Toyota Tundra Lift Height Visual Guide – Find the Right Height for You

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One of the more frustrating things when deciding to lift your truck is determining how high you should go and what it will look like. Check out these excellent visual representations of what adding height to your truck looks like.

Toyota Tundra Lift Height Visual Guide

How much higher do you want to take your Toyota Tundra? Check out these photos for a better idea.

First before we get to the visual guide, special thanks to member Steve_G_PW for creating these visuals and allowing us permission to run them. We were taken aback at how well they were done and thought it would be of great help to anyone looking for a visual idea of what the finished height of various lifts/tires looks like.

Steve installed a BDS 7″ lift and Icons (5-8651 coil-overs for front and 5-7721 rear 2.5″ remote reservoir shocks) on his truck. He also says his tires are American Racing Marins that are 22 x 9 with +38mm offset and 6.75: backspacing. There is plenty more information on the truck here on

Toyota Tundra Lift Height Visual Guide

Steve_G_PW says, “Stock (measurements from my wife’s truck). No leveling kit.”

Toyota Tundra Lift Height Visual Guide

Steve_G_PW says, “My truck as I first purchased it with a leveling kit installed. The 33″ Toyo ATs rubbed at full stop and over bumps. Makes you drive like a granny so you don’t rip your truck apart making a turn.”

Toyota Tundra Lift Height Visual Guide

Steve_G_PW says, “My truck with Icons and BDS installed. The ATs looked pretty small but, they drove super smooth. Small amount of rubbing when turning full stop up a ramp or curb.”

Toyota Tundra Lift Height Visual Guide

Steve_G_PW says, “My truck with new 35″ MTs. (really only 33.89”). Still have slight rubbing at full stop when turning up ramp or large bump. “

Toyota Tundra Lift Height Visual Guide

Steve_G_PW says, “My truck at final height (so far). Icons cranked up. 1″ shackles added to the rear springs. Sway-bar removed. Front fender wells modified for any potential rubs. ALL rubbing is gone now. But, Toyo 37’s still won’t fit. Adjusting the Icons cost me a new alignment too… but, the truck drives beautifully.”

Once again, thank you Steve!

If you are interested in BDS suspension systems, we have done some reviews.

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  1. Dez says:

    37’s would be a little big for that lift anyway..

    Looks good though! Strong work!

  2. Dez says:

    By the way, Im looking to reduce my 15″ custom lift as a local cop in my little tow keeps busting my chops. 🙁 LAME!

  3. mk says:

    2nd one looks good enough to me. Jacking it up too much causes less mpg which is not good for a commuter vehicle.

    • AD says:

      I have a 3″ and 1″ lift level kit with 33X11.50 tires and I don’t have any rub. Is this article about 33X12.50 tires?

      • AD,

        The article is really just a visual guide showing different heights with different lift/tire setups. Many people just starting out on a lift project have troubling finding answers to what lift heights mean to the overall height of the truck. The pictures just help those people.


        • Yard-dart2 says:


          I’m a newbie Tundra owner and want to put larger diameter tires on my 2012 Platinum Tundra. Did you recalibrate your speedometer to the over sized tires and if so how does one go about doing it?

          Thanks, RTH

          • RTH,

            That is a great question. The answer depends on your situation. If you are just planning a small increase in diameter then it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. However, if you are really thinking a lot larger than you might consider buying a Speedometer Calibrator. Also, keep in mind that you might have some clearance issues associated with larger tire sizes. We have several posts on this site about leveling kits and lift kits with what larger tire sizes they will accommodate. Here is a basic primer (

            Here are the options I found for a small diameter upgrade.

            1. You can buy an after-market speedometer calibrator for your speedometer from places like Hypertech. See this post we did a while back ( The plus side is that you will not only have a more accurate speedometer, but you will have better “shift” points with your transmission. So, in theory, you should have smoother shifting and possibly save a little gas.
            2. You can determine the difference yourself. It seems several people just take another car and drive alongside to see how far off their speedometer is. Then, they take note of the difference and simply remember that their truck is +/- so many MPHs. Although, you might also find one of those “electronic” speed signs that law enforcement likes to use and simply drive past it.
            3. I hope that helps. Good luck!


  4. Glen DaVille says:

    Thank you for the images very helpful!

  5. Joe says:

    Steve helped convince me to go with the BDS 7″ kit. I run 37″x13.5 tires but added a few extras to get more height out of the front to clear the tires at full look. Great write up Steve.

  6. Dream Tundra says:

    So i just added a Pro Comp 2.5 Level lift strut spacers to my 2008 Tundra so that i can fit some 33’s. they were supposed to just bring my truck level with the rear without raising the rear. However, after installing, i found that it raised the front by 3.5 inches and the truck now looks like a prerunner. is this normal, any ideas why the front jumped so much? Any ideas how to correct this issue? Btw the 33’s work great on the truck without any rubbing.

  7. […] Starter) Stumbled upon this gem a few minutes ago: Toyota Tundra Lift Height Visual Guide | Tundra Headquarters Blog Might give me a bit of an idea to be sure after I measure it. Look at pic #4 . 2008 […]

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