Toyota Issues Tech Tip – 2014 Tundra Pickups Park Assist Issue

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Toyota has issued a tech tip to make technicians aware of a possible issue with the park assist system and a steel bumper. The system is triggering a false reading if the clip isn’t installed correctly.

Toyota Issues Tech Tip - 2014 Tundra Pickups Park Assist Issue

Toyota has issued a tech tip to address false readings with the park assist system.

The T-TT-0287-14 tech tip is for trucks with a false park assist activation alert. When fixing this problem technicians should NOT reuse the ultrasonic sensor retainer clip and they should make sure the clip is installed correctly. This clip is believed to be causing the sensor to not work properly.

Seems to us that either:

  • A. The clip weren’t locked into the plastic clips correctly at the factory.
  • B. The plastic clips in the bumper aren’t “locking in” the sensors.

Toyota Issues Tech Tip - 2014 Tundra Pickups Park Assist Issue - DiagramThe sensors look like they need to be fully engaged or they could be pointing in the wrong direction.

We suspect this issue will get bigger until Toyota redesigns the retainer clips for the sensors. One drive down a bumpy road might be enough to loosen the sensors in their clips.

This is not a recall, rather it is a technician alert. If you have this issue, you should have your truck looked at. The more owners who bring this up, the more data Toyota receives and the better Toyota can work to a more permanent solution.

Has anyone had this problem? Did replacing the clip fix it?

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  1. Randy says:

    Um, very interesting. I mentioned a problem I was having with my Backup Beepers to the dealer. It’s funny when you get a “no answer” from a dealer they just sort of stare at you like a deer in the headlights. The “entune” beep in my truck is so loud it makes your ears bleed and yet the backup beepers are almost completely silent. I can barely hear them. Is there a way to “reverse the beeps” – no pun intended.

  2. Mike T says:

    I have a similar problem about not coming out of park & my a/c not blowing any air at all.

    “It’s funny when you get a “no answer” from a dealer”
    Not a funny thing just shocking………

  3. Brian says:

    I seem to be having this problem on the front bumper on my passenger side front bumper. Would this be covered by toyota and not out of my pocket??

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Depends on how old your truck is and if the dealer deems it a defect. This post is a “tech tip” and isn’t a TSB. The difference is that the tech tip tells mechanics to be aware of the issue. A TSB tells owners to bring their truck in and get it fixed ASAP.


    • Brad A. Steffler says:

      Brian and Tim,.

      I began having this issue about 3 weeks ago, about July, 10-12. It is intermittent and is the pasenger side front sensor. 2014 1794 edition, 2-wheel drive.

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