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Toyota Tundra Tire Survey

Tires are like opinions – everyone’s got a set. More importantly, everyone chooses that particular set of rubber for different reasons. Some owners are still riding on the stock Tundra tires that came with their truck, while others liked their stockers so much that they replaced them with an identical set when the originals wore out. Others decided to experiment with a different brand of tires in order to give their Tundra better comfort, more grip or a quieter ride, while some focused in on specialty tires designed for off-road adventure, maximum performance on the pavement or solid towing stability.

We’ve put together a simple tire survey to try and get a better idea of what readers are running underneath their trucks. The idea is to figure out what the best or most popular brand of tires for the Tundra are. We realize that some of the brands listed don’t offer OEM replacement sizes for the Tundra, but there are many drivers out there who have gone taller, narrower or wider with their tire selections. In the end, all we are looking for is your own opinion on what you think is the best brand of tire for the Toyota Tundra.

Tundra Tire Guide – Replacing Your Truck’s Tires

Many unanswered questions will plague us throughout life. Why did Mom like my brother best? Why is there air? Why did Toyota put a ‘P’ (passenger) tire on the Tundra? Unlike the first two, there has to be answer to the third even if it takes a lifetime to ferret it out.

OE Dueler HT 684 II Pirelli Scorpion STR A highway tire

The Dueler HT 684 II (left) is the OE tire on many new Tundras, and the Pirelli Scorpion STR A (right) is a low cost replacement option.

Despite the fact a Tundra will never be mistaken for a passenger car, there’s no rule that light trucks require LT tires. As long as their Ps are load rated for the Tundra, they are totally legit and they provide a smoother ride. But the thought is a little like putting ballet slippers on a linebacker. So, let’s fix it.

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