GM Cancels Silverado and Sierra Hybrids – Full-Size Hybrids Dead?

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GM’s big announcement of the re-launch of the Silverado and Sierra had one interesting tidbit – no more hybrids. Will other automakers follow suit and cancel their hybrid plans?

GM Cancels Silverado and Sierra Hybrids

With Hybrids in full-size trucks and SUVs being canceled, what does this mean for Toyota? Will they ever offer a Hybrid Tundra?

The GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado hybrids did have some of the highest MPG on the market – 20 mpg in the city. Yet, it also had a hefty price tag of $39,000 new ($7,000 more than a comparably equipped version).

Frankly, the lack fuel savings combined with a poor selection of models, limited options and towing capacity made it a tough sell to consumers. Based on the EPA estimates, fuel savings were often estimated at less than $1,000. Consumers responded largely by letting them sit on the lot. Total sales numbers for last year were just 3,114 down from a peak of 8,797 in 2009, according to

It seems that GM is putting its stock in traditional power sources for its vehicles like gasoline and diesel. In fact, GM CEO Reuss has said that GM stands firmly behind developing additional diesel fuel options for its products like in the new Chevy Colorado.

For Toyota fans, the question is will they ever come out with a Hybrid. You may remember they signed an agreement with Ford to co-develop a Hybrid powertrain. It seemed at the time and still seems odd that they would both come together especially with Ford’s focus on its EcoBoost engine. There really wasn’t much of a “win-win” for Ford involved in the partnership. Will Toyota cancel it? That is an interesting question.

Recently, Toyota told Autoweek that it is overhauling its engine plans. For many years, Toyota has been focused on developing its Hybrid and EV car technology. Now with a changing automotive market moving away from Hybrids to some degree, it will be interesting to see how Toyota responds. There had been some speculation that the new 2013 Toyota RAV4 could be offered in a Hybrid. Yet, Ford recently ditched the idea of having a Hybrid version of its comparable 2013 Escape.

The question is does the news of GM’s dumping of Hybrids lead to Toyota dumping any thoughts on a Hybrid Tundra?

What do you think? Will Toyota ever come out with a Hybrid Tundra?

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  1. Brian J says:

    I think, given the added cost and complexity of a hybrid drivetrain able to tow 10K lbs that Toyota will have to consider other drivetrains to include small displacement/ high output diesels, forced induction gasoline engines, and lighter materials to meet EPA regulations vs hybrid technology. Truck owners are a finicky bunch, and are usually the last to accept change to our vehicles. Its a tough sell to get a truck owner to deviate from what he/she knows works. We can accept a lot of changes, but if I need to move a lot of weight onto the freeway I don’t want acceleration like a Prius. I want acceleration of a big burly V-8. I want the cool V-8 rumble, too! Just my 2 cents.

  2. ricqik says:

    imo, hybrids pickups sell poorly is bcuz it sacrifices capability for mpg. buying a fullsize hybrid pickup with payload/towing capabilty the same as that of a car is pointless. might as well just buy a car/wagon. thats just my opin.

  3. mendonsy says:

    About the only configuration that might make sense in a pickup is something like the F1 cars KERS system which would allow a smaller more economical engine with an extra 100 hp or so on demand.

  4. meep says:

    To me, i’d much rather have an efficient diesel powertrain than a hybrid. If Toyota can figure out a way to get around/pass emissions without having to use Urea injection, that’d be great! If not, maybe they will go the way Ford and a bunch of european car makes are doing, they’re using Urea Injection.

  5. mk says:

    won’t happen no hybrid tundras for sure.
    GM’s was a flop no one bought and Toyota should be smart enough to learn from others mistakes.

  6. Gordich says:

    Hey, My wifes 2013 Beetle TDI uses a particulate filter that regenerates, without the bothersome D.E.F. One of our new front end loaders (Volvo) does as well.

  7. BriBri says:

    Toyota should listen to its current/potential Tundra owners: diesel, diesel, diesel!

  8. Jason says:

    I work for GSA Fleet. We test drove a Silverado diesel hybrid last year that was on loan to PG & E. The GM and PG & E rep said they were averaging 75mpg highway on their 3,000 mile trip out to the DC area and that PG & E was averaging about 40 city/hwy in the 3 prototypes they were leasing from GM. 0-60 in 8.4 second with 450 lb/ft of torque. When are these going to be on the road?

    • Jason,

      I would guess a diesel hybrid is a fleet only product and won’t hit mainstream for a while if ever. Most of these automakers just think the high price tag is too out of reach for most consumers.


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