Toyota Tundra Rated Best Deal For September 08

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Intellichoice, a company dedicated to providing vehicle ownership cost estimates and value analysis, provides a monthly “Best Deal” list for new car buyers.

For September 2008, the Toyota Tundra is a listed as the best deal in the 1/2 ton, 2wd category. Were it not for the fact that Lincoln is giving away the discontinued Mark LT, the Tundra might be the best deal overall in 1/2 ton trucks.

Intellichoice’s “Best Deal” designation is determined by current car prices, market conditions and the lowest national manufacturer consumer new car rebate. In addition, uses the latest information from numerous automotive resources to evaluate what it costs to buy, own and operate each new car model-year trim line over a five-year basis.

So in other words, the Tundra is the best deal not only because of rebates, but because it’s expected to be the lowest cost 1/2 ton truck option over the next 5 years.

Not bad.

Read the full press release.

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  1. JDBreaux says:

    Well. DUH! Everyone who owns one knows that. Even at a hefty price above the competition it was the best deal around.

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