Toyota Tundra Camshaft “Problem”

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When you’re at the top of the food chain, everyone wants to eat your lunch. Toyota, arguably the MOST successful car company in the world, is sometimes a victim of its’ own success. When Toyota has a minor hiccup, the press lunges at the opportunity to discredit and devalue the company. Most recently, Automotive News has reported that “The launch of the all new 2007 Tundra full size pickup continues to go anything but smoothly” due to a mysterious camshaft failure found on the 5.7L V8.

Before anyone takes their new 5.7L down to their local Ford, Chevy, or Dodge dealer to trade it in, let’s evaluate the facts:

  1. Automotive news reports 20 instances of this camshaft failure, but this isn’t a complete number. There could be more, and there could be less. Weighed against the current total of 30,000 trucks sold, that amounts to a very small percentage of defects.
  2. To their credit, Toyota has acknowledged there is a problem with SOME of the 5.7L camshafts. If any camshaft has failed, Toyota may replace the entire engine according to correspondence with
  3. If this were happening in a new Dodge, Ford, or Chevy, this wouldn’t be news. The fact is that the only reason camshaft failures are news is because they’re happening on a Toyota.

The bottomline: Until this starts happening with any sort of regular frequency, it’s not a problem. Toyota warranty’s the camshafts on a new Tundra for five years or 60k miles. If there is a defective camshaft in your truck, it’s going to grenade long before the warranty is up. If Toyota installs a new motor (and grants you an extended warranty on the rest of the power train), what’s the harm? Besides, it’s probably not going to happen to anyone that it already hasn’t happened to.

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  1. Jerry says:

    I purchased an 07 DC Tundra with the 5.7L on April 10. As I travel extensively, the truck now has only about 400 miles on it. Therefore, I may have a defective camshaft that just hasn’t yet come to my attention. Can Toyota identify the defective 5.7L trucks by VIN number? That would be the RESPONSIBLE thing to do. Or do all of us 5.7L owners await the ticking time bomb?

  2. g says:

    Hiccup, not hick-up.

  3. admin says:

    Jerry: I empathize…it’s hard to feel good about dropping the hammer on your new 5.7L Tundra if you’re thinking it might grenade. Toyota hasn’t announced a list of VIN’s, but I’m guessing that if Toyota thinks your vehicle has a bad cam you would have been contacted by now.

    g: Thanks.

  4. gatorman says:

    “When you

  5. admin says:

    Toyota is at the “top of the food chain” as being, without a doubt, the most successful manufacturer of automobiles in the WORLD. Any chink in the armor is exploited by the media.

  6. Kevin Hodgson says:

    My friend’s Tundra just broke a camshaft on Saturday. I’m going to guess this problem is going to be farther reaching than Toyota would have us know. To make things worse, despite Toyotas claim that the have 1600 Tundras sitting around for customers to drive during repairs, they gave him a Corolla. He is 6’7″ 250lb. Not good customer service if you ask me.

  7. admin says:

    Yikes. There are a lot of people who think this camshaft problem is bigger than Toyota says.

    Only time will tell, but it’s certain that if this camshaft problem expands it’s going to be a black-eye.

  8. JC says:

    The media very rarely reports Toyota, Nissan, and Honda failures…In fact, I really haven’t heard to much from the nationaly news media with regard to this issue. Reality is, if it were GM, Ford, or Chrysler (soon to be cerebrus capital) it would be national news for days. The media seems to hate american company manufactured products…and we fuel the fire by buying them. Stupid.

  9. Ken says:

    Is there any signs or noise to listen for that may indicate a camshaft problem? Do all 5.7’s have a distinct clicking about them? Where on the shaft is the break occurring, is it a total break or a chipping?

  10. Steven says:

    I own a 5.7 Tundra and if it breaks, it will be repaired. I know that it could happen and I don’t let it consume me. Ive got better things to worry about. I bought a new truck because it has a warranty. I bought a Toyota because I want a vehicle with the best quality. Even Toyotas break sometimes. everyone should quit whining about what might happen. quit sucking your mommas tit and get back to work!

  11. Brandon says:

    I know this has nothing to do with the camshaft, but I bought the new 4.7L and with less the 4000km on it my front diff is slipping. anyone else here about anything like this. I have it going into the shop next friday and hoping they can tell me the problem. I’ll keep you informed.

  12. admin says:

    Strange that a new diff would be slipping…do you have aftermarket wheels or tires on the truck?

  13. Michael says:

    In answer to Steve’s comments a few days ago. Yes I agree with him in that I bought a Toyota for quality and yes crap happens but what if your on a long run in Arizona in the desert towing a Trailer (which I bought it for) and the cam breaks. So some of us do think that Toyota should be forth right and let Tundra owners know if their truck is involved or not. In this day and age they must have an idea with engine serial #’s which production was bad and which wasn’t hoping they are not all bad!

  14. Tony says:

    Well I think its right to know that which truck isn’t working right because i just a bought a Toyota Tundra 5.7 limited. I got about 536miles on it already but i really want to know if its a big issue. I love the truck i got the 2002 tundra and now i got the 07 Tundra. I just want to know if it’ll run like my 02. I got 168k miles in my 02 already and it ran like a baby through all my trips through states and its still running like a baby. But my 5.7 i just want to know if its going to be a big problem.

  15. Tony says:

    Well i forgot to ask another question. The fact that i heard from people is it true that the Toyota Tundra 07 have a bad bed? How is the suspension on this car? If my cars Cam doesn’t break down and Toyota finds out that my car have cam failures will they call me and put a new engine in my car?

  16. admin says:

    The bouncing bed issue is a misnomer — most truck beds are designed to move independently of the cab. As for the camshaft issue, Toyota says most of the vehicles affected were sold before April. Since you just bought your truck, you should be fine.

  17. jack Guerrier says:

    Jack says:
    I have a 2007 Toyota Tundra with 5600 miles on the odo. I certainly hope that camshaft failure is not in my future. I must report however that the frame flex problem is severe. I have just rerurned from a 2800 mile travel trailer jaunt and the bouncing and undulation this truck exhibits is very close to unsafe. I also think it would be wise if Toyota forced the designer of the software that controls the automatic transmission to actually experience towing somthing further than 100 feet. The downshift points are ill conceived as if the transmission designer never heard of a torque converter. I feel I paid large dollars for a good design that had been thuroughly tested. It appears I was wrong. I would think Toyota should provide a product at least as good as the previous Tundra of which I was an owner.

  18. jack Guerrier says:

    In response to Admin.
    Have you looked at the bed bounce pictures available on line at the Toyota forum? Evidentiially not, since it is obvious that there is a serious design flaw. When the bed damages the paint on the cab assembly due to it’s movement I would suggest that the engineering department did not adequately test the vehicle. You are wrong Toyota Tundra does have a bouncing bed problem.

  19. Ken says:

    Ok, have we all decided that we got burnt by buying our new Tundras? I have a new problem I haven’t heard of yet. My radio goes off sometimes on its own. I first believed it was due to hitting a bump but the last time I was just backing up in my driveway. This bed bounce thing is crazy to, crossing a speed bump is like riding a pogo stick, and the way it ravves up when you start it, what’s that all about.

  20. Michael says:

    I have decided I haven’t been burnt or will have been burnt buying this Tundra. Re the box …I haven’t yet seen anything that indicates that I might have the problems others have mentioned. I will say one thing though its not really important,….this truck (5.7) burns out more than any pickup and other cars I’ve owned. Burning out meaning it leaves others behind if you are so inclined. It comes from there motor they built to run in the NASCAR series and the problem they had with it was to reduce the HP for the consumer truck.
    By the way Ken, what do you mean by rawes up, when you you start. Is it like when you start the motor and it has High revs for 45 secs or so. I think thats normal but I could be wrong.
    I’m a happy camper with this puppy bad cam or not!

  21. Donny says:

    WOW .. If there is a problem HOW many other car manufacturers would handle it the way TOYOTA does…. Like the headgasket failure 1991-1995 even with 200K toyota still put a NEW Shortblock in my 4RUNNER .. So whats the problem!!
    Toyota will be #1 in my eyes real soon..

  22. NINRocket says:

    I’m the proud owner of a 5.7 Double Cab with the 20″ BBS wheels in Radiant Red, chrome tube steps, XSP leather, carbon fiber dash, chrome skid plate, etc… they put on the XSP package in the southeast. I paid less than 32K for it yesterday (8000 below MSRP with tax). I have had a lot of people ask me about the truck. I will catch the Chevy, Ford, and Dodge faithful staring at this truck whenever I stop at a redlight(some of the die hard ones quickly turning there heads when I catch them checking out the truck).

    It’s the baddest truck on the road period.

    The camshaft and bed problems don’t even worry me one bit. It I were driving one of the Big 3 I would be worried (that they would stick me with the repair bill).

    I KNOW that if Toyota has under-engineered something…Toyota will fix it and won’t charge me a dime. That is why their customers are loyal. If Toyota makes a mistake…NO MATTER WHAT THE COST…Toyota will admit it…and Toyota will fix it.

    I speak from experience.

    The 2000 model Toyota Sienna’s had a brand new all aluminum engine in them with some undersized rod journals…and probably some other defects. The engine ran great for my wife and I. At about 87,000 miles I went to change the oil myself and when I pulled the drain plug…NOTHING came out. I nearly crapped myself. I pulled the filter and got a little drop or two. I added a quart of oil with the plug and filter out………nothing drained out of the plug. I knew the topend must be stopped up. I put some engine cleaner in it…ran it for 5 minutes after reinstalling the plug and filter….shut it off….pulled the plug….and about 7 quarts of nasty oil and flush came out. I took it to the dealer the next day.

    I was pissed.

    The next day I watched the mechanic at Cherokee County Toyota in Canton, GA pull the valve cover off on one side. JELLO! Looked like a ’74 Ford F-150 that never had an oil change.

    I had changed it consistently.

    At this point I’m thinking….I have 87,000 miles and no warranty remaining…and I will never buy another Toyota.

    The service manager walked over and took a look and admitted that I had what they had termed a “Jeller”. He said that even though Toyota didn’t have a recall they were aware that there were some problems with the original engine design and that some people were having this problem.

    They installed a brand new short block in my wifes Sienna…and at NO charge to me…OUT of warranty…87K miles…and at NO CHARGE.

    You can bet your sweet ass NOONE who drives a Ford, Chevy, Dodge or Nissan can make this claim. If those companies took responsibility for the junk they produce they would be out of business. It’s that simple. Toyota has the highest quality of any vehicle manufacturer PERIOD. That is the reason Toyota has the best resale value in the industry.

    Toyota made a believer out of me when they took responsibility for their mistake. (the bill would have been around 6K for the work they did)

    Like I said…I have the baddest looking truck on the road…with more power than I’ll ever need…and I am absolutely not worried one bit about the crank or the bed. If there really is a problem, Toyota will be the first to admit it…and the only Manufacturer in the world who will do the right thing.

    That’s my 2 cents.

    PS…that Sienna is sitting in my driveway right now…196,000 miles and running strong. It pulled a 16 foot 7,500lb rated double axle trailer with 3 dirt bikes and a four wheeler about 60 miles from my house to the mountains only a few weeks ago. The old girl has earned her keep and will now get a much deserved rest.

    The new 5.7 will give the trailor a piggy back ride in the morning. Probably only about 3000 lbs but I will let you know how it goes. Either way I’m not worried one bit and will have a good time with my family.

    That’s what I call peace of mind.

  23. Ken says:

    Enough to worry about but the plastic sliding cover on the shifter may cause trouble. Mine is catching and will have to be replaced.

  24. jmr says:

    i am ready to turn 10k miles on my 07 tundra 5.7, I drive this truck like it a dragster that can drag around 10,000lbs trailers, all these fools writing about what a p.o.s. this truck is apparently are still be getting rammed or stroked while mopping up there oil stains with their bowties! this truck is all toyota baby!!!! bed bounce… no! roll over sensor may beep a little too soon for me but with more lawyers in the phone book than people toyota plays it safe, as for any cam issues i will patiently continue to beat the crap out of my truck till (or if )it fails. toyota will handle the problem if one occurs. toyota does not need to offer 100k mile warrenties because they would rather build a better product than chance longevity. a foreman who works for me bought a 02 tundra 2 weeks before my last powerstroke, his has been in the shop twice with 136k miles, poor fuel milage at 80k(first air filter took care of that one) and his 3 year kid stuffed three quarters in his cd player, my powerstroke on the other hand had 5 turbos, 1 altenator, 2 batteries, 6 oil leaks complete hub to hub front axle rebuild and oh yeh 5 cam sensors replaced by 100k, then the 6th turbo went out 3k after warrenty, ford said sorry it’s out of warrenty with only 30k on that turbo, i replaced the turbo and sold truck to someone who drove it for 6k miles before some other sensor grounded out and burnt truck to a crisp! i think i will risk all of that and take a `chance’ on a tundra!

  25. Tony says:

    Its me again my Tundra 5.7liter is the best truck. I can’t believe what they did to this baby how they made it so top dog. I had a tug of war with my friends Chevy 6.0 liter and i dragged his car. I’m amazed of what they put into the car. I love it. But if i do have a engine problem with cam or anything they best put a new engine in my car haha i hope good luck to you tundra buyers. This baby is the baby i’m not trading this baby for anything unless a newer tundra comes out or Diesel so i can replace my chevy diesel with a toyota diesel

  26. JC says:

    Tony Wrote:

    “This baby is the baby i

  27. 07tundra says:

    The new 2007 tundra is junk I just went past my warranty 300 miles over andthey did not help me at all They arejunk!! I can wait to get the new chevy!!!

  28. jmr says:

    dear 07 tundra, what’s the matter did your tires wear out at 36,300 miles? ( fyi that’s 200 miles a day 7 days a week for 6 months) and when you get your new chevy make sure and tell everyone how enveoius your are of the 07 tundra because you cleary want one but your mommy wouldn’t cosign for you!

  29. admin says:

    That’s just mean…

  30. Marc says:

    Unfortunately the bed bounce problem is real. As a Tundra DC owner I’m eagerly awaiting a fix from Toyota. It’s a shame this wasn’t addressed sooner.

  31. jack Guerrier says:

    I recently spoke to a Toyota representative via Toyota’s customer assistance phone line. I was advised that Toyota did not recognize the bouncy ride as a design problem and there was no effort indicated to correct the problem.
    It would appear that the only solution for those of us that are stuck with the doublecab bounce problem is a class action law suit. For all of you folks that speak so highly of Toyota integrity I give you a loud rasberry. They indend to compete with the big boys and provide those of us who buy the Toyota product based on quality, an inferior product. There is more to a vehicle than a big motor and the ability haul great weight for a couple of hundred yards. This 07 Tundra is not comparable to the previous Tundra in respect to ride and passenger comfort. The bounce is not comfortable. Does not impart a secure feeling to the driver and at times causes driving to be unsafe.

  32. Michael says:

    In regards to this “Bounce” that some of you are commenting on. Is this model the off road? I have the B package and have experienced nothing like you guys are talking about. With the “Off Road” package and tougher suspension I could see the possiblities.

  33. Michael says:

    I must add if it is the “Off Road” thats having these problems put a camper on it.
    Thats what it was designed for!

  34. jmr says:


  35. gabs says:

    The bouncing is real in the TRD versions. Those Bilsteins might cuse this.

  36. jmr says:

    ok it’s official….check out out consumer reports sept issue and stop complaining, check out also how a 1/2 ton tundra can out pull a 3/4 ton duramax and then question the ride charecteristics of both, yes the chevy rides nicer but you pay the price with towing capacities! and like i said before go drive the dodge and find out what a higher towing capacity can do for your bounce.

  37. petroleum says:

    hello everyone. I would like to add my 2 cents to the mix about the new 2007 toyota tundra. First let me say that thyis is my 2nd tundra,previously owning a 2005 double cab. I just bought a 07 crewmax 5.7L with the offroad package and i freakin love this truck period.I have not experienced any cam problems,or bed bouncing issues at all,just a kickass ride from towing to normal everyday driving.I am a certified master tech having been with toyota since 1992 and i challenge anyone to show me a car company that handles thier customers or problems any better than toyota does.They bend over backwards for people who are ignorant and cant follow normal maintanance habits like changing your oil and give them free engines,yes the whole engine brand new,when they go 30k miles without an oil change.Or vehicles with 100k plus as well. So believe me if they are aware of a legitamate problem they will take care of the customer and then some.I have not heard of any complaints from customers in our dealership or our central atlantic region for that matter about any bed bounce issues.To sum it up, Tundra 07′ is the coolest and most powerful pickup in its class out there right now and will out perform any of the big american 3.It wont be long befor toyota takes over the truck market just like they did with their cars,because at the end of the day tha product sells itself.

  38. JC says:

    How could you possibly think that a Tundra can tow more than a Chevy with a Duramax Diesel? That is the most outrageous thing I’ve heard in this whole thread. Its not logical, it goes against engine 101. I have no doubt that the tundra is a fine truck, but lets stop making things up to compensate for a few known issues. If you really believe everything you read in consumer reports, I have a sandbox for sale in Florida, perhaps you be interested.

  39. JC says:

    Joker, or should I say stroker?

  40. jmr says:

    read the artical and let it speak for it shelf. i got ride of my powerstroke f550 and i am telling you this new tundra is BAD ASS!!!!! i took my 550 over Eisenhower tunnel in colorado with a chapperrel signature 24 cabin cruiser, did not overheat but temp spiked bad at top of east bound side,truck only managed 50 mph at best. same boat over Berthoud pass in new tundra was able to pass everyone except unloaded f 150. and by the way is it a beachfront sandbox? or is it the piece of land that you bought as part of a chevy deal? GO DRIVE A TUNDRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. jmr says:

    P.S. what is a chevy owner doing reading a forum on Toyota’s? doesn’t that go against bowtie 101?

  42. keith says:

    My 07 xsp 5.7 liter tundra is at the dealer now because of a vibration in the tranny in the lower gears. They won’t tell me anything accept that they are waiting to hear from toyota. I have been driving a damn yaris for a week and I AM PISSED.

  43. keith says:

    I heard thru a friend that atlanta toyota has replaced a tranny due to the same vibration problem that Iam having

  44. keith says:

    This vibration seems to be pretty common and toyota is being very tight lipped about it . Has anybody here had this problem?

  45. Ken says:

    Transmission vibration, we’re all doomed. Actually a couple of days ago I thought I felt a little rumble but I can’t be sure about it at this point. I just got back from PCB where I pulled a 28ft Dutchman camper. My 5.7 Crewmax really showed it’s stuff. Pulled like a champ but gas mile was terrible (8.5mpg). I like my truck, I had a 99 Tahoe for 5 year and I really like the comfort of the Tahoe but it was a high maintenence truck. I drove the new CrewCab Silverado before I brought the Tundra and like the feel of the Silverado but I needed more towing power. It does pull great but I can’t believe it would out pull a Duramax.

  46. jmr says:

    i had a little vibration when i floored it for about 1500 miles and seams to have stopped. the only thing’s i really don’t like about the truck is the rear visability(glad for the camera) and my fuel tank sending units is off by about 4-5 gallons

  47. admin says:

    The fuel tank sending unit is usually off a little to favor those of us who procrastinate. Usually “E” really means you have 3,4, or even 5 gallons left. I can certainly understand your frustration though.

  48. jmr says:

    hey admin, i have seen your name alot around these pages, what is your job title if you don’t mind? and what is your say on the tundra’s towing abilities vs duramax, everywere i look i see duramax rated at 9800 lbs, is this correct? and i don’t think 5 gallons off on a 26 gallon tank is acceptable, 1/2 tank is at 10 gallons and at my current average it says 315 miles max per tank.shame on toyota for giving in to the american way of thinking!

  49. JC says:

    While I am a Chevy owner, real truck enthusiasts follow every manufacturer, not just the one that they own. I’m also a commercial truck sales consultant and knowing something about the competition really helps. That being said, I’m a little curious why you bothered with an F550 to pull a small boat. Do you use the truck for something else? Was it a Powerjoke, or a gas motor?

  50. JC says:

    Also, Duramax tow ratings on pick-ups is 12,500 up to 16,500 depending upon configuration. What really matter though is GCWR which is as high as 23,500. The 9800 rating you see may be on an Express Cargo van.

  51. admin says:

    In response to jmr:

    First, my job title is “self-employed”. I work on the internet for a living…SEO, SEM, website design, etc. This website is a hobby of mine. I worked in the car business for about 9 years. During that time I sold cars, fixed cars, bought cars, you name it. I worked at a Ford and a Toyota dealership, and I’ve driven and owned trucks from both companies. I hope that answers your questions about me. 🙂

    As for the Duramax, you can find the answer to your question at

    According to Chevy a 4.10 rear Reg. Cab Duramax Chevy 3500HD 2wd will pull 12,600lbs. I assume that’s with a 5th wheel. Obviously that’s not much more than a Tundra, but anyone who’s driven both will tell you the 3500HD is better for pulling a heavy load. Of course, it’s SUPPOSED TO BE. So that’s not much of a point.

  52. jmr says:

    ok , the f 550 was purchased to replace a f 350 that pulled a forklift weighing 24K lbs total trailer weieght, both were 7.3 powerstrokes f 350 pulled much better but truck was to light. f350 was a good truck till about 75K, traded 550 for a freigtliner and cash,sold my 74 & 99 land cruiser’s for a tundra. so far the tundra has met all of my expectation for a truck i’ve waited 20 years for,yeah towing milage is not very good but still get better than my wifes 03 expedtion does and with last tank of 16.2 mpg i coul not be much happier. and why is it every were i look there are differant ratings on for and chev 1/2 tons? admin your talking about a 1 ton at 12.6k i assume that is a typo

  53. JC says:

    You can’t get a 4.10 rear in a Chevy Pick-up with a Duramax…Its NOT AN OPTION. See my previous post for maximum towing ratings, Its 16,500, admin’s post was a typo; I assume as well. The reason for all the varience in 1/2 ton silverados is becasue there are so many ways you can configure them. You 4 engine options, 3 rears, 3 cabs, 3 bed lengths, 2 transmissions, 2 or 4 wheel drive, and with or without towing provisions. A significant amount of options for 1 truck. All of these options effect towing ratings becuase of the GCVWR. jmr, I’m glad your tundra has met your expectations, I’m sure its a good truck. I’m not a big fan, but I admit I’m biased. I frankly admit that I think most of the trucks out there today are pretty good.

    (This thread got way off track, not that I mind, but I am reading it to keep up on the Toyota issues I’ve been hearing about. The owners of these trucks have the best stories to tell. Even though they are typically biased as well.)

  54. admin says:

    Guys thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt and assuming my comment about 12,400 was a typo, but I have to admit I was a moron and was looking at the wrong motor (6.0L gas, not diesel).

    The number should be 16,500, and thats a DRW 4×4 Reg Cab Duramax. Much better. My apologies.

  55. Michael says:

    Thanks Admin for letting us know of the minor discrepancies. About being a moron, frankly I don’t think so! You just made an understandable mistake. Keep up the good work, as I enjoy the on going comments at this site.

  56. Justin says:

    Just read every post and I’m not suprised. Most people purchased their Tundra for the HP/TQ rating and for the build quality/reliability.

    Now as issues slowly arise, they say these are a none issue, but seem to bash other makes/models if they have an issue.

    I’d have to agree with JC, that the media jumps on the domestics a lot harder than they do the imports when there is a problem or recall released.

    And whoever said the Tundra can out tow a 3/4 ton Duramax needs to read up on their trucks a little more. I’m sure the Tundra can tow a great deal, but controlling the load on inclines/declines, stopping and in heavy cross winds is a totally different story when you compare 1/2, 3/4 & 1 tons.

  57. RICHARD says:


  58. steve v says:

    I bought a 2007 Tundra, drove it back from Denver to Steamboat (about 150 miles ) and the Air Conditioner Compressor failed. I was bummed. This is the first japanese truck I have ever drivin, so much for Toyota reliability. I brought it back to the dealer and when the went to order the part, Toyota was so surprised that the thing broke they flew 4 engineers from California to check it out. The took the part back to study it. For me the Jury is still out on this truck. Anyone have the same problem??

  59. jmr says:

    i think that is a credit to toyota engineeing, yes it failed but look at the repsonce to your problem, they trully want to know why it broke not just replace and hope there aren’t more. and has anyone tried one of the intake air temp `module’? and if so did it work and where does it hook up to? ie what color are the wires?

  60. t-bagger says:

    I think a lot of ppl bought the tundra simply for the “racecar” aspect of it. However, there is a lot more to a truck than it’s 0-60 times. If I want to race, I’ll pull the ls1 T/A outta the garage. If i want to drive a truck to pull the horse trailer and not fall apart doing it, I’ll drive the d-max

  61. jmr says:

    yeah, but it sure is nice having one vehicle that cam do both!

  62. Jason says:

    After reading these posts and noticing the compairisons people have made with the new tundras and trucks like a duramax, 3/4 tonnes and the likes. i thought i would point out a thought that occured to me. The new tundra is toyota’s first foray into the full size truck market, and its first foray into full size truck problems. Toyota’s past trucks have all been fairly small by the “big 3” standard. heavy construction companies, farmers, oilfield workers and about anyone who really “works” their truck dont buy them because they wouldnt expect a truck of that size to stand up to the rigors of the job, they just wernt designed for it. they are “light” trucks not designed for work. A full size truck 1/2 ton 3/4 ton 1 ton are designed for work, and ARE worked. but they are all dual purpose, work and daily driving machine, we all want a harty truck with all the comfort, unfortunatly the two arnt exactly synonomous so the manufacture has to try and balance comfort and durability. Chev/GM leans more on comfort, Ford on durability and dodge on Affordability (meaning niether very comfortable or durable but affordable to all) Now that the new tundra is here, and full size, i have to wonder which way toyota went, though i think i can guess. Also, the tundra is “only” a half ton. in my eyes a half ton is more of a truck you would buy if you didnt want to drive a car, but thought the “light” trucks too wimpy. Toyota is trying very hard to make the image of the tundra to be that it can work every bit as hard as any chev/dodge/ford and i cant help but wonder if they are risking there reputation of being reliable. the tundra is toyota’s largest truck, but compaired to ford/chev/dodges its really rather small, and not really designed to be abused the same way that you would a 3/4 ton or 1 ton truck. Now dont get me wrong, i dont think that the tundra will break more often than any other 1/2 ton, but i DO think they WILL break esspesially if you try to use it like you would a 3/4ton or 1 ton. Toyota fans i’ve noticed from all the boasts of how long toyota’s go with little or no repairs might find themselves a little put out with the unusual amount of shop visits to change front end parts, transmissions, seals, shocks and all the other parts that typically wear out faster in the full size truck market. of course seasoned full size truck owners already know that this is an unfortunate fact of life when using these heavy, somewhat comfortable, heavily abused machines. toyota has not only found a new market of people, they’ve found a new market of abuse. Notice i’ve not mentioned anything at all about factory defects, regular consumer abuse is what i’m talking about. as far as factory problems, we all know how plagued the big 3 are. Also note that each of the big 3s full size trucks have many automatic transmission horror stories that stem from factory related problems. Notice that all these trucks are much heavier, and are used to haul heavy trailers, just like the new tundra is. also notice the amount of posts describing transmission problems with the tundra. coinsedance? im not so sure… Welcome to the “big” leauge Toyota. P.s. I already know i dont spell very well, so you dont need to mention it.

  63. Michael says:

    Just want to thank “T” Headquaters for the “T” shirt. Much appreciated.
    Michael in BC Can.

  64. Justin says:

    Good post Jason! Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

  65. joe says:

    Anyone know if the Camshaft problems have continued?
    From everything I’ve read, it sounds like only the trucks manufactured before May 07 were affected? Has this been verified or proven?

  66. admin says:

    Michael — you’re welcome!

    Joe — there are no more reports of camshaft failures. This appears to have been just what Toyota said it was – a limited problem that they have since corrected.

  67. jmr says:

    i think the problem was corrected long before may, i have a jan production with only one `cosmetic’ flaw, drivers visor has slightly sepperated at seam,(just past 15,000 hard miles) i would like to see stiffer sheatmetal on skin it is a little soft and dings easier than it should. great post for jason , i also think it is odd that a 1/2 ton is even mentioned in same breath as 3/4 or 1 ton, what do you think is going to happen when toyota makes a 3/4 ton? does anyone know anything about canadian company turning new tundra into class 4 1 1/4 ton trucks, i have seen there conversion on ebay but they don’t say if they increased frame or just swapped axles, would love to here from someone who actually has one, and how they claim they get 20 mpg, while im getting 14-16?

  68. GT says:

    Purchased a 2007 Tundra double cab limited with 5.7 engine. Manufactured in January 2007. Have 2300 miles on it. I was on vacation and after about five hours of driving there was a sudden vibration / surging of the vehicle. Sudden vibration may have come from transmission. I also had a constant lesser vibration just from the ride. Toyota dealer checked it and found that the torque converter needed to be replaced. Nothing said about the ride vibration.

  69. Jason says:

    About the ride vibration… im not sure if they’re related but i just had the dealer switch out the factory 20″ rims for the factory 18″ rims. Ever since that day ive had a constant ride vibration, as if i had a pair of mud terrain tires on. I wouldnt think that the factory rubber would cause that much vibration so there could be another reason for the vibration that has to do with the removing of the rims or rubber. You didnt just have the rims off the truck did you GT?

  70. GT says:

    No, I have 18 inch Bridgestone tires which came with the truck.

  71. GT says:

    Torque converter replacement did not solve the problem. Waiting for word from Toyota on next procedure.

  72. Michael says:

    Interesting GT. Reminds me of the time a few years back when I owned a VW Eurovan.
    When it was warm it sometimes wouldn’t start. VW changed out the fuel pump.(900.00 dollars CDN 1997) Turned out to be a small sensor on the Distributor. Cost, 50 bucks! All was warrenty thank the stars.
    I hope your situation works out for you well and that we can all learn from it.

  73. Anonymous says:

    GT: I’m sorry to hear the TC replacement didn’t fix the issue, must be very disappointing. Wonder how many TC’s Toyota has replaced so far and if the any others still are having this issue after the replacement.

    I’m curious to know what type of fix Toyota put in place with the TC. If they simply replaced it with another already built TC, or if they actually did any redesign/modification to the TC’s they are using as replacements. I would assume that if they simply swapped it out without any changes to the new TC, then of course you’d still experience the same problem, since nothing was done to the TC to correct the issue. Does that make sense?

    Good luck and hope you can get this resolved.

  74. Justin says:

    GT: Sorry, that last post was submitted by me, simply forgot to pot my user info. Keep us up to speed on what steps Toyota takes next.

  75. Matt says:

    I bought a new 07 Tundra 5.7 Crewmax on 11/3/07. I left the dealership at 5pm. Boy was I happy. At 10am on 11/6/07 the truck was at our local dealership with the check engine light and VSC light on. Boy was I pissed. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it so they kept it over night. On 11/7/07 they called and said it was a cam shaft problem. That evening we sold the truck back to the dealer. The truck had 132 miles on it when we dropped it off for repair. We also experienced serious bed bounce driving down the highway. WOW. Chevy here we come.

  76. Michael says:

    Interesting Matt, One would think that all the possible cam shaft problem motors would have been looked after by now, since it came to light back last Feb or March. Re the bed bounce…….mine is the short box version and having not had the “Bed Box” bounce one has to wonder if the longer box is the case. One thing though ………if I had gone back to the Domestics I would have gone Ford but Chevs are ok ;-

  77. Matt says:

    I seriously believe it will take 3 to 4 years before Toyota gets all the bugs out of the half ton 5.7 Tundra. Good luck to all of the new owners. I really did like the interior.

  78. mike says:

    i bought a 2007 tundra in feb 2007. at 11,600 miles on it in dec 2007 the cam shaft broke. i am also having transmission slipping problems. the truck is in the shop at toyota having engine replaced. i have talked to toyota about me getting out of this truck because of the problems they are having with them, they told me they would send out some paper work to start arbitration process.

  79. Michael says:

    Interesting Mike. I was hoping that Toyota would have given notice to people by now about the possibility of a problem in the Trucks they were concerned about. Obviously they don’t have a clue which manufactured vehicules or motors that have this problem in. This disappoints me. If they do know and aren’t taking action it disappoints me even more. At least they are giving you good service.

  80. Kirk67 says:

    Own a 07 5.7 Tundra, just went over 17K, build date was 4/07. Surfing the net to see if anyone else is hearing a knocking at low idle speed. Most profound after the fan has disengauged and truck is in gear. In the shop for the second time for this noise, first time dealer told me it was lifters…I refuse to belive that. Can anyone who has had a camshaft failure give any discription of indicators prior to the failure?


  81. Bought 07 in Oct…from the start engine makes different noises everyday…twice i have stopped to make sure it had oil in it….sounds like a 6.0 diesel ford…dealership said that I had put non oem oil filter in it and it only had 4000 new and was ready to be changed for the first time…set them straight….Trans. is another story…never know when it is going to change….jerks..knocks…I told dealership that the ecm, engine and trans does not play well together….this is 11th toyota product and so far will be my last…should have listened to several people about the poor quality that toyota is marketing now….wish Butler macon Ga would trade me out of this Lemon….Dave T.

  82. Anonymous says:

    sell me you 20″ rims jason email me at

  83. Tundra #1 says:

    Sorry to hear about your problems gentleman

    I have 25,000 miles on my crewmax limited

    never had any major problems

    love the truck

    would not give it up if Toyota wanted to buy it back


    D 🙂

  84. brad says:

    i bought my wife a brand new 4 runner limited in 2000. it has 63000 miles on it now and i have only had to replace the battery. i think the windshield wipers are original ones. we live one mile from her work, battery dont have time to fully charge. low maintenance. i drive a 05 duramax 2500hd lt crewcab. this truck is amazing and i love it. it will do what gm says it will do and more. i see toyotas commercials and laugh. i had a 500hp chevy 1/2 ton that i built and it did not like my cargo trailer at all. the duramax laughs at the load and says is that all. toyota needs to stay on the porch when it comes to HARD WORKING TRUCKS. i expect the 4 runner to last 250,000 as i do the duramax. difference is the truck will be driven alot harder than the toyota will ever be. toyota =long lasting&low maintenance.i love the 4 runner but i think i will stick with my duramax for working. im sure the tundra is nice also.

  85. Justin says:

    OnlyGM: Notorious piston slap of GM V8 motors. Trucks exploding when broadsided due to fuel tanks being mounted outside the frame. Some causing unwanted ABS Activation. Headliners drooping in less than a year.

    Yup, GM is perfect while all other makes are filled with problems.

    Oh, and there have only been 20 or 21 reported cases of camshaft failures, on a brand new engine. If Toyota builds 200K Tundra’s, that’s about .01% of all trucks. That’s isn’t a band ratio if you ask most manufacturers.

  86. RichyM says:

    I bought my 07 Tundra a little over a month ago and I could not be more happy. It was a demo with 6K miles, now has over 8K and NO problems. Sure, it rides a little rough but it IS a 3/4 ton with trailering suspension so I expected it to ride that way. Oklahoma roads and highways are awful anyway. I recently took a trip through Texas and noticed a DRAMATIC improvement in the ride as soon as I crossed the state line; thanks for the good roads Texas. I really like the way it drives and handles and I LOVE the power (translated acceleration). I have yet to tow anything but expect it will improve the ride; will try the sandbag thing in the meantime (thanks jmr). I bought Toyota because of its reputation for quality; I do not think I will be disapointed.

  87. Justin says:

    RichyM: FYI, it is a 1/2 ton, not a 3/4 ton truck. If you think the ride is rough, ride in a real 3/4 or 1 ton that has a SFA, that is rough.

    Glad you like your truck and please post back on your opinion after a few thousand miles and of any issues you may come across.

  88. Joe says:

    Jelling?? That must be one of the more than 300,000 vehicles that Toyota agreed to replace the motors in. They were involved in a lawsuit that coverd Toyotas and Lexus all of which were dropping motors due to oil sludge. Toyota agreed to pay for the replacement of all the vehicles that ranged from 1997-2001ish with “no fault”. So Toyota saw they were gonna loose and jumped at the chance to settle with no blame on there record. Toyota even suggested ALL owners of those vehicles effected did not change their oil properly. Face it folks, Toyota is playing just like all the other manufacturers now. If they can deflect blame they will.

    Bed jolt? Yep it is a problem for some. I’ve seen a 2wd truck that had the cab get hit by the bed. Doesn’t seem like only the “offroad” vehicles. Not having a solid frame is pobably the reason. Too many pieces connected together leave too much room for flex. That was just stupid. Toyota is way smarter than that, I thought anyway.

    Face it folks all manufacturers skimp here and there. Toyota is no different. Don’t be a fanboy. I washed my hands of Ford a few years ago. Hold these people accountable for crappy substandard vehicles. Toyota put a 4 star tested, pieced together frame, body flexing, “big motor” truck in the ring with problems. If you guys hold them accountable the end result will be a better truck next time hopefully. Don’t just say it’s better than GM,Ford & Dodge because it’s a Toyota.

    NASCAR? last I checked NASCARran a cam in block pushrod motor. Not an OHC setup. Sorry, it is not a detuned NASCAR motor. Infact the NASCAR engine is actually a Chevy casting! Atleast know a little about the sport since you guys just jumped on the band wagon.

    I’m sure some of you will not be happy about my comments. The only reason I’m posting here is because a coworker of mine is in denial about the possibility his Toyota might have problems. I hate to try to tell somebody there might be a problem. At the same time I don’t mind rubbing there nose in poop if they want to curse me and act juvenile when I tell them common knowledge. I mean if I can find this stuff ANYONE can.

  89. Kirk67 says:

    Very nice Joe…and I couldn’t agree with you more on many of your comments. I am having problems with my first Toyota right now. Great thing is that it at the dealer putting a new engine in it as I type. That would NEVER have happened with Ford/Chevy or Dodge. I have owned them all and in recent years I have found it very difficult to get the big three to address even the smallest warranty issues. My last truck (if that is what you want to call it) was a 07 dodge hemi, had MDS problems and ABS problems…dodge took care of the problem by calling it NORMAL. I feel sorry for anyone who is going to buy a dodge based on their warranty, they will be unhappy campers in their near future.

  90. Mickey says:

    Just did my 20,000 mile oil change. Bought it in July 07. I do alot of traveling in my truck. So far one time visit at 15,000 miles for convience issue being pass mirror wouldn’t auto close. It worked evry 5th to 8th time trying it. 45 Minutes later new mirror no questions asked. Brad come back down to earth. You’re comparing a duramax 2500 against a 1/2 ton Tundra. My posts on this website shows what I had. I had both ford and chevy. My issue was getting them fixed. How many times must you visit a dealership and keep faith? How would you like to take a day off work just to be accused of pulling your headliner down by a factory rep!!! Since were on the headliner how many times does it take to fix a headliner??? 8x wasn’t enough. What good is towing when your ABS vibrates the living hell out of you? That was 2x and I wasn’t going to have the 3rd time done. By the way did I mention going down I-95 both tail lights fall off at different times!! Who’s going to see you stop if they’re dangling in the wind? It doesn’t matter towing, ride, looks. What matters is getting things fixed and how they treat you.

  91. RichyM says:

    Justin: My window sticker says: Payload = 1680 lbs.
    That’s 3/4 of a ton (long ton – 2240lbs, short ton 2000lbs, or metric ton 2204lbs).
    My Oklahoma Title also says: 3/4 Ton Pickup
    Still loving it and I also found if I take it easy it gets pretty good gas mileage, around 17mpg. Normal (jack rabbit for me) gets me around 14 to 15.
    Oh yeah, I forgot to thank the Texans that built my truck. If I wasn’t such a true blue Okie, I’d consider moving to Texas.

  92. justin says:

    RichyM: Glad to hear you believe your Tundra to be a 3/4 ton based on your payload. So by your logic, basically all 1/2 tons should now be classified as 3/4 tons. The GM twins (Silverado & Sierra 1500) range in payload from 1574-1965lbs, Ram 1500 from 1470-2440lbs payload, F150 payload from 1030-3080lbs and Tundra from 1350-1990lbs. These figures provided by each makes/models respective website.

    Truck classifications are determined by GVWR, which some Tundras do fall into the 3/4 ton category, but so do some GM 1500 & F150 models. A true 2500/250 model can handle the abuse much better than a 1500/150 model, simply by design characteristics. Just like a 1500/150 model will ride smoother than a 2500/250.

    If you check your owners manuel, I’m sure there will be mention of which category your truck is considered. I don’t disagree that your Tundra can handle some of what a 3/4 ton can do, just not nearly as well as most 2500/250 models. I’m referring to handling/controlling the weight of the load, not the amount of time to get to cruising speed.

  93. carlos says:

    I just checked out the bottom of the truck and there is oil all over the bottom of the truck looks like is coming from one of the pans on the a 07 crewmax 5.7 v8 with 20,000 i have to take it to the dealer so they can check it out….it looks like is coming from my transmission…i hope nothing has been damage..i love the truck and the size…the gas sucks on it but I knew that when I purchase the if you don’t want to complain about the gas then don’t buy big trucks…but I hope nothing major is bad with the truck …other then that..i have nothing bad to say about the truck..i guess i been lucky…

  94. luis says:

    has anyone had to get there transmission replaced because of other problems related to the torque converter? Had my torque replaced a couple months ago but the transmission is still not shifting smoothly, when shifting between 35-40 there is a big push that you feel when shifting at low going to have it checked out by the dealership to see what they say..but other then that love the truck …just got it some 22 inch rims for it…

  95. Phil says:

    Purchased my Tundra 07 Double Cab in May of 2007. Noticed shifting problems immediately. Reminded me of the old days when my B&M Hydro slammed from one gear to the next. Senior service manager declared it was caused by springs due to weight shift as you accel thru gears. You’d have to be an absolute idiot to buy that story. Anyway, I suspected it to be the tranny or torq converter. Took a month and a few choice words to the regional manager until they agreed to change out the torque converter. Problem solved!! 6800 miles on truck and a blast to drive. Has anyone been foolish enough to pay 5400 bucks for there supercharger? Save your money and if you want to up the horsepower, find a good performance shop and get a turbo installed. It will blow away any supercharger. Have a stock one on my daily driver Mazdaspeed3 4dr hatchback. Cold air intake and catback. 280hp. A little sleeper and a blast to drive. I’ve had Toyota pickups mostly 4X4 since the early 80’s. Never ever had a problem with them. Far as I’m concerned there bullet proof and Toyota is good at standing behing their product. Had two Ford F-150’s; one a 1995 Lightning. Nothing but problems with that one. My only beef with the double cab is it did not come with a sun roof that year, unless the dealer was giving me a line of bull to sell the ones on the lot.

  96. Justin says:

    Paul: Stay out of the gas pedal. I find many people that complete these mods and open up new unknown power, are harder on the throttle than when stock. Most people don’t realize this, but it’s the most common problem. Recently installed a programmer on my truck. First couple tanks it consumed more fuel, but after I watched my driving habits, I found I was unconiously running higher RPMs and using a little more of the go pedal. It has since gone back up since adjusting my driving habits. Then again the truck could be adjusting the air/fuel ratio due to the intake, dumping more fuel due to the increase in air intake, but I’d say it’s more likely the first scenerio.

  97. Paul’s comment (accidentally deleted): Installed a TOYOTA cold air kit, T R D, performance muffler on my 2008 tundra and lost 2mpg in town and 1.5 mpg highway. Does anyone have suggestions.

  98. Paul – First, sorry for deleting your comment. It was posted in two places so I deleted one of them…but it was the wrong one. Justin’s response is excellent, but I would also ask if you’ve installed these items before the onset of winter? Winter driving is much less fuel efficient – that could be the reason all by itself.

  99. Mickey says:

    Reflash and try again. Like Justin said change of habits. I have an AFE & Borla duels. Mines did go up 1-1.5mpg. You do 55 on the interstate it will increase. You do gradual take offs and stops.

  100. Paul Brown says:

    Paying closer attention and also trying differnt grades and brands of gas. NOTE, when aftermarket intake was installed on my z-71 milage fell off and was only recovered when factory system was re-installed. More too follow.

  101. Paul Brown says:

    Well the milage continues to drop. Last city milage 11.8 mpg, last highway milage15.08.. Removed the hc filter from cold air package and tried disconnecting pos batt terminal for 30 minutes + in an attempt to re-map computer, no luck. Dealership cannot find any faults , mas-ok, o2 sensor-ok, tec, etc. I guess i have the only tundra with runaway milage..

  102. Jack Guerrier says:

    That is the mileage I have been getting for 2 years and I have 32,000+ on my 2007 double cab. Others must have some type of different engine management package.

  103. Ken McKinney says:

    My 2007 crewmax has around 40k on it. I’ve seen averages from 15 to 18mpg. The season (temperature) seem to have the biggest affect on the mpg. I noticed this past winter that the warm up period in the morning really makes a hugh difference. Also, fuel brands. I’ll get better using BP than say wal-mart gas. Up to 1.5mpg. But to change the subject, has anyone had trouble with the center console shifter. I’ve already taken it back to the dealer to replace some plastic piece but it still sticks sometimes.

  104. Michael Lowe says:

    I’m sorry to hear you don’t like Toyota Steve…..and I must agree ..they do break down……but GM Ford and Chrysler products break down more often.
    Cheers and have a good day

  105. Mickey says:

    Michael one thing Steve don’t own a thing but a computer he uses to roam and be a troll. Steve as they say take care of your backyard before you state how bad someone else is. Steve how many headliners it takes for Chevy to get it right? Yes headliners. I had your crap 06 Silverado LT3. Yes it cost $36,000 and the defects they had but won’t admit. The 06 was the third year out and why all of a sudden they have headliner defects? They went cheap with a new inexpensive headliner that was cut 1/3 of an inch too short. Great deal. Ohh did I mention the second defect yes you know why Chevy’s have DUCT TAPE not just to hold up the headliner but yes the taillights fell off also. Cheap lens plastic insttead of the metal backing to hold up the lens which was overtightened and cracked at the factory along with a little vibration and yes they fall off. So before you crack a joke again look at yourself in the mirror. Yes now who’s the fool? The one who leads or the one who follows?…….

  106. Justin says:

    Mickey: Not defending Steve Smith here, cause he obviously posted to get at Tundra owners. But while you complain about the headliners & taillamps of GM trucks and you know I’m not a GM fan, you’ve also got to remember no vehicle on the road is perfect, never have been, no matter how much people may think they are, even some peoples beloved Tundra/Silverado/F150/Ram/Titan. Just like you complain about those two problems from a past GM product, what about all the people that needed a TC replaced, tailgate collapsed, draiveshaft issues, the few camshaft replacements, bed bounce, radio issues, vent movement, unreadable gauges, bed alignment to cab, chrome rust, etc, on the Tundra? I’d consider many of those just as significant, if not more so on some, than the headliner/taillamp issue.

  107. Steve’s comment was deleted because of his language. Feel free to leave the same comment again Steve, but please don’t use any profanity.

  108. Mickey says:

    Justin one thing there I didn’t go to a Silverado, F-150, Ram, or Titan site to tell them there product was crap. Justin I reply in kind. I said that before and will do it again. I’m sorry if it bothers you but the saying you don’t like the heat etc. It wasn’t just those issues Justin it was Customer Service which drove me away from those manufacturers. Justin I just listed the two that were known defects from GM customer service reps. I didn’t list the rest of the problems but we can do this all day with any vehicle you like. It boils down toward what I said earlier. This is what website? I did expect that you would consider it to be more significant that these issues were more than a headliner. That’s why I said take care of your backyard before you tell someone about theirs.

  109. Dave B says:

    My 07 Tundra Dbl Cab SR5 has been at the dealer for the last two weeks. Started dying when coming to a stop at traffic lights intermittently. Most of the time it resttarts and you can drive away and occassionaly it dies again. So far they have repllaced the crank sensor (error codes showed the Crank Sensor “circuit”. New ECU, Engine wiring harness and several other minor items. They have also replaced the K & N cold air intake back to factory system…..No success. Has anyone experrienced or heard of this problem. I have driven the truck for 25K miles with no irregularities.

  110. Mickey says:

    Dave can quite say what it is. I haven’t had that issue. I have 74,350 miles on my 07 Crewmax.

  111. Dave – That certainly sounds like a crank position or cam position sensor. The diagnostic process can take time – let us know how it goes.

  112. Ryan says:

    Hi everyone im up here in Saskatchewan, Canada and i am looking at buying a 2007 Tundra limited with nav and all the rest of the goodies any problems with the nav or stereo? Oh ya just sold my 98 chev z71 it was starting to “nickel and dime me” I have read most of your comments but im up in the COLD prairies where it can dip to a bone chilling -50 celsius if any truck can start, warm up and get me to work in this neck of the woods thats a good truck. As far as all the die hard chevy guys out there my buddy just bought a brand new Chev with the 350 and he started it when it was around -50c and yes it was plugged in and he described the noise as someone beating the top of his engine with a hammer for about five minutes thats what an alluminum block will do. The only reason chev went to a 5.3 allum block is because the 350 was not breaking down enough. and all the big 3 are always trying to re-invent the wheel. As far as you duramax lovers my dads 2003 had over 25000 dollars worth of repairs in 5 years no b.s OH ya TOYOTA didnt need to be BAILED out by the government neither
    Thank you Ryan

  113. Ryan says:

    my typo my buddys new truck has the 5.3

  114. Jason says:

    Ryan – I’m not sure, but I would bet that you’ll hear some noise out of any engine on cold start. -50 Celsius is insanely cold (as you well know I’m sure), and any engine you buy is going to have challenges in that environment. I’ve been told there are some things that people with trucks in very cold weather do to cope – like reducing the size of the radiator, etc. – so I would look into that at your local Toyota dealer. I’m sure the truck will work just fine as-is, but there are some things you can do to make your life easier.

  115. JD says:

    I’m wondering how the 09 and 10 Tundras are fairing with all the Toyota hoopla? DH is ready for a new truck and but read about the exploding spark plugs on the new Fords so is now contemplating other choices. Thanks, Jackie

  116. Justin says:

    JD: Exploding spark plugs? What year F150 would you be looking at? If you look at a 97-03 model F150, the plugs don’t explode, but I guess you could consider that the problem. They actually shoot/launch out of the head. On the 04-07 model F150, the spark plugs, due to a crappy two piece plug design, tend to get stuck in the head. Both issues have typically been seen on high mileage trucks, usually 80K+ miles. Of course there have been a few reports here/there on trucks with less than 80K miles. Most F150 owners who’ve become aware of these issues try to replace the stock plug set early, which cures the problem. So if you purchase new or a used 2008 F150, you won’t have either issue. If you purchase a low mileage 97-03 or 04-07 F150 and change the plugs early, you should never experience either issue.
    Now these spark plugs issues are only on the F150 equipped with a 5.4L V8. None of the 4.2L V6 or 4.6L V8 motors have the issue. Hope this helps clarify the spark plug issue a little more.

  117. Mariah says:

    I am having problems with my 07 Tundra 5.7 liter not starting consistently. I kept thinking the battery was bad as in the past I have left the lights on or something, but this time when I tried to charge, it still wouldn’t start. I took the jumper cables off, then tried to start the truck again and it started right up. Now I have to keep turning the key rapidly and eventually the car starts? Would this be a starter problem? i’ve had no problem with the truck, even the bed problem that everyone keeps mentioning. It certainly rides smoother than the 2000 F150 I had previously. My husband has run this car into the ground, barely taking care of it and it still runs like a champ – except for the recent problem I just described. Thanks very much.

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