Fix In-Door Storage Compartment Rattle

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The Toyota Tundra has a lot of smart features, but the multiple storage compartments, big and small, are some of the smartest. It’s great to a have a lot of places to store stuff – gloves, some extra napkins (for when you spill coffee), cell phones and cell phone chargers, CDs, etc. etc. Keeping these items tucked away keeps your truck looking neat and clean, and it discourages people from helping themselves to your stuff. Very smart.

Unfortunately, the in-door storage compartments (seen below) are subjected to a lot of abuse. Every time the truck’s door closes, the storage compartment door is shaken. Toyota added some felt pads to the storage door to dampen the shock, but you may find that your truck’s pads are missing or not quite working. The good news is that it’s a really easy fix (thanks to Jeremy on for sharing this one).

The Tundra's in-door storage compartment.

The in-door storage compartment.

Simply buy some self-stick felt pads at your local hardware store or big box store (i.e. WalMart, Target, KMart, etc) and put them right next to the factory latches. You’ll cushion the storage compartment door from shocks and you’ll eliminate any rattle you might (or might not) be noticing.

Adding felt to the in-door storage comparment.

Simple and easy. Thanks to Jeremy for posting the pics on

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