5 Reasons Toyota Could Stop Building The Tundra

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Toyota’s decision to move Tacoma production to San Antonio is most likely good news for the future of the Tundra. Still, the case can be made that this move signals danger. Tundra sales are down and Toyota executives have been less than positive about the vehicle. Moving production of the Tacoma to Texas could be a sign that the Tundra is on the way out.

The case for dropping the Toyota Tundra

The case for dropping the Toyota Tundra

To be clear, we believe the Tundra is here to stay. Still, there are quite a few reasons for Toyota to walk away from the Tundra completely:

1. Fuel economy. The new truck fuel economy requirement of 30 mpg by 2016 is challenging (to say the least). If Toyota decided to stop making the Tundra, it will be much easier to meet these requirements.

2. Profits. When the 2nd-generation Tundra was conceived, Toyota hoped to sell 200k units per year. While Toyota narrowly missed that sales goal in 2007, 2008 and 2009 have been a different story. Sales are so low now that Toyota is likely losing money on every Tundra sold. Unless Toyota can restore Tundra sales, there’s not going to be a monetary reason to build them.

3. The investment in San Antonio is no longer tied to the Tundra. Toyota invested more than $1 billion dollars in San Antonio so they would have a place to build the 2nd generation Tundra. Up until recently, this investment represented the biggest reason to keep making Tundras – stop building the Tundra, and Toyota would have to throw away that investment. Now that the Tacoma is being built in San Antonio, this is less of a concern.

4. Environmentalist rage. To be blunt, the “greenies” hate the fact that Toyota builds one of the most fuel efficient vehicles (the Prius) as well as one of the least fuel efficient (the 5.7 Tundra). Of course, the reality here is that “efficiency” is subjective – Americans need trucks for work, and a lot of Americans need them for play too. “Greenies” don’t understand this reality…but that’s not really the point. If Toyota stopped building the Tundra, the green set would be happy.

5. Trucks will get smaller. If you add up new federal fuel economy regs, higher fuel prices, and an increased emphasis on low emissions, it’s entirely possible that pickup trucks will get smaller. If North Americans decide they can get by with smaller pickups (certainly a possibility), the Tundra will simply become obsolete.

While the case against the Tundra is strong, there’s quite a bit going for the Tundra too. Toyota quality is excellent, Tundra resale value is substantially better than all competitors, and Toyota has a huge base of customers to sell Tundras to. If Toyota can cut Tundra production costs, the truck will be a nice source of profit for years to come.

Hopefully, Toyota will take our advice and start offering diesel Tundras immediately – that’s the future of big trucks in North America.

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  1. Brendan says:

    I don’t think toyota will abandon Tundra…they’ll simply find a way to get it more fuel efficient.
    If they were successful in this they’d be the only half ton on the market in 2016 cuz we know the
    Other guys don’t have the R&D money to pull it off.

  2. mk says:

    Why can’t Tundra’s be made somewhere else besides San Antonio TX? GM can build 1/2 ton trucks in Mexico and Canada and a few other cities actually in the USA, so why can’t Toyota just re-tool another Toyota plant here in the US? Tundra will not be going away anytime soon since I think Toyota has been building ‘almost’ full size trucks in the T100 and previous Tundra models 06′ on back, so it is not like they are new at building trucks. I, for one, hope they do not go smaller again since finally Toyota made a full size tundra pickup that is very nice.

  3. Justin says:

    1) True, dropping the Tundra would increase Toyota’s ability to meet this criteria, but we all know the domestics will not drop their full-size trucks.
    2) This point simply condradicts your other post about the Tundra being in high demand. Toyota possibly losing money on the Tundra?
    3) Maybe, maybe not. Either way I see this as a loss for Toyota, since the sole purpose of this facility was to build Tundra’s. Now it’s sharing the facility with the Tacoma and if the Tundra goes the way of the doe-doe,then this plant would be a band investment.
    4) Ford now makes the most fuel efficient sedan (Fusion Hybrid), and gas guzzlers (F450+). But I’m sure Ford won’t stop making the F-Series simply to cater to the greenies. Got to pick your battles.
    5) This could be possible, as Ford looked into building an F100 (fits between Ranger & F150), but last word is it was scrapped. Reducing weight and increasing aerodynamics will have a significant boost, but at what cost? They will still be expected to work like trucks do today.
    And nice spin in that 2nd to last paragraph trying to make something positive out of this article.

  4. Brendan – Agreed.
    mk – Moving production would be more expensive than leaving it in San Antonio. We don’t expect Toyota to walk away, but we thought it would only be fair to discuss it.

  5. Justin – There are three certainties in my life. Death, taxes, and the fact that you will take issue with our articles as being “biased.” 🙂 How we can be accused of bias is beyond me, considering we’re leading the charge on Tundra rust issues, publicizing quality issues as they’re documented, and offering criticism of Toyota as appropriate. It’s almost as if everything we say is wrong…anyways, on to your points:
    1) Yep – it’s a sort of damned if you do damned if you don’t situation. My personal guess is that all truck manufacturers will include a CAFE penalty into the price of each truck they sell…but we’ll have to see what technology comes to light. Ford’s Ecoboost system definitely gives them a leg up in this respect.
    2) You’re confusing “demand” with “popularity” – there’s nothing contradictory about saying consumers want Tundras while pointing out that Toyota loses money on every Tundra sold. This is true of many products offered by Ford, GM, and Chrysler, btw.
    3) Fair enough. Toyota needs US production to shelter themselves from currency fluctuations, and closing NUMMI now seems like an inevitable choice (despite our incorrect prediction to the contrary), so the argument could be made that building another plant was bound to happen one way or another. Good to see you finding the negative aspects of every choice Toyota makes! 🙂
    4) So is that an agree, disagree, or just you pitching Ford again?
    5) Ya I don’t see that happening either, but it’s certainly possible.
    If you really want to talk about “spin” and “bias,” you might want to go look in the mirror man. Based on your comments here over the last few years, you mostly act as if Ford can do no wrong. At least we’re admitting when Toyota is screwed up, losing sales, etc. Don’t see you doing the same.

  6. Justin says:

    Admin (Jason): I didn’t take issue with this article, except for one day it’s posted on how the demand for the Tundra is high while you’re exploring the possibility of the Tundra being axed. I see the goods and bads in these articles. I agree when true, or disagree when the facts don’t support the claim, or there are no facts/research to support the claims. And many times the issues I may point out aren’t directly related to the article or you, but to a poster who has a misguided or blinded point of view.
    2) Well from the article on the Tundra demand, it is written as if the Tundras are flying off the shelf and they’ll set sales records. Understand the difference between demand and popularity, both being impacted by inventory. But truthfully, would we consider the Tundra in high demand if there was a lot more inventory out there for them? There is a reason why they stopped the Indiana plant and cut production by 2/3s. The demand and popularity for the Tundra wasn’t removing the excess inventory.
    4) Agreed. Simply stated that Ford looked into the possibility and found it not to be cost effective at the time. Who knows, maybe someone else with give it a try.
    I don’t try to spin or be biased with your articles, there’s enough pro-Toyota and pro-Tundra talk in the majority of them that I don’t need to spin it the other way. I’m simply giving an outsiders view, who has absolutely no vested interest in the Tundra and has watched its ups/downs since launch. Basically the yang to everyones ying.
    Now I admit, I defend Ford when appropriate, usually when the facts show what the article or the poster stated is incorrect. Otherwise, I admit when I’m wrong or will research my response instead of posting my thoughts/feelings like so many do. I’ve talked about the 6.2L Boss for a few years, it’s finally being debutted this fall. I’ve admitted the 5.4L is underpowered compared to the 5.7L. Admitted the old 4spd in the F150 was no match to the 6spd of the Tundra. But if you call out the F150 or Ford and you’re wrong, then I am going to provide some more accurate feedback.
    You’ve had your ups/downs over the years as well. Sometimes accepting them, sometimes not. Like Ford, Toyota is lossing sales, all while both Ford and Toyota are gaining market share. Many here still can’t accept the fact that no matter what source says Ford is gaining quickly and/or on par with Toyota in the quality department. Or for users to admit there is reason the F-series is the best selling truck and vehicle on the road. Now I can say I rarely see where you post that Toyota screwed up, but I have seen some. And have never seen you post anything in regards to losing sales, then again I haven’t read all your articles. And like stated before, I’ll admit when Ford is right/wrong or simply outclassed.

  7. mk says:

    I think Tundra’s sales would increase a lot more if dealers actually had more of them on their lots to sell. To have a customer wait a week or two to have a dealer call another dealer 100 miles away to see if they will give up their 1-2 ONLY Tundra’s on their lot is a joke. Toyota may think they are controlling their inventory to be ‘right’ on and good for the company, but I say it is a joke and demand far outweighs the supply where I live. Their sales volume would increase 25-30% for sure ONLY if they start building more of them to give to the dealerships. Demand far outweighs the supply of tundras on dealers’ lots right now and Toyota better start building more to actually have a sales volume in 2010.

  8. Jeremy the Truck Guy says:

    OH OH OH…Can I get in on the urinating contest too?

    NEVER argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  9. Jeremy the Truck Guy says:

    BTW, Toyota STILL makes the best truck on the market, hands down. Anyone can reprint a sticker with an extra zero for the towing capacity. I think Motor Trend said it best, If I they towing 10000 lbs they choose the Tundra but for hauling around light stuff they choose the F-150. For hauling light stuff I choose my WIFES MINIVAN! Said day in Ford town, They were chosen for their ability to haul insignificant loads in smoothness. MY MINIVAN CAN DO THAT WHILE HAULING A BOAT AND SEVEN PEOPLE. I’ll take 2 F-150’s, one in pastel pink, for hauling my Vespa and one in Barney purple with red hearts all over it for carrying my Magenta Jet Ski to the lake. FABULOUS!

    Ford makes a good truck, it is just not exceptional in any way that matters in the long run. It is just “uh truck”. Wait, Sync is exceptional, but it isn’t a Ford product. Microsoft gave the F-150 it’s best option.

  10. TXTee says:

    Either way I’d love to see the Tundra continue to be in the market. I don’t need someone to tell me what’s “BEST” for me when they don’t pay for it. And flat out don’t understand why haters that don’t like the Tundra won’t stay off our forums. 🙂 No one is forcing you to agree and none of the lame comments are going to make me or other satisfied Tundra owners trade them in. Another note, I only read for detail in the actual articles…not someone’s rambling post. I’m female, so I can only imagine the attention span of the other male viewers……*yawn*

  11. Jeremy – Always funny – you need to write for a comedy show (if you’re not doing so already). I think most people here agree with you that Ford makes a good truck, but obviously it’s not the preference of most people here.

  12. TXTee – Thanks for reading, and yes my attention span is atrocious! 🙂

  13. Justin – I appreciate most of your comments, but I have to wonder a few things. First, how can you accuse me of constant bias while admitting you don’t read most of the articles we publish (many of which I write)? Second, I rarely see you go out of your way to complement the Tundra. It’s usually a “that’s good but Ford does that too” or “Ford’s got one coming.” We’re always talking up Ford’s EcoBoost motors here (those things are awesome), and I’m usually the first to say Ford makes a great truck. Aside from the Tundra’s better engine, you argue the Tundra’s better resale value (despite the fact that Edmunds.com, KBB.com, the A.L.G., etc. all rate the Tundra higher), you try to denigrate Toyota’s 40 year record of quality by either pointing out negative things that WE published or talking about how the F150 is now “equal” because JD Power said so, and then you cling to sales volumes as some sort of proof of your claims. You accuse us of spin, but that’s ALL that you do. I can deal with the fact that you’re pro-Ford, and I welcome your participation. But your incessant labeling of this site as “biased” and having a pro-Tundra “spin” doesn’t sit well with me considering that most of the time, that’s exactly what you’re doing when you comment here.
    Need proof? Ask yourself honestly why you made this comment on the 19th “4) Ford now makes the most fuel efficient sedan (Fusion Hybrid), and gas guzzlers (F450+). But I

  14. tmac says:

    I think this article was as much a commentary on toyota’s future plans with the tundra as much as it was about the changing of our global landscape.
    The fact of the matter is between the government and the greenies its going to become incredibly difficult for all manufacturers to build trucks that suit our needs in the coming years.
    30 mpg in 6 years in a full size truck is a pipe dream. Period.
    This is a just a thought, and a gut feeling that i’ve had for a while now, I think that toyota is a little bit, ahem, choked at the second gen tundra. Not because of the truck itself, no one with a reasonable amount of sense would argue that is quality truck, but more so with the timing of when it was released. Tundra sales are down but all truck sales are down.This is a condition of the world we now live in wich features high gas prices and growing concern for the environment. Imagine if the 2nd gen was released in say 04 or earlier, how well would it have done then. To be totally honest toyota kinda missed the boat with their timing on it and i think they resent it to a certain extent on that level.
    Now to put on my less serious hat for a sentence or two if i may and adress ford boy. Dude why u be creeping on this website if u don’t like the tundra???
    I don’t go perving around on F150 sites and do u know why ?
    Cuz i don’t care…. I got better things to do with my time.
    You say the material on here is pro tundra, well sheeyahhh there’s a revelation. I’m sure the stuff on the F150 sites is pro F150 as well it should be.
    And finally the reason i buy and trust toyota is because my old man is a mechanic and has been for 45 years, and his opinion is that toyota and honda build better and more reliable vehicles than all the others. Care to argue with 45 years of wrenching ?
    Anyhow enough of me ranting just got a little riled there, but i sure hope that toyota keeps building the tundra because it is a great truck but i can see big trucks of all makes going the way of the dodo soon enough/

  15. thanx4d says:

    See here we go, why’s ford such a treat? If the F-series is so bad why knowledge it? What did Toyota base the Tundra after? All the ignorant commercials of driving toward cliffs and hammers, where’s the facts? Ford called bluff on every other manufacture and challenged them to prove them wrong and conduct their own tests. Where are they??? If your scared man up and say your scared!! Don’t hide behind a bogus Motortrend report saying that the Tundra is the best tow vehicle against everything up to a 450. Hook 26,000lbs to a Tundra and watch the frame break in half 6 years to early, get it pretty funny just like the Tundra is a joke! You say quality is so great with toyota, apparently you haven’t read the frame rust on the 2003. If a Tundra is so GREAT for towing where’s the accessories jeremy? To tow 10,000lbs you will need braking, where’s your trailer brake controller? Here something to think about Jeremy, Ford has other trucks than a half ton, yes the F-150 is good but if you ned more take the next step to a 3/4. Oh by the way Motor trend also said the Ridgeline was the “Truck of the Year” so how much weight does that hold? Who has been “Truck of Texas” for 6 consecutive years? Oh one last thing as your cruising in your mini-van did Toyota CEO say the reliability of the Tundra was a disappointment! That’s something to be real proud of!!! Point being don’t have a more important issue to worry about like will my frame stay together long enough to get me to the dealer!!!! Quality, ha ha ha ha ha!!

  16. Mickey says:

    Thanx4d but no thanks. You just proved tmac’s point. Just because your Ford can’t do the commercials Toyota puts out isn’t our fault. It goes to your celebrity’s to help push your vehicle. I’m sure if you watched several commercials that all manufacturer’s call others out. You seen on several tests with all manufacturer’s that the Tundra out towed what you got. Don’t get mad just build something better. Also thanx4d you definitely showed us you’re no brighter than a 40 watt bulb with your statement about accessories. If you had any clue about Toyota they keep all info to themselves. They don’t share. They do have accessories for towing if I need it. Unlike you being foolish and pay for something you don’t need and I believe in custom building a truck for what I want. I tow a 18.5ft boat. No need for the accessories. So why pay an extra $400 when I don’t have too. If I need it then I get it. Toyota has a controller as an accessory if you want it. Again Thanx4d where is your thinking. Apparently you buy at the moment without no thought thinking you did something but realize you made a mistake so you’re pretty mad at yourself so to cheer up let’s go to a website and thrash them. Did your CEO come stright out and say they have a problem with financial backing. No they needed GM and Chrysler/Dodge to help give him some back to go to DC. Important issue will my truck catch on fire???? Dang where’s that fire extinguisher.

  17. thanx4d says:

    Mickey, so you have a intergrated trailer brake control? Moving the weight the easy part, stopping it is the most important part! You are aware there are laws on how much you can tow without trailer brakes, the average limit for the 50 states is 2k to 3,000lbs. So why make a truck that can so call tow 10,000+lbs if it isn’t properly equipped?
    Hey where the making of the video that showed Ford’s being used to construct it, wasn’t it for the spiral climb? If the Tundra was so great would Toyota say “Hey us our trucks to prove they are so strong and durable”, just a question. Pretty funny how that video disappeared so quickly after it was pointed out don’t you think?
    Back to DC with GM and Dodge, I think your down right ignorant, didn’t the point already go across that Ford took out a loan just like Toyota but still posted a 4th quarter earning. Since Ford and Toyota took the same option where is Toyota earning? Get the facts straight for the last time. What’s worse a CEO saying the Tundra was a disappointment or Ford so called saying they have financial difficulties? It looks like both have financial difficulties but one is proud of theirs and it aint Toyota.
    As for towing a 18 ft boat. Wow maybe you and Jeremy the mini-van guy can hang out and compare. That would be considered the “Light stuff”. If all I towed was something as light as that I think I would be impressed too. Try a 2,500lb trailer with a 7,300lb Skid Steer daily for a livelihood..
    Thanks for your comment but I find the so called “MOOT”, try again!!!!! Do you know what your frame is gonna look like in 6 years, I will give you 7 since you undercoated it?

  18. tmac says:

    damn see what just got started, my brain cells are draining just reading…
    how i do edn this agian….

  19. Jeremy the Dark Dork Overlord says:

    WOW, Thanx4d just broke the first rule of urinating contests: Don’t leave a pile of crap in your wake.

    Let me make a few facts VERY clear.

    1) Stupid is one thing I can not deal with, If you refuse to think, at the least don’t talk.

    2) toyota took a massive loss due to employee training and tooling opertunities they did during the down turn. They wanted to be ready when the market came back.

    3) Ford took action several years ago when the new CEO looked out and saw that the Ford line up was a disaster. HE had the line up revamped and the fruits of that are showing up now. New Fusion, Taurus, f-150. Of the 3 “New” models guess which one is using an old drive train? The F-150. The Taurus offers a better engine than the F-150. 55 more hp. The point is that Ford has the tech but the tech isn’t in the drivetrain of the F-150. The Ford is a sound truck but the performance is horrid in the real world.

    Bottom line, toyota offers the whole package and a real alternative for someone on the line between a diesel or a gas engine. Ford has the technology to put market changing technology, Like high output 6’s, in their trucks but the American market wants to see V8 on the badge. Toyota makes a better rounded truck for doing the job but Ford has a nearly infiniate configuration scheme to help you get the truck that best fits your exact use. Fords major short fall, the engine offerings do not measure up. My opinion is that Ford will have moved the current line up out and the new engines will be in place in the next few years.

    Also, Ford needs to put up or shut up. duplicate the toyota feats, flaming tower of doom/Hammers/wind/ramp or sell the truck as the softer alternative. Kind of a Viagra (Toyota) vs. Cialis (Ford) sales thing. Do you need the job done now or do you want a bubble bath and some Aroma Therapy first. Both will do the job, one gets you there faster.

    The Tundra is far from perfect but it is kind of like getting old, It sure beats the alternative’s.


  20. Jeremy the Dark Dork Overlord says:

    Someone call an exterminator, we have a retarded troll infestation.

  21. Jeremy the Dark Dork Overlord says:

    ALSO, With the demise of Dodge and GM, for the near future, It is a Toyota Ford race. Now once GM and Chrysler get the vendors they screwed back on board the game will change.

  22. Jeremy the Dark Dork Overlord says:

    TX, My attention span is just fi……LOOK a chicken and it’s on fir..and my pants are green today, thank you for…hey…isn’t that dr. suess on the…KAHN!!!!!!!!!!! What was I saying, Oh yea, My wife is beautiful and feeling much better now, Thank You for asking.

  23. tmac – Insighteful comment – I think you’re absolutely right about Toyota’s bad timing. Still, I think the fuel economy thing cuts both ways. Toyota has a lot more high mileage vehicles they can use to balance their pickup fleet, so maybe they’ll be able to take advantage.

  24. thankx4d – You just make this up as you go along, don’t you? All I know is that 1) The F150 is a fine truck, and I’ve got nothing bad to say about it. Why you have to come over here and talk mess about the Tundra (another fine vehicle) is really beyond me. Kind of sad, actually. 2) You got burned by Jeremy more times than a waffle house fry cook. I hope you keep commenting – I want to read all of Jeremy’s clever smack-downs.

  25. Jeremy the Dark Dork Overlord says:

    I wish I could say that I am surprised at the response to this article but I’m not. When you gave us a preview in the last article I thought, Pandoras Box. It was a good article. My wish is that people could come in and have civil discusions about the subject at hand. OK, That was a lie. Send in more trolls, this is getting fun.

  26. Mickey says:

    Thanx4d apparently you forgot what you just mention. The reason the Ford trucks were there because the load they were pulling was over 10,000lbs so it would have been against the law to tow the spiral climb. As I told you and you apparently don’t read most people don’t tow the 10,000lbs like myself. I just tow the boat to go fishing. No need for a trailer brake. Most people have no need for it SO AGAIN WHY BUY IT when you don’t need it? Are you into wasting money? When I need one I will buy one. Easy to hook up. Just like a reverse camera…. OOohh yes you don’t have one of those. Have fun getting out and keep checking to see if you’re lined up right. Thanx4d thatcommercial still plays so I don’t get where you’re going with that. The problem you see is that a Ford can’t do that well maybe go up but can’t come back down. For the CEO statement that’s a good motivation factor. I know you will say something dumb about now but you don’t know Japanese history in order to motivate your crew. Also wasn’t it Ford that changed a name of a car from the Five Hundred to the Taurus in mid stage? Thanx4d I guess what you do for a living is way more impotent than what I do for you to tow all that. Notice the impotent wasn’t mispelled. AGAIN for you who can’t read most trucks out there AREN’T TOWING 7500LBS. Are you an ignorant one or is that what it takes to make you see. Thanx4d thanks for the compliment about my frame of my truck Apparently I know how to take care of one as to not worry about it. I guess your Ford hasn’t the capability since you feel so inferior to a Tundra. I don’t blame you. I was that way too. Then the light came on and now I’m doing quite well with my cute 18.5 foot boat and yes I know you envy what I got for the reason you commented on it. Sorry Thanx4d I work smarter not harder. I will be able to move around when I’m 60 and I hope you can too. I enjoy my truck while you have to curse your’s.

  27. TXTee says:

    I’m over here cracking up because this troll stuff is amazing. I need to take some psych courses and come back to this particular post to understand the human need to combat against a Tundra site. Keep it coming guys. I’m actually skimming enough to get good points about the truck industry and great laughs at the expense of others.

  28. Mickey says:

    I’m glad I can amuse you…. At least I can honestly say I had the other trucks before. 98 Silverado probably the best truck I had till it was hit and totalled. 03 F-150 constant computer problems and fighting with the service/admin/managers. 06 Silverado LT3 the worst truck I ever had along with the worst service anyone should ever have to endure. 11x replacing headliner and being accused by factory rep of pulling it down till he was proven wrong. Not to mention $36,000 truck with both taillights falling off while driving down the interstate. So I already endured the rest now I got the best. Headliner doesn’t fall off. Computer works great. Taillights are still on. I guess that’s says quality. Instead of quantity I prefer quality.

  29. TerryM says:

    My boat trailer has hydraulic brakes – no need for a brake controller.

  30. thanx4d says:

    I just found this site and am posting for the first time. It seems pretty childish of everyone to continue the bickering. A guy likes Ford and one like Tundra, so what. I have a 08 Double cab 5.7L 4X4 Tundra and a fleet of Superduty’s gas and diesel, so what’s the problem. The Tundra rides really nice and serves its purpose but I wouldn’t want to beat on it like I do my fleet of HD trucks. In return my HD’s drive like a refrigerator but will take a beating day in and out, and believe me my employees put them through the paces. Every truck has its purpose. I tried a Tundra before trying to replace HD’s with it. It will be the last one I own unless they change things. They are not as durable as they make you think. I know you all are going to say they are tow different trucks but keep in mind half are 250’s with 5.4L. So in all reality the Tundra should be better. It tows more but has less payload. I have tried to complete the jobs of the 5.4 250’s with the Tundra. It seems that the Tundra’s sheet metal is thinner, bumper dents really easy, ripped off the front air dam trying to use the tow hook that broke OFF. I’m always worried about turning off the side air bags because the slopes of the terrain will set them off. The Tundra is a Truck I would use to take my wife to dinner in but not one I would risk my own or my employees paycheck on. The Dungeons and Dragons guy, “CUTE BOAT” (must be a sailor with some sugar in his blood, which is fine) and Mini-van Guy backs up my thoughts. Now I know why everyone hates my Tundra just as much a I do, thank god its a TAX write off!

  31. Jeremy the Dark Dork Overlord says:

    Did we just get a bait and switch pulled on us?

    “I was taking about the F-250, not the 150”

    Apples and oranges, We were having an apple conversation, BUt I have to agree that ORANGES make much better orange juice than Apples do.

  32. TXTee says:

    Maybe his Tundra is a yellow short bed…

  33. Jeremy the evil says:

    Maybe his fleet of Fords are all Short Yellow Buses he rides in everyday.

  34. Chuck Stillman says:

    I own 3 Toyota’s two are Tundra’s first gen a 2000 access cab 4×4 4.7v8 and a 2005 DC 4×4 v8-4.7vvti. The wife has a 4-Runner 2002 4×4. I pull either a Bigfoot 17 ft travel trailer or my Bigfoot 20ft 5th Wheel Travel Trailer. Toyota builds trucks like International Harvester use to. I traded a super duty F250 Ford for a Tundra. The Ford was not a truck just like Chevy and Dodge. Toyota is far ahead of the others in engineering and development. Keep up the good work Toyota.

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