Toyota Tundra Tire Survey

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Tires are like opinions – everyone’s got a set. More importantly, everyone chooses that particular set of rubber for different reasons. Some owners are still riding on the stock Tundra tires that came with their truck, while others liked their stockers so much that they replaced them with an identical set when the originals wore out. Others decided to experiment with a different brand of tires in order to give their Tundra better comfort, more grip or a quieter ride, while some focused in on specialty tires designed for off-road adventure, maximum performance on the pavement or solid towing stability.

We’ve put together a simple tire survey to try and get a better idea of what readers are running underneath their trucks. The idea is to figure out what the best or most popular brand of tires for the Tundra are. We realize that some of the brands listed don’t offer OEM replacement sizes for the Tundra, but there are many drivers out there who have gone taller, narrower or wider with their tire selections. In the end, all we are looking for is your own opinion on what you think is the best brand of tire for the Toyota Tundra.

If you feel like getting more specific – as in, if there is a particular model of tire that you have had a great experience with on your truck – then please feel free to leave a comment telling us the details. Please also feel free to tell us why you like the tires you own as much as you do. Brands, models, sizes, rubber compounds, tread patterns – the more information we can compile, the better chance we have of helping other Tundra owners benefit from your experiences.

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  1. Josh says:

    I’m running the BFG All Terrains that came on my Rock Warrior. I like having a REAL set of AT’s on my truck. I have run Mud Terrains before on a different vehicle and honestly didn’t go hard enough off road to need them, and they wore like crap. Not a fan of the AT’s that are on other stock Tundra’s though, they don’t look aggressive enough to be an All Terrain.

  2. Doug says:

    I won’t buy any other tire on my truck than the BFG ATs. Besides having a great reputation for strength and traction and virtually no road noise, the BFG is the best looking tire. I believe wheels and tires make or break any vehicle. My truck originally came with a set of Nitto Terra Grapplers. IMO, the Nittos don’t look nearly as aggressive as the BFG – mostly b/c of the sidewall. From the side view, the Nitto looks like a bald tire compared to BFG.
    I have an 08 4×4 Tundra that I leveled and put 33″ tires on along with new wheels (20s). Even though I have a 4×4, I don’t do much off roading – that’s why I didn’t go with the 18″ wheels.
    I really like the BFG MTs but I’ve had MTs before and after a while I can’t take the roar.
    Oh, and white letters out.

  3. Mickey says:

    I like things to last. A/T tires don’t last. I got 63,000 miles out of my first set of Duelers. I’m at 108,335 miles on my 07 CM. This is my second set of Dueler’s. My first set never had a flat much less the TPMS ever went off. I thought it was broke. When second set of Duelers were put on the next day the TPMS went off. I reset it and added more psi to the tires. Sitting at 6/32 tread depth I should get over 120,000 miles on these tires. I don’t offroad or much less care too. I used to be on the road alot so the tires I had help in the riding comfort on the highway. Not to mention the mpg’s I get off these Dueler’s. You won’t get that with A/T’s. That’s just my style of driving. I was a BF Goodrich TA’s fan.

  4. mk says:

    I agree with Mickey. My 2010 has bridgestone duelers on them at about 1/2 shot at 23K and should expect 45-50K which is not too bad and they ride very quiet and track straight on, but not the best in winter but they will do since I have 4wd. I prefer mileage over aggressive tread also and my 2007 bf goodrich rugged trails sucked big time. They were somewhat loud, but at 26K had less than 1/4 tread depth left and wore way too early on for a wimpy LT tire vs my P rated duelers I have now. Usually, P rated tires wear longer and are more quiet, but LT tires are more aggressive off road tread, but wear down about twice as fast and are louder on the road to drive plus more expensive to buy.

  5. TXTee says:

    I wasn’t satisfied with the Duellers. They needed replacement way too soon for me. I took them off at about 36K if I remember correctly and sold them to someone that needed takeoffs in order to take his truck back to the dealership for warranty work. I purchased another set off craigslist but never put them on…..some other guy bought those off me and I hope he had better luck on the wear. I’m now running 35″ Nitto Terra Grapplers and have no complaints. They are wearing very even with the lift which has been installed almost 1.5 yrs. They are aggressive enough for the terrain when I trailer my ATV to parks or offroad areas. I ride a lot of freeway and the tires are still looking good. I think they’ll last just as long as the Duellers if not longer and I can’t say one bad thing about these tires. I love the look, stance, and feel…..and was very happy the road noise is low because that was THE major concern I had about doing the lift.

  6. Bobby says:

    I’ve got a set of Firestone Destination AT’s, and I’ve got to say they have been a really good set of tires, if not the best I’ve had so far. I got them on my 07 DC in the month august 2010 and have already put 32-35,000miles on them and the tread hasn’t seemed to wear a bit. The tires have done outstanding in deep snow, heavy rain,and had no problem in the mud, and even stick to the road pretty good. Noise isn’t an issue with the tire and mpg isn’t bad either. But of course if you’re running an AT don’t expect to get a glorious, high mpg. I think the tires would be a good choice if you’re a daily driver too and from work on the highway, but like to take alternative “off-road” route as well.

  7. biglitz says:

    i ran Hankkok IPikes,studded, this winter.there wasnt anywhere i wasnt able to get to during any of our snowstorms. and they wore great,drove to Florida on them and back without issue on the highways. as for summer,i’m running Hankook DynaPro RF10s. only have a 1k miles or so on them but they are handling great. supposed to get close to 50k miles outta them,ill see how close i can. lol

  8. dcracer says:

    michellins r they way to go

  9. Hugh Mongous says:

    Need advice. Seeking to replace Original Michelin P255/70R18 that came stock on 2007 Toyota Tundra Regular Cab Longbed 4×2. The Michelin MS2 does not come in 255. The Michelin MS2 is 265/70R18. I am concerned that the difference in tire width and hight, may affect the smooth and quiet ride. I was informed by Michelin that RPM’s will change, and drivetrain will be affected. Any suggestions on replacement tires?

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Hugh – Generally speaking, taller tires ride better than shorter tires (more sidewall = more flex and more dampening). As far as noise, tread pattern is the key. If you’re replacing a highway truck tire with another highway truck tire, I doubt you’ll notice any difference…and I like Michelin tires as much as any brand.

  10. DFender says:

    I have a 07 Tundra double cab, just got a level kit on it with some Toyo M/T tires, I am having serious problems with the Auto LSD kicking on and practically taking over my truck, I only have it happen when I am going around corners and most often only when going down hill. Has anyone else had this problem and if so are their any solutions?

  11. Fred Laning says:

    I have a 2010 Tundra Double Cab TRD. I replaced the original tires at 1000 miles with 275-70-18 E Goodyear Silent Armor tires because I tow large trailers frequently during hot weather and winter weather. The performance of these tires has been outstanding in all weather conditions! These are the best tires I have ever owned. The tires currently have 65,000 miles on them and they have many miles left in them.

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