Toyota Texas Plant Builds One-Millionth Truck – Market Pushes 2 Million

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On the same day that Toyota announced it has built its one-millionth pickup, truck sales forecasts could reach two million this year. This could be the best year for truck sales since the 2007 recession.

Toyota Celebrates One-Millonth Texas Truck Built - Market Sales Could Reach 2 Million

Toyota says it has now built 1 million trucks in Texas.

Toyota’s mile stone of one-million pickups, this is considerable achievement for the notably “car” manufacture. The Texas plant has been criticized for construction overruns and the Tundra has been criticized as a bit player in the full-size truck market. Reaching mile stones like this one is important as Toyota works to reinforce the notion that it is here to stay.

“We are grateful for our loyal customers across North America who tell us they love driving Texas-built Tacomas and Tundras,” said Chris Nielsen, president of Toyota Texas.  “It makes me incredibly proud of our team members and 21 on-site suppliers every time I see one of our trucks on the road knowing that safety and quality are built into every one of them.”

USA Today is reporting that this year truck sales could reach the 2 million units sold level. This is a remarkable amount of truck sales and leads the automotive industry.

Toyota Celebrates One-Millonth Texas Truck Built - Market Sales Could Reach 2 Million

The celebratory photo.

This year, the plant will turn 10 years old. Here are some cool facts from the press release:

Some notable facts and stats about Toyota Texas and the one millionth truck milestone:

  • If you lined up the one million trucks Toyota Texas has produced, it would stretch approximately 3,700  miles; or approximately from The Alamo to Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • The redesigned 2014 Tundra is among Toyota’s most American vehicle ever.  Styling was completed by Calty Design Research centers in Newport Beach, Calif., and Ann Arbor, Mich.; and it was engineered by the Toyota Technical Center, also in Ann Arbor.
  • V6 and V8 engines for all Tacomas and Tundras are manufactured at Toyota’s Huntsville, Ala., engine plant; all transmissions are manufactured in Durham, N.C.
  • Production at the plant began in October 2006 with the Tundra.  Tacoma production was added in the summer of 2010.
  • 21 on-site suppliers, who employ 2,900, have had a big hand in ensuring that quality, durability and reliability are built into every truck.

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  1. LJC says:

    Great Achievement!

    The only reason why consumers may view Toyota as a car maker is these same consumers don’t know that Toyota has a truck heritage.

  2. Jason says:

    It’s great that the Toyota truck plant built its one-millionth pickup, and better still truck sales were forecast to reach two million this year. Not sure this will be the best year for truck sales since 2007 but that would be a clear indication the economy has a pulse again.

  3. mk says:

    the tundra won’t sell if the rebates for 2014’s don’t go up over 1K as of now. Same for the new 2014 chevy silverado with NO rebates – they won’t sell but a few since customers with GM are all expecting 5K rebates. Once the tundra goes 2K or above I might be a player or when chevy gives 4K in rebates as well. Until then which will probably be sometime in 2014, I can wait.

    Congrats on trucks 1M made. It may not be the biggest player/seller, but is quality no worse and probably better than the competition still.

  4. Mike T says:

    Toyota Texas , in San Antonio celebrated assembling the plant’s one millionth truck – a Sunset Bronze Mica colored, 1794 Edition Tundra – with one thing in mind:
    satisfied customers.

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