Toyota June 2012 Sales Boom – Continuing Trend

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Another month has passed in 2012 and another big month for Toyota that saw total sales grow by 60.3 percent versus June 2011.

Toyota June 2012 Sales

Toyota's June 2012 sales were up 60% continuing a sales growth trend.

Toyota sales grew in large part due to their small car division which sold nearly 91,000 units, up 68.1 percent. The Tundra sold 8,693 units which was 31.4 percent better than a year ago. For the year, the Toyota Tundra has now sold 45,111 versus 39,848 (+13.2%) this time last year.

Strong Tundra sales in June made it the 6th best selling truck so far this year according to Their tally of best-selling rtrucks include:

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2011 Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales vs. June 2011
1 Ford F-Series +14.0% June 2012 55,025 +10.9%
301,141 June 2011 49,618

2 Chevrolet Silverado +6.4% June 2012 33,566 +3.0%
194,508 June 2011 32,579

3 Ram Trucks +23.8% June 2012 23,951 +12.1%
138,581 June 2011 21,362

4 GMC Sierra +7.9% June 2012 12,479 +0.8%
72,945 June 2011 12,377

5 Toyota Tacoma +27.0% June 2012 11,864 +45.9%
67,153 June 2011 8,131

6 Toyota Tundra +13.2% June 2012 8,693 +31.4%
45,111 June 2011 6,615

7 Nissan Frontier +25.4% June 2012 5,651 +27.6%
29,385 June 2011 4,429

8 Chevrolet Colorado +33.2% June 2012 4,124 +37.0%
21,457 June 2011 3,010

9 Ford Ranger * -38.6% June 2012 916 -85.9%
18,442 June 2011 6,488

10 Chevrolet Avalanche +26.2% June 2012 1,719 +3.1%
11,002 June 2011 1,667

11 Nissan Titan +20.3% June 2012 2,332 +41.6%
10,679 June 2011 1,647

12 Honda Ridgeline +40.2% June 2012 1,185 +101.9%
7,269 June 2011 587

13 GMC Canyon +36.0% June 2012 880 +19.1%
5,641 June 2011 739

14 Cadillac Escalade EXT -9.2% June 2012 142 0%
814 June 2011 142

* No longer in production but still being sold.

“June and first-half year sales were driven by consumer interest in our new models including the Prius c, the newest member of the Prius family, and the Camry, the best-selling car in America,” said Bob Carter, Toyota Division group vice president and general manager, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A.  “We expect to see continued stability in the automotive market during the second half of 2012 thanks to pent-up demand, low interest rates and a continued influx of new products.”

We would be remiss if we didn’t point out that another big factor in Toyota posting large increases is that dealerships struggled with acquiring inventory last year after natural disasters rocked Japan and Thailand. These disasters vastly affected the companies production of vehicles causing a global shortage.

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  1. mk says:

    big gap between GM and Ford vs. Toyota sort of shocked me a little. I would’ve thought the tundra would beat the tacoma sales but guess not.

  2. LJC says:

    This above sales figure chart is useless as it compares different classes of trucks along with fleet and consumer sales. It appears that Ford, Chevy and Dodge are crushing the Tundra in terms of sales when in reality it’s not as “bad” as it looks.

    For example: I believe Ford’s fleet sales are about 40%. So, 60% x 55,000 = 33000. This 33,000 includes F150, F250, F350 and may be up to the F750. I’d say that the lion share is F150, so I’ll assume this to be 60%. 60% of 33,000 is 19,800.

    We all know Toyota is not into fleet sales like Ford is but I’ll round down to 8000 for Toyota, just in case there were a few.

    So, from a consumer perspective, the Ford F150 is outselling the Tundra by about 2 1/2 to 1.

    I’d say that the Tundra is doing much better than the above chart, at first glance, indicates.

    And I bet the 1/2 ton Tundra is selling just as well as the Chevy 1/2 ton along with Ram 1/2 ton.

    Also, why is that my 9 old son can see that the above figures are not true comparisons and some adults can’t?

    Are we missing something?

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      LJC – First of all, I completely agree that fleet sales inflate the figures listed. Unfortunately, we do not have access to data that indicates the exact percentage of fleet sales so that we can adjust the numbers given.

      As you say, 60% of F-series sales could be fleet…but we just don’t know. I’ve looked high and low for this info and never managed to see.

      What I *can* tell you is that Tundra fleet sales are well below Toyota’s fleet average of 9%. I can also tell you that GM, Ram, and Ford run at least 30% fleet in any given month in the year.

      If you can find some data that shows what percentage of truck sales is fleet and what is retail, I’d love to see it. For now, I think we should keep reporting the big numbers.

  3. […] through June on TH. Tundra sale were up a lot, but still only a small fraction of the total. toyota-june-2012-sales __________________ 07' SR5 DC, 5.7, TRD Toyota SS steps ARE MX cap AMP bed step DIY underseat […]

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