2007 Toyota Tundra – The Year In Review

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The newest version of the Toyota Tundra, assembled in Texas and Indiana, debuted in February 2007, and it was easily Toyota’s best effort at making a full-size truck. Comparisons of the Tundra vs F150 and Tundra vs Ram both showed Toyota offered a superior product in terms of design, value, and performance.

However, Toyota didn’t understand the truck market. The launch of the Tundra was worse than expected because Toyota over-estimated the demand for the “fleet” version of the truck, resulting in quite a few base Tundras on lots that needed incentives to sell. Toyota also had to deal with rumors of a 5.7L engine recall that were dramatically overstated (by both the mass media and this website).

Toyota corrected their oversight and debuted the CrewMax, resulting in a big sales boost and increase in popularity. The popularity of the Tundra was demonstrated by the number of people modifying their trucks – take a look at our featured Tundras for 2007, and read about a bullet-proof Tundra custom built by a firm in Texas.

The debut of a new truck also led to the debut of a collection of new after market parts – Tundra lift kits, Tundra cold air intakes, Tundra exhaust systems, and a slew of accessories. Of course, all the excitement was about the new Tundra supercharger from TRD (that’s still pending release).

The Tundra release was rocky – there were quite a few problems reported, and Consumer Reports didn’t recommend the Tundra – a first. But the negative news didn’t dampen enthusiasm for the Tundra, nor should it have. The truck is still an excellent product and competitive with every full-size on the market.

What will the future hold? We’ve found evidence that both a hybrid version of the Tundra and a Diesel Tundra will both debut in 2009/2010. We also expect TundraHeadquarters.com to grow — we’ve launched TundraNetwork, a social network for Tundra owners, and we’ve started to build a marketplace for Tundra after market parts.

Thanks for reading our site, and we look forward to bringing you news, information, product reviews, and tips during 2008.

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