Car and Driver Long Term Tundra Review

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Car and Driver published their long-term review of the Tundra a few days ago, and we thought we’d share the highlights:

There were lots of good comments from the review:

  • There were eight scheduled maintenance visits [with] a tab of $628, which…compares favorably with our most recent long-term full-size pickup, a Nissan Titan
  • our test truck managed the 5000- and 6000-pound loads (flatbed trailer plus car) hitched up by some of our club racers without even breathing hard
  • the logbook reflected generally high praise for the Tundra

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  1. Jeremy Breaux says:

    You have to understand, Trucks are the sole cause of Global Warmining, The fuel crisis, Autisim, Hang Nails, Downs Syndrome, Flatulance, and Hurricanes. That is why Car and Driver was so harsh on it. How dare the American public work hard and be willing to pay for the vehicle they want.

    I canceled my subscription to Crack and Dribble years ago. They became irrelivant decades ago.

  2. Now I see – it’s all so clear. I stopped getting C&D myself a few years ago because they can’t stop choking themselves while driving $200k sports cars that have little or no relevance to me, then complaining that the latest Ford Focus doesn’t have enough “grunt” compared to a Maybach. Puh-lease.

  3. patrick says:

    Is there a locker for the new tundra yet? and when is toyota going to design one? Sorry a little off topic…

  4. Mickey says:

    I too quit C/D awhile back. Also quit Consumer reports on their B/S review. It makes you wonder if the automaker has to pay these mags for a good write up.

  5. Joey says:

    Plus one to Jeremy and Jason’s comments =)

  6. So C&D isn’t too popular around here. Consumer Reports has been pushing baffling logic for a long time too, but at least they do some data analysis.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Consumer reports is pretty good for everything but automobiles. They have an uneducated automotive opinion and feel it is their duty to share it with everyone. Why test when you can spew lies and fabricated setups to the unsuspecting public.

    Consumer Reports: Great for toasters, Bad for cars.

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