Toyota Tundra Pro-4×4 Race Truck Driver Johnny Greaves – Interview

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If you’re an automotive racing fan, especially off-road racing, you may know the name Johnny Greaves. Greaves, who resides in Wisconsin, has been dominating short-course off-road racing for over 20 years. Here is an interview with him, contributed by a fan of the site, DJ Gallina.

Toyota Tundra Pro-4x4 Race Truck Driver Johnny Greaves - Interview

This Tundra could give the Raptor some serious competition.

Greaves began racing at age 12 and continues today in none other than a Toyota Tundra based Pro-4×4 race truck. If you’re not familiar with Johnny, here are some facts to get you up to speed:

  • He is the winningest driver in short-course off-road racing (with over 80 wins)
  • He has raced Toyota Trucks in off-road events for over 20 years
  • He’s competed and won in the SODA, CORR, SCORE and currently TORC series of off-road racing
  • In 2010 and 2013 he was the Traxxis TORC Off-Road Racing Series Pro-4 Champion
  • He routinely jumps over 100 ft and reaches speeds of well over 100 mph on dirt tracks
  • He is the world record holder for longest 4-wheel jump (301 ft) done in his Toyota Tundra Race Truck
  • His Johnny Greaves Motorsports Team includes teenage son CJ (who also races Toyota Trucks)

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Johnny about his career, his truck, and more.

Toyota Tundra Pro-4x4 Race Truck Driver Johnny Greaves - Interview

The man behind the wheel, Johnny Greaves.

Q: Johnny, you’ve raced Toyota’s for over 20 years, tell me about your relationship with Toyota?

When I got into off-road racing, I’d always owned Toyota’s since I was 16. I got into the pro-light class when all there was were Ford’s, nobody had ever built anything else – so I decided I was going to build a Toyota (race truck) because that’s what I liked. After I built one, I started winning races. I sent videos and press releases to Toyota, and it kind of snowballed from there. Today I’m one of their factory sponsored drivers, it’s been a good relationship.

Q: Can you tell us about the engine in your Pro-4 Tundra? Is it based on the current Tundra V-8? How much HP & Torque does it produce?

Originally it was, based on the Lexus 4.6 liter V-8, however the last 4 years I’ve raced a one-off version of the Toyota NASCAR V-8, and because we have no restrictions like NASCAR, our motors are better.

It’s in the upper 800 horsepower range. As far as torque it’s in the low 600 ft/lb range, but we run them at 9,000-10,000 RPM’s, and when you’re up there you don’t really need much torque.

Toyota Tundra Pro-4x4 Race Truck Driver Johnny Greaves - Interview

The truck is really sweet looking as it tears up the dirt.

Q: What level of involvement has Toyota Racing Development had with your truck engines?

They build all of our motors, they’re on site for all of our tech support at every race, and there’s a TRD guy that goes everywhere we go that monitors the functions of the engine.

Q: Can you tell us about your suspension setup and how you make changes for different tracks/conditions?

We do all our own suspension, valving and testing. Our shocks are Fox bypass shocks that can be adjusted in the pits based on the track conditions, if it’s rougher, if it has bigger jumps.

Q: What makes your truck different than your competitors?

We’re imagineers rather than engineers, we’re one of the few teams that build our own stuff, we do pretty much everything in house. A lot of people hire people or farm stuff out, so they don’t understand or know the functions (of the truck) like we do.

Q: Your son CJ, has enjoyed early success racing Toyota trucks. At his young age (16), what kind of advice do you give him in his racing career?

Not a whole lot lately, he’s matured to be quite the driver. I spot for him, and he spots for me. We watch each other closely out on the track.

Q: In the Amsoil cup during the 2013 TORC series, son CJ edged you out by a nose. What did you tell him after the race?

(Laughs) I told him you earned that one, but if it was anybody else I don’t know if they would have made it across that finish line.

Q: What’s in your own personal garage?

I have 6 Toyota’s! I have an FJ Cruiser, two Tundra’s, an older 05’ and a new one, my son CJ drives a Tacoma, my wife a Sequoia, and my daughter a Scion. We’re a Toyota family. To me, my buddies come over in new Ford’s and Chevy’s, you get in one, take it for a ride, they have a cool interior, but going down the road, there’s nothing like a Toyota, they’re so solid, they’re great vehicles.

Toyota Tundra Pro-4x4 Race Truck Driver Johnny Greaves - Interview

Air time in a Tundra – Sweet!

Johnny Greaves is a racer that not only drives Toyota’s on the track, but off. Johnny is a down-to-earth guy that lives and loves Toyota’s! Will you be following Johnny and his Toyota in the 2014 Traxxis TORC series? I know I will.

Pro-4×4 Toyota Tundra Specs

  • Engine – One-off Toyota NASCAR V-8
  • Truck Weight – 3,800 lbs
  • Wheels – 17 inch Method Aluminum Race Wheels
  • Tires – 35 inch MAXXIS
  • Suspension – 4-link w/Fox Shox Bypass External Reservoir Shocks (18”-21” of Travel)

The Traxxis TORC Series is off-road racing at it’s best. New season starts spring of 2014! Check out for more details.

About the Author

Dominic “DJ” Gallina
Contributor is a father and husband. Dominic is a Toyota Truck enthusiast that enjoys off-road motorsports, shooting sports and football.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Great article, feel like I know Johnny personally now. Love that he and his family all drive Toyotas!!

  2. toyotadave says:

    Amen to that Kathy, couldn’t agree with you more.

  3. LJC says:

    With this type of success, it’s surprising Toyota does not have a Raptor fighter.

    Also, will Johnny be participating in Red Bull’s Frozen Rush event?
    Here’s a link:

    • drizzle says:

      No, Red Bull and Monster don’t mix. Nice article. Too bad they kept spelling Traxxas wrong. Also too bad JG doesn’t race in the Lucas Oil series as he would get more TV time.

  4. Mickey says:

    Nice. Knowingly he enjoys his job. What’s a 100ft jump. Another day at the office of a Tundra. Glad to know he has a support team.

  5. Mike T says:

    nice to see this Q&A session.
    Johnny Greaves. a big name in off road racing with 20 year’s contribution .

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