Toyota Highlights Made In America at Chicago Auto Show

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Toyota plans to highlight their “success stories,” Made in America business plan and the Tundra that pulled the shuttle at the Chicago Auto Show. The focus is on their bright future and we couldn’t agree more.

Toyota Highlights Made In America at Chicago

This image from the 2009 Chicago Auto Show is of Toyota’s then large exhibit. Can’t wait to see a larger one!

The plan is to blend new products, concepts vehicles and success stories as part of a 45,000-square-foot stand. While the stand was impressive in Detroit at 35,000 square-foot, Toyota is going big. What’s really interesting to someone who went to that show is how Toyota really didn’t have a good presence in Detroit. Can this bigger stand draw more attention.

With most the “Big 3” automakers having big stands and putting all their effort into Detroit. Toyota seems to be taking a different route. For example, within the last few days, they have announced an indoor ride course and a larger footprint. Why the focus on Chicago?

“Chicago has long been considered one of the top drawing consumer auto shows in the country,” said Brent Marrero, auto show planner for Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. “This year, we wanted the exhibit to not only showcase our incredible products but also our heritage in the United States. We know that ‘made in America’ is especially important to people living in the Midwest, and we feel we have a great story to tell, with 70 percent of all our vehicles sold in Unites States being built here as well.”

Toyota states in their press release that they plan on having 50 vehicles to check out including the all-new RAV4, Avalon, Corolla Furia Concept, Fun-Vii and a special edition SEMA/Kyle Bush Camry. Most of these cars have already been unveiled to the public.

What is Toyota not saying? Yep, you guessed it, they aren’t confirming that a 2014 Toyota Tundra will be at the show. While sources have told us that the truck will be there, unfortunately, we don’t have a confirmation from Toyota.

If/when it is unveiled will probably be at Toyota’s PR event at 9am on February 7th. I will be at the show and will be probably live updates via Facebook (dependent on cell phone coverage). For the latest, make sure you like our Facebook page.

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