Toyota’s Bill Fay Interview on Changing Truck Market and Customer Demands

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Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Toyota’s┬áDivision Group Vice President and General Manager Bill Fay. Here is more on what he had to say.

Toyota's Bill Fay Interview on Changing Truck Market and Customer Demands

Toyota’s Bill Fay reveals the 2017 Tacoma TRD PRO. Photo courtesy of Truck Trend.

I first meet Mr. Fay at a Toyota Camry unveiling at the New York International Auto Show and fortunately, we have struck up a friendly relationship. With my work, this is pretty important since I’ve seen him at numerous events since then. I can honestly say Mr. Fay is one of my favorite executives to talk with. He is down to earth, doesn’t dodge questions and is a true professional – not giving away anything even with consistent questioning.

This interview took place after the unveiling of the new 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show. I made my way to the stage after all the other journalists got done asking question after question about Scion (seriously, there was a new Tacoma TRD PRO right in front of them – stick to the truck!).

Now, that you have the background, click here to read the interview on Truck Trend.

I would add that Mr. Fay is serious in that he wants to build more trucks and offer more configurations, colors and options. He brings up anonymity and good points about the Tacoma and Tundra not being produced in Japan. These are good points. Seems to me as much as Tacoma and Tundra fans bemoan a lack of engine options or long bed cab configurations, Toyota’s executives are right there with them. It isn’t that Toyota USA doesn’t want to offer it, they are just working to sell Toyota Japan on giving them the financial backing to make it happen. And for that to happen, Toyota USA has to develop the business case┬áthat works for executives here and overseas.

What do you think? What questions do you still have?

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  1. Donald says:

    I think the term business case that Mr. Fay used is misleading in terms of cost benefit here in the US that we have heard SO MANY TIMES. Forget the Tundra for now and look at the many old and new diesels that go into the Hilux and who knows what else over seas. Proven production motors that could apply without to much issue here in the US in the Tacoma. Toyotas 4 cylinder turbo diesels would be perfect for Tacoma owners. So…making a case as I see it is already made. This would work.

    The Tundra is another matter. I was pushing for a diesel but I feel Toyota has or will have to many hurdles to make this happen. What I think should happen is a 3/4 ton gas. I have heard and seen the Toyota commandments that appear in various businesses on paper about employee treatment and long term goals for the business instead of wind fall profits and yet we see a vehicle with great potential stagnant like the Titan was. It really does not matter what I think but as things change like the growing RV industry Toyota will continue to lose customers and presence in the market.

  2. Breathing borla says:


    good read,

    boy the tundra is sure the red-headed step child in toyotas eyes. I am convinced we will not see any significant upgrades for maybe several more years after reading that. I mean shifting away production from the tundra to the tacoma tells you everything.

    a few small things like color changes, etc is all we will see.

    • hemi lol says:

      The reason for the shift is the demand for the 16 Tacoma is so high…. they just cannot produce enough trucks for us. I believe they will have to bring online another factory before it will be possible to see both production numbers increase…. I also believe that will be when they build a heavy duty tundra IF they do it. at that point they can afford to build enough different models and configs….. right now they cant afford to offer a bunch of different configs for the under 10% volume models.

    • Larry says:

      Makes business sense to me. Toyota owns the small truck market and there is more money to be made with the Tacoma then Tundra when they have limited production capacity. I wouldn’t want to take on F150, and GM in the full size leather seat truck market. I just got off a river trip, 4 groups hit the take out ramp at the same time. There were at least 10 trucks loading an another 10 in the parking area. Not one Tundra, not 1. Several small trucks, all Tacoma and a few 4Runners.

      • Gerry says:

        I work with 600 people on a large construction site and I’m seeing more Tundras showing up, Its a great Truck and some of those Chevys and Fords I see all over the place does nothing for me to want to buy one, had there brands and spent many weekends fixing them, no thanks . older and wiser

        • Larry says:

          I agree Toyota makes the best trucks from a mechanical stand point. But all I see are luxury type trucks which to me is an oxymoron. I see trucks as work items. Most today see them as the modern station wagon. I really think Toyota is missing the boat by not having long bed standard cab fleet work tucks like the big the 3. But, if their production is maxed out I can see why the don’t as there is more profit in a fancy trucks which will never see any real work. You may be seeing MORE tundras on construction sights but they will be outnumbered by a huge margin for a long time to come. I would buy a Tundra if I could get one in a standard cab long bed 4WD. When I drive 40 miles of dirt out to the Green River I go past many oil and gas drilling rigs. There are no Tundra trucks on those sights, not one.

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