter service guage”. TRD boasts kit adds about 8 hp and 8 lb-ft of torque at 5,600rpm. Our take: Nice quality, slightly higher cost than some other kits but comes with TRD backed warranty. Read our Tundra cold air intake advice if you’re not sure about adding one in the first place. Expect to pay about $385.

Fits Tundra 07-08′, Sequoia 08′ – Part No. PTR03-34070 fits 5.7L V8, Part No. PTR03-34072 fits 4.7L V8, – Suggested Retail Price: $475

TRD Cat-back Dual Exhaust System

See our Tundra TRD Exhaust review for more info, but you can expect to get 5-10% off of the MSRP if you buy the parts over the counter and install the kit yourself.

Requires TRD Tail Pipe Kit, Part No. #PT400-34073, MSRP $375 PLUS one of the following:

Reg. Cab Short Bed: 4.7L PT400-34070 MSRP $655, 5.7L PT400-34071 MSRP $675
Double Cab Short Bed, Reg. Cab Long Bed, and all CrewMax: 4.7L PT400-34072 MSRP $655, 5.7L PT400-34074 MSRP $675

TRD Drop-In Air Filters

Available for all Tundra motors, these are similar to products from K&N. We don’t have any performance data, but we suspect they’re the same as less expensive after market filters. We won’t recommend them until we have reason to believe they’re superior to K&N filters that cost half.

4.0L V6 Part No. PTR05-35060. MSRP $75
5.7L & 4.7L V8s, Part No. PTR05-34070. MSRP $75
Filter Cleaning Kit, Part No. #PTR05-00000-CL, MSRP $22

TRD Tundra Rear Sway BarTRD Rear Sway Bar Kit

From TRD:provide a flatter, more stable cornering stance. They are constructed of high-quality spring steel and powder coated to prevent corrosion and road damage.” Our take: It will give you better handling, better stability when towing and hauling, and it’s reasonably priced. In short, it’s a good deal. Just remember that it won’t work with a hitch that wasn’t installed at the factory – including the resin hitch you can buy from Toyota. Expect to pay about $235 for the part, and it you can order it from the factory that’s probably cheaper than paying someone to install it for you.

All 07-08 Tundras, Part No. #PTR11-34070, MSRP $259.

Our big tip for getting a good deal on TRD parts for the Toyota Tundra. Ask for the last model year’s part (as long as the part numbers are the same). Dealers will discount more on a part that’s for an older vehicle than they will for the current model year.

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  1. Michael says:

    I need a new tail light (somebody shanked mine), is there anyone producing an aftermarket version???

  2. admin says:

    Michael – none that we know of. IPCW is one of the leaders in aftermarket lighting, and they offer quite a few models of tail light for the 00-05 Tundra. Their website is They don’t show anything yet, but you can email them at INFO@INPROCARWEAR.COM to find out if they’ll be bringing something out soon.

  3. coty says:

    i have a 2 wheel drive and i want to turn it in to a 4 wheel drive. i have a 07 tundra can any one help me out. tell me where

  4. tom says:

    coty, your best bet is to trade it in on a 4wd.time 7 expense to convert it yourself is not worth the effort.

  5. Calvin says:

    How much is an OEM 2007 Tundra rear bumper with sonar? Thx.

    Are the any after market rear bumpers you recommend that can be used in place of the current OEM?

  6. admin says:

    Calvin – not sure about the parts cost on an 07 rear bumper with sonar. Your local Toyota dealer parts department can tell you that. As for recommended after market rear bumpers, I just read a positive review of ARB products. I emailed you the link.

  7. Aaron Day says:

    I have a few customer’s that have a 2007,5.7,Tundra 4×4 TRD, they wan’t a supercharger! I need help please, Aaron Day!

  8. Roy says:

    I would like to get information on a supercharger for my 07 Tundra.Is anyone going to make one?Thanks

  9. admin says:

    Roy and Aaron – you’re not alone. The rumor is the TRD supercharger is coming out “soon”, but Toyota’s been saying that for a year now. You can add a universal kit, but it won’t be warrantable like the TRD supercharger would be. Unfortunately, the smart money’s on waiting for that TRD unit (unless you don’t really care about the power train warranty being invalidated, but that’s a distinct possibility if you add a universal kit).

  10. Michael says:

    Why are Tundra aftermarket product choices so few compared to other trucks? I have the same problem finding parts for my ’07 Tundra as I did for my ’03 Tundra. For instance … got my ’07 in March last year and had a hard time finding wheels, I even spoke to the west coast sales director at KMC, he said I would have to wait till after the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Funny thing was I got a set of Hot Wheels the following week and guess who built them? What a joke … just a message to any after market producers out there: If the product is ready then don’t wait till the BLAH BLAH show in Ladeeda, because I won’t wait … and I’m sure that I am not alone …

    so does anyone know who is making the supercharger for the Tundra besides TRD???

  11. Kareem says:

    Hey every one I found out from toyota about the supercharger for the 2007 tundra and it runs for about $5,000 and the hp gain is not all that great. It’s about 40% gain on hp and torque. I think its better to do a custom pro charger kit.

  12. Michael says:

    40% gain on hp and torque not that great??? Let’s see: 381 HP +40% = 533.4 HP, that is pretty good! Probably only running 6 psi of boost. You gotta remember Toyota’s claim to fame is reliability and if you go more than that it might tear up your engine …

  13. mike says:

    i’m thinking about installing cold air intake and a new dual exhaust system on my
    08 tundra crewcab. some of my friends told me i have to get my engine tune for the increased hp and torque. Is it necessary to do so? Or the 5.7 capable of handling the increase hp without tuning. please help.

  14. Mike – The Tundra’s ECM can handle the minor adjustments that come with a CAI and/or new exhaust. However, there is always something to be said for having your truck tuned at a performance shop on a dyno. The trouble is there are too many tuning computers available right now. I only know of one hand-held unit and I’m not sure if it works or not.

  15. Mickey says:

    I think there is only one tuner out right now for the Tundra. As for the CAI you have TRD, K&N, Volant, and AFE. AFE is what I have on my 07 Crewmax with Borla Pro XS complete duals. I’m not sure about the increase H/P but the mpg’s went up 2mpg.

  16. christopher dickerson says:

    Who is makin the tuner for these trucks right now?!? i know that unichip has one out for nearly $800 which is pretty steep in my opinion.. Plus i havent heard if you can do the things with it, that you could with the hypertech, ( speed limiter, rpm limiter, shift points, and Shift Firmness and such) any help would be appreciated…
    08′ Tundra 5.7 SR5
    -4″ Pro Comp Lift
    20″ Pro Comp Wheels
    35″ Tires
    K&N Air Intake
    MagnaFlo Exhaust

  17. Christopher – Unichip is the only company offering a programmer, but your doubts about this unit’s performance and value are shared by many. The trouble is that Toyota “locks up” their computers so that they’re almost impossible to tune. The truck you describe in your signature sounds cool – why not join and upload some pics?

  18. Joe Pescetti says:

    The only place I found to purchase shop manuals for my 007 Tundra was at Toyota dealers. They have manuals for each section: brakes, chassis,engine,etc; a total of about 5 or 6 books. total of almost 1000 bucks. I just need one general manual that covers the whole truck. I have always had one for every vehicle. I’m quite Toyota doesn’t want the average mechanic to do their own maintenance and repairs.If anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it Thanks Joe P.

  19. Mark Sands says:

    Now that I have the TRD Dual Catbacks with the additional parts (for Dbl and Max Cabs), the sounds were smooth and soft…then I go and add a cold air intake…its a good thing I can roll up the windows and enjoy the music system, because when I lower them, you can’t hear squat!

    I would figure that with both the cat back TRD’s and the cold air intake, I should be just a bit over 400hp. That’s fast enough to burn up 2 pairs of 20″ Bridgestones really fast!!

    Keep it slow….enjoy the country….strap the Road King in the back and you’ve got the PERFECT set-up!!!

  20. Mark – Sounds awesome. Thanks for the comment.

  21. EDUARDO says:

    That sounds like some beefy TOY!

    I have a 2000 Tundra Limited. Got the K&N intake and Flowmaster catback dual pipes out each side. Want to do something cheap (due to high gas prices) to get more HP out of it. Suggestions??? I also have a Fabtech suspension lift with a set of Wrangler MTR 305/70/16 on my stock grey rims. Anyone wanna trade for a set of gunmetal black? 2 wheel drive and have gotten it in mud up to the windows. Never gotten stuck before (braggin) but I hope I do soon! Oh yeah, the noise/window thing… good thing I have a hard hitting 15″ L7 with lots of watts behind it. Holla!

  22. Eduardo – The next best way to get more power and/or efficiency is to get a programmer.

  23. douglasdubois says:

    I have just gotten an ’08 Tundra Dbl Cab, 4.7L SR5 Long Bed – couldn’t find a 5.7 L long bed anywhere – thats another story.
    Does anyone know if any supercharger fits this model?
    Have ordered, the cat back, air intake and sway bar – already, dealer said no on the supercharger and to try the web!!!
    Any ideas????

  24. Douglas – There are “universal” s/c kits, but I don’t recommend them without first making sure you can get your engine tuned. My suggestion would be to call a few of your local speed shops for suggestions.

  25. Eduardo says:

    Thanks for the tip Jason. Any certain brand I should go with?

  26. Eduardo – JET offers the only programmer I’m aware of.

  27. Eduardo says:

    Thanks for the tip yo!!!

  28. Khalid says:

    can these TRD products be shipped to DOHA-QATAR ?

  29. marco says:

    Looking for remote start of 08 Crewmax

  30. marco says:

    How can you disable the seat belt alarm on an 08 Tundra

  31. Marco – TRD doesn’t offer a remote start, but Toyota does. See your dealer. As for disabling the driver’s seat belt warning chime, it can’t be done. Check out this link for some work-arounds:

  32. g$ says:

    Marco – I bought my Tundra in Sept and told the dealer to take off the stupid seat belt alarm before I drove off. They disabled the alarm without a problem… it can be done!

  33. g$ – This is new info. Do you have a 2008? Do you have an alarm when your lights are left on and you pull the key out of the ignition? Do you have an alarm when you leave your keys in the ignition and the truck is off?

  34. alex says:

    I have a 4×2 2007 tundra and I want to put the biggest size off road tires on 20 wheels that i can without rubbing or lifting. any ideas on size?

  35. Alex – A 33″ will fit, but you’ll have some rub when you crank the steering wheel all the way.

  36. alex says:

    33″ that can not be can it?

  37. Alex – Your question was in regards to the biggest tire without rubbing or lifting. If you purchase a leveling kit, 35’s will fit. Otherwise, 33″ is it.

  38. Eric says:

    Dear Admin (Jason): regarding your advice to Alex that 33″ is the largest diameter tire size that will fit on a stock ’07 Tundra, I assume (since the ’08 to ’09 Sequoias are the same chasis) that also goes for the new Sequoias? And, if you do switch, won’t the speedo be off and if not adjusted, cause problems with the speed sensors, etc. leading to other issues (including warranty issues)?

  39. Eric – I’m not sure on the new Sequoia about 33″ tires. I can’t say with any certainty, but it would make sense that they could both fit 33’s…but I would ask a tire shop first. As for your questions about problems with over-sized tires, the big problem is that the speedometer and odometer will both be “off” slightly. You’ll accrue fewer miles on your odometer than you’re actually driving (which could possibly put you in legal trouble, but not likely), and you’re more likely to get speeding tickets. REALLY big over sized tires – like something you would see on a monster truck – will start to impact your suspension pretty severely, but going “plus 1” isn’t going to hurt anything. Just watch out for speed traps…

  40. khalid says:

    hi every body
    im new in this website just i need help from you i have tundra trd 2008 duble cab 4wd last week when i was towing other car but now im having broblom with the gaer the clutchs kit gaaaaaan finsh and i need to change it but i dont have any one in usa to order and shall i order new gear or just the clutch parts what is your recomand ?

  41. Mickey says:

    Jason you can handle this one, I have no idea.

  42. Khalid – Are you talking Hilux?

  43. g$ says:

    g$ Said in January 2nd, 2009 @11:33 pm Marco – I bought my Tundra in Sept and told the dealer to take off the stupid seat belt alarm before I drove off. They disabled the alarm without a problem

  44. Eric says:

    Thanks for your answer Jason.

  45. Jack says:

    I have a 07 crewmax and can’t decide on the CAI system to purchase, I’m torn between the K&N, Volant and TRD…., I am considering the TRD only to keep it uniform, but looks like performance might go the way of K&N. Also does this void the warranty of the engine if not installed by dealer? I guess I could switch it out if necessary.

    Any Help would be great.

  46. Jack – There are no warranty issues with after-market air intakes. Have you checked out the aFe? That’s our favorite:

  47. todd j says:

    I have sequoia 2008 w/ supercharge. I have been trying everywhere
    to have a afermarket sway bar for the rear/front. I want to minimize
    the body roll. If there is any aftermarket suspension setup to minimize
    the roll, please advise. No one seems to have answers. Or anyone
    customize a sway bar. Thanks

  48. Toddj – can fabricate something for you, but I don’t know of anyone selling one specifically for your ride.

  49. mk says:

    On another sights forum, a tundra owner stated he got his OE bully bar in front of the hood from a toyota dealer for a little over 200 bucks and mounts where the front tow hooks are. I called 2 dealers and they said toyota does not make a front bully bar for the current tundra and can go aftermarket for 400 bucks on up. That is too much to spend and was wondering if you know if toyota or anybody else makes a stainless steel front bully bar for under 300 bucks?

  50. mk – I can’t remember seeing a bull bar for $200. Maybe it was a special deal or something…

  51. Mickey says:

    I agree with Jason there MK. I haven’t seen one that cheap and if I’m not right Westin was the cheapest.

  52. Marshall Bailey says:

    Where can I get another ignition key for my 2008 Toyota Tundra? It only had one set when I bought it and I would like to have a backup – since it has a chip in the key.

  53. Marshall – See your local Toyota dealer.

  54. Mickey says:

    Marshall my 07 came with 2 keys like my wife’s Prius came with 2 keys. Like Jason stated see your dealer and request your second set.

  55. Miller Brashear says:

    I just had the TRD Supercharger installed on my 2008 5.7 liter doublecab Tundra. What else and from whom should I consider adding to further increase the performance and all around “kick-a**” I can get out of my truck? Any and all suggestions will be concidered and greatly appreciated!!!

  56. Miller – Superchargers are one of the best bang-for-the-buck performance add-ons there is. Nearly everything else you add from here on will have incremental performance gains. Headers, performance cats, and an exhaust system are good, and you might consider a performance chip too. There’s also nitrous, but it’s dangerous in the wrong hands.

  57. Jerry says:

    DO NOT BUY THE JET PROGRAMMER!!! THE SALES MAN TOLD ME I COULD TAKE OFF THE SPEED LIMITER AND IT DOES NOT. like i read in another thread its a 260 dollar paper weight. i got all excited and bought it withought researcing it. it only goes between your map sensor it doesnt even plug in to the computer. Total waste of money people lets just wait for bullydog.

  58. jerry says:

    sorry maf sensor

  59. Brian says:

    I just read Jason’s post from Aug 23. NOS and a supercharger?!? Sounds like a blown engine to me. I agree that could cause havoc in the wrong hands and a blower should be enough for any street application. Now a low restriction intake and 3 inch exhaust? THAT might do the trick!

  60. Brian – WOT is the key…

  61. khalid says:

    TRD Rear Sway Bar Kit and TRD Cold Air Intake Kit

  62. Zach says:

    I have a set of 4 2007 stock toyota tundra rims. In nearly mint condition. They are in a set of 4 Michelin P275/65R18 40,000 mile tires with only 12,500 miles on the tires. Im only asking $300.00 for the rims and tires. Where could i possibly sell these?

  63. Mickey says:

    Have you tried ebay?

  64. Zach says:

    No i have not. I was wondering if i could just take them into a dealership or somthing

  65. Mark says:


    I have a 2009 Tundra, 5.7L, TRD, Flex fuel dbl cab truck. What are you views/opinions with the TRD or K&N drop in filters replacing the OE product? Would it be worth the cost?



  66. Jason says:

    Mark – We reviewed the K&N filter and found it to be a steal of deal:

  67. Mark says:

    Thanks, jason. Good review. I’ll get the K&N.

  68. jose says:

    Does anyone know thr price of the trd supercharge and the maximum hp is?

  69. Matt says:

    I am looking for a touch better fuel economy for my 07 tundra TRD 5.7. Live in Northern BC and you have to drive a long ways to get anywhere lol. I heard the CAI helps that but have not seen any hard proof that it does. Is there anything else I can add on to help improve this?

  70. Jason (Admin) says:

    Matt – The best fuel economy add-on is a very light foot. Performance products will improve efficiency and ultimately improve gas mileage, but only if you drive very easy.

    Air intake kits and/or air filters, exhaust systems, and performance chips can boost fuel economy, as can removing excess weight, going with a highway tire, etc.

  71. […] our full review: TRD High Performance Brake Kit TRD Big Brake Kit4.25Jason2011-02-01 19:31:49TRD Big Brake […]

  72. ramon says:

    tengo un amigo que esta tratando de cambiar una llanta period dice que no sale y ya le quito todos los torniilos

  73. Dierk says:

    Besides a toyota dealership, where can i get a replacement rear bumper? I don’t need the black non slip, only the actual chrome part. 08 Dbl Cab.
    I can’t find any for under 500 dollars, is this what i should expect?

  74. Jason (Admin) says:

    Dierk – Local junkyard perhaps? You can also go with an aftermarket steel bumper…but I don’t think that will save you any money.

  75. victor says:

    hi there, i own a 2008 toyota sequoia. when i took it for a long drive a week ago I noticed the wheels shudders when I apply the brakes going downhill at 80kph. I was thinking of replacing the the rotors and the pads with TRD high performance parts but they are very expensive. Is there any after market source you can suggest where i can get the parts from? Thanks

  76. Scott says:

    Where is a good place to buy a Trd Intake?

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