2007-11 Toyota Tundra Truck Bed Floor Rust / Corrosion – TSB

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Toyota has released a Technical Service Bulletin for a rust condition on the floor area of all 2007-2011 Toyota Tundra pickup truck bed floors. Check out your truck bed and see if you qualify.

Toyota Tundra Truck Bed Floor Rust / Corrosion - TSB

Take a close look at the bed of your 2007-11 Toyota Tundra bed. Is the paint bubbling or do you see rust? There is a fix for this, contact your dealer.

The T-SB-0101-12 states that “some Tundra vehicles may exhibit localized corrosion or perforation in specific areas on the inside of the bed floor surface. This may be indicated by bubbling or blistering of the paint in those specific areas.”

Toyota Tundra’s affected by this TSB include:

2007-12 Toyota Tundra Truck Bed Floor Rust / Corrosion - VIN List

As with many of these TSBs, it is recommended that you take your vehicle to a Toyota authorized dealer rather than perform the repair yourself. The repair is covered under the Toyota Corrosion Perforation. This warranty is in effect for 60 months unlimited miles, whichever occurs first, from the vehicle’s in-service date.

The repair process is as follows:

  1. Check for any signs of corrosion or rust on the floor of the bed of the truck. The TSB specifies on which areas are most commonly affected. You want to look for bubbling or blistering of the paint. If the corrosion is present, call your nearest Toyota dealer to get your replacement parts.
  2. Remove the bed assembly by first removing the rear bumper assembly. For instruction see Technical Information Systems (TIS) Repair Manual for the model year of your vehicle.
  3. Next you’ll need to remove the frame wire harness. Disconnect the wires and remove it from the clips. Place somewhere safe out of the way.
  4. Then you’ll want to remove the mudguards, If you have them, remove the fuel tank filter pipe shield, and disconnect the fuel inlet line.
  5. Next you remove the bed assembly. Use a Torx T55H Tamper Resistant Socket to remove the Torx bolts from the bed assembly. This is where you need some help. It’ll take at least 4 adults to lift it out and keep it even.
  6. Now you want to check over your new bed assembly to make sure its been sealed up to the standards set by CRIB Bulletin #163: Sealing Hem-Flanges and Body Seams.
  7. Using the same Torx socket, reinstall the Torx bolts to the bed assembly according to specifications. Torque: 66 N*m (673 kgf*cm, 49 ft*lbf)
  8. Reconnect the fuel inlet line, reinstall the fuel tank filter pipe shield, and reinstall your mudflaps.
  9. Next you’ll want to reconnect your frame wire harness and reattach it to the frame.
  10. And finally reassemble your rear bumper assembly using yout TIS Model/year Repair Manual.

If you’ve done everything correctly you should be good to go and have no more worries about rust or corrosion in your truck bed.

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  1. LJC says:

    What does the ‘BX’ mean in the vin?

  2. 4.7 tundra says:

    i got rust inside the bed. in two area behind the driver side and passenger side.

  3. sledhead says:

    Mine is in the front of the bed. In front of wheel wells.

  4. LJC says:

    For those of you reporting rust: do you have a BX or CX in your vin? Also, what year of Tundra do you have?

  5. 4.7 tundra says:

    yup it still under warranty.

  6. sledhead says:


  7. Mickey says:

    Have over 144k on my 07 CM. I did my bed in herculiner 3 months after I got it. I painted those bolts black. Still no issue. I do use an Extang Black Max tonneau soft cover also. Truck is garage kept.

    • Anonymous says:

      same story with mine except mine is rusting and has 30000 miles

    • sledhead says:

      Bedliner and paint on the bolts does nothing for the effected boxes beciase its rusting from the bottom up. I have all the same items on my truck. I would guess most with a spray in bedliner wont notice it unless they actually push on the effected area’s and even then might not see the problem.

  8. LJC says:

    Regarding the affected VIN list: Replace the # sign with digits 0 thru 9 OR characters A thru Z to produce a valid VIN. Is that right?

  9. Mickey says:

    Sledhead I check my truck monthly underneath and when I do my own oil change as I use a lift. When I undercoated underneath I covered that area also.

  10. 4.7 tundra says:

    i don’t have any warranty. but toyota said they going to take care of me and give me a bed some time in the new year.

  11. Dodson says:

    Noticed at back of bed floor two hard softball size spots under line x liner
    Took to dealer said I had rust .

    2007 crewmax tundra limited $ 51,000.00 /new
    Has 181,000 miles

    Warranty was unlimited mileage and 5 years
    I was at 2 months over 5 years

    Will not cover it , made complaint with Toyota response was sorry will not do anything about it.

    May try legal action

    Only 5 years old rusting bad!!!

    • Jocelyn says:


      I am having the same issue!! I bought the truck last week, and the bed liner guys noticed this when I went to have a spray liner installed. Long story short, I have over $6,000 in repairs needed to be made, and the dealer wont do a darn thing.

      I’ve called Toyota Corporate with no help. I’m now contacting an attorney, but it will cost more in litigation to pay the guy, than it will to fix the truck myself. For the kind of money I paid for this truck, I am disgusted at this situation.

      My family has 3 Toyota Camry’s and now I bought this Tundra. Can’t believe Toyota won’t reimburse me…obviously I’ve given them a lot of money of the years, but won’t be anymore!

      • Jocelyn says:


        As a followup, what did you decide to do to fix the issue? Are you replacing the truck bed, or are you fixing the truck bed? $4,000+ to fix it…might as well get a new bed. What do you think??

  12. […] months, but agree with what the poster above was saying "the worst they can say is no". 2007-11 Toyota Tundra Truck Bed Floor Rust / Corrosion – TSB | Tundra Headquarters Blog __________________ —- 2010 CrewMax SR5 Slate Metallic 5.7L TRD Mods: TRD Supercharged, TRD […]

  13. Jon says:

    Toyota refused to fix my 2007 Tundra Crew Max last year when I first observed it. I had a spray in bed liner and it took a while to show through. I had the truck serviced at my local Toyota dealer religiously, believing they would monitor the TSB’s and recalls. They never mentioned the TSB having come out and refused to do anything to correct the issue when I took it to them.
    A letter to Toyota did nothing either.

  14. Salvador says:

    we must take them to the court ….i have same issues

  15. […] 2007-11 Toyota Tundra Truck Bed Floor Rust / Corrosion – TSB | Tundra Headquarters Blog . – I'm Ken and I approve this message – 2012 Black SR5 DC 5.7 – TRD SS Steps – 20" Ultra Mammoth Wheels – Nitto Terra Grapplers 285/55-20 – CST Spindles – +2 Shackles – Rear 5100s – Tint – Ventvisors – Sport Shifter – Line X Premium – Access Loredo Tonneau – White Dash LEDs – BHLM – Oracle Halos – Dirty Deeds BAMuffler SS Exhaust…. Details in My Garage Frequent Yamaha AR230 Jetboat Attachment! Big Shasta is online now   Quote […]

  16. Erik Nelson says:

    I just received notification from Toyota Management that, bed rust in my 2008 Tundra Crew Max with 75000 km, will not be covered or replaced. I never received any recalls but apparently there has been a few. They have sent a TSB indicating to me that they have a problem. We have to petition this problem collectively to make toyota recall this issue.

    82 celica – 86 supra – 86 SR5 pick up – 98 4 runner – 2008 rav – 2008 crew max pick up.

  17. John Irvine says:

    I have a 2007 Tundra and filled a complaint last month June 2014 so I am out of the 6 year period. The service bulletin is for unlimited miles. The service manager took pictures and sent them to the regional manager. They tell me I am out of luck. The rust is clear thru the bed in 4 different places. I have made quite a few calls to corporate and the dealer but getting no where. I think I will make a billboard for the back of the truck and park it across from the dealer. I will take pictures and give them one month to make good on the rust bucket I have. We need to take legal action on this. I was on another Toyota forum and two people said they had theirs fixed out of the 6 year period. 4 Toyotas in my family over the last ten years, but wont be any more unless I can get them to change their mind on the Tundra.
    Not Happy With Toyota right now !!!!

  18. Woody says:

    You MUST contact the BBB!
    I just found the same issue with my 07 tundra. I left one of the Big 3 American truck manufactures and started buying Toyota because even when things went wrong Toyota had always stood by their product. I couldn’t say that for the manufacture that lost my business. Contact the BBB! This is going to be a massive recall (much like the tacoma), but it will never happen unless we unite and get the BBB involved.

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