Toyota Closes NUMMI – Get Ready For A Backlash

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It’s official – Toyota is going to close NUMMI. Toyota has a list of good reasons for closing the plant – it’s unprofitable, it’s in a bad location, building cars in California is only going to get harder with environmental regulations and increasing taxes, etc. A couple of weeks ago we came up with a list of reasons Toyota wouldn’t close NUMMI (we were wrong).

NUMMI closes 25 years after GM's Roger Smith and Eiji Toyoda created their joint venture.

NUMMI closes 25 years after GM's Roger Smith and Eiji Toyoda created their joint venture.

First and foremost on our list was the PR nightmare that comes with closing a plant. While “nightmare” might be a little over the top, there’s no denying this decision will negatively impact Toyota’s image. Here’s why:

  • California is in a bad way. The economy in California is down, and the California legislature is in the middle of a series of budget cuts. Closing a plant that directly employs 5,000 and indirectly effects the jobs of 300,000 isn’t going to go over well. Throw in the fact that California is Toyota’s largest market in the USA and it seems likely sales are going to fall (at least temporarily).
  • Toyota’s “no layoffs” policy is in tatters. Granted, NUMMI employees work for a separate company that’s not technically Toyota, but so what? We all know Toyota is a joint partner.
  • Many consumers will assume Toyota is in trouble. A lot of casual observers will fail to draw a distinction between bankrupt GM, bankrupt Chrysler, and Toyota: They all close plants and put workers in the street, right? Add in Toyota’s 30% sales decline and their recent decision to fire half of their execs and Toyota looks like a company on the ropes.
  • Xenophobes will feel justified. People crying “don’t buy vehicles from foreign companies” and “remember Pearl Harbor” will have yet another reason to speak out against Toyota. It’s not as if these people need a reason to complain – it’s just that consumers are more likely to listen.

Can Toyota fix this? Perhaps. Regardless of what happens, best wishes to all the NUMMI employees, suppliers, and anyone else who depends on NUMMI for employment.

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  1. TXTee says:

    I’m optimistic – don’t really sense there is going to be backlash and it’s a good move for Toyota. What other company wouldn’t go that route?

  2. I think that’s a good way to look at it – still, I’m thinking that this isn’t over. The UAW has too much to gain by publicizing this.

  3. Dom says:

    NUMMI is not Toyota and this was a joint venture with GM and their employees so to be fair closing this GM facility, which has been there since the 60s, should not count againt Toyota’s employee reputation.

  4. TXTee says:

    And the world is in unprecedented times. A lot of records are being broken this year alone with the economy. I do feel a sense of loss for the affected employees of any industry caught in these unfortunate situations though because as much as Reagan talked about “trickle down economics,” it inevitably affects everyone.

  5. mk says:

    Regardless, any plant of any kind is not good for the local economy. The GM Janesville WI plant, one, if not the oldest GM plants, closed around X-mas time in 2008. The population of Janesville is only 50,000 and a rough estimation, but 1 in 10 people in Janesville and the surrounding smaller communities are hurting and will continue to hurt for years to come. Suppliers closed their doors as well and it really hurts and the people who think they are not affected are just plain ignorant. Good luck to all laid off or soon to be laid off employees. I’ve been through it and believe me, I don’t want to go thru it again in my lifetime but with today’s world of closings and making everything overseas in China, etc., it will probably happen again.

  6. a says:

    It states that it’s official. I don’t believe that it is, yet. Toyota has stated that they are in talks to liquidate NUMMI, bet no final decision has been made on future production.
    Am I missing something. Toyota has said that just because the NUMMI entity is liquidated doesn’t mean they have announced that they won’t produce vehicles at that plant on their own (under the Toyota name??).
    Please enlighten me.

  7. gs says:

    Who came out with ” It’s official ” and when?

  8. Good luck and best wishes to all NUMMI employees, laid off or not. I worked at NUMMI from 1991 to 2001. My goal in 91 was to get into maint apprentice program. After I & hundreds of employees went thru classes & testing I came close, placing in top 20. 12 were chosen, then the program was put on hold due to “an issue” (some kind of scandal) & they never chose another group while I was there, lucky me. Per the advice of my DR., I quit after 10 yrs of perfect attendance, & several injuries & operations That was the best decision I ever made. I found that all “good Jobs” only want you & like you, so long as they’re able to leverage your time to make them a profit. My wife & I have been real estate investors for 29 yrs., I’m a realtor & we have 2 small business. If you’d like to be in a position where you’ll never have to worry about losing your job again & you can earn residual income while leveraging others rather than having a job where you are being leveraged, contact us for more details. Again, Good Luck & Best Wishes.

  9. a & gs – National and local news organizations are reporting that NUMMI will cease to exist and insinuating that the plant will close in October:;catid=2
    While it’s not technically official until Toyota says it is, the writing looks to be on the wall.

  10. gs says:

    Don’t use the word official until it is so then. My husband works for Nummi and it’s the “There closing at the end of july or Toyota has shuttered Nummi or Bloombergs 3 “nameless” people statements that are really getting to these men and women. I would never wish this on anyone else. I don’t blame it all on the media, it is the way it is being handled from both sides of the bagaining table, Too many rumors and not enough information from either side. GS

  11. mf says:

    i agree with gs. my husband also works for nummi. when toyota makes the offiical statement that the plant is closing then i’ll beleive it mf

  12. GS and MF – Fair enough. For what it’s worth, I see “closure” being a fairly long process. It might take a year or so to get it all worked out…Toyota doesn’t have a facility ready to make the Tacoma (at least not in my opinion). I’ve read that the Canadian and San Antonio plants are flexible enough to start building Tacos immediately, but I don’t believe that. It’s a major undertaking to move a product line and Toyota would be wise to take their time. Best wishes.

  13. a says:

    Just told today by management that Tacos are ready to move and TMMC is getting ready to go back to 58 sec. takt time.

  14. james holiday says:

    Tacos are moving to TMMC. That’s funny we just went back to two shifts at Nummi. Anyhow, I agree we are shutting down soon. Probably sooner than later. I tend to believe Toyota spokespersons more than the management at Nummi is releasing. And yes, it cost a lot to live here so our wages are higher. Mostly it is comparable as far as wages and cost of living as anywhere else. But, if Toyota stays and gets rid of the union then of course the wages will go down. I can’t stay here and survive if it’s too much of a reduction. Good luck to all at Nummi.

  15. a says:

    james holiday – Didn’t say that Tacos are moving to TMMC, just that they are ready to move. Trust me, I know what is built at TMMC (Lexus Rx south side, Corolla/Matrix north side, Rav 4 west plant Woodstock)
    Could it possibly be that the second shift is needed to build up inventory in order to have some time to move equipment?
    We have also increased production and been told it is due to a speculation of increased sales, but as you know Toyota doesn’t build on speculation of sales.
    I know the situation sucks, I’ve been there, but looking back I can honestly say that the company I used to work for made the right decision to send production to China and lay me and others off. They had to do what was best to survive as a profitable company and I never found fault in them for that.
    Best of luck to you whatever you choose.

  16. a – Any idea where the Taco is headed? For what it’s worth (I’ll admit I have only a smattering of knowledge on the subject), I wholeheartedly agree that the increase in production is a bad sign for NUMMI. The plan is probably to build up a big stockpile of Tacos and Corollas just to make sure they don’t run out as the production is shifted. I echo your comments – good luck to everyone.

  17. a says:

    Jason – Wasn’t told (won’t affect TMMC anyways).
    Just like you said (for what it’s worth because probably, unless I work with you, everyone reading this wasn’t there) when we were told about mandatory overtime for Corolla/Matrix production a co-worker asked why TMS (Toyota Motor Sales) is increasing orders on SPECULATION of increased sales due to incentives in the U.S., our boss told us that, “obviously it was for another reason that we can’t tell you about right now.”
    Like I said, take it for what it’s worth, believe me or not (he might even be wrong for all I know) but that’s what we were told.
    I absolutely agree with the stockpile theory. I’ve worked at various factories and seen that whenever a closure looms or a union strike deadline approaches, production increases dramatically. This may or may not be the case, until it’s official.

  18. Mike says:

    My guess on the NUMMI is that the Corolla & Tacoma will live there model life out. Then NUMMI will fade into the scrap pile. As no new Models / Work will be built there.So 12 to 18 months of life left

  19. a says:

    Mike – You may very well be right. If this does happen though, I just can’t see the employment numbers being kept at the current levels. With GM pulling out, it just seems impossible. NUMMI employees, hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

  20. M says:

    The last letter from NUMMI’s current Pres Kent Ogura stated that they do have order past October but actual numbers will be known closer to the date. I aslo heard that service parts for the current Vibe are set thru 2010 so Assembly may die but Stamping may live on awhile

  21. Dom says:

    Some of the management at NUMMI were managers (low level) at GM when they shut down in 1982 so take their opinion for what it’s worth. The best senario for employees at NUMMI is to vote out the union and consequently without question Toyota will stay. If the union stays the NUMMI facility days will be numbered. If Toyota takes over that location without a union a good portion of the GM management will not be there very long, they will probably end up at a GM facility at some other location. Either the people working at NUMMI want the manufacturing to stay or move where Toyota can make a profit, cut and dry.

  22. M says:

    All GM management will be gone after vibe production stops end of August.

  23. Tony P. says:

    Californians and NUMMI employees are in denial. It’s sad. Toyota has NO obligation to maintaining a “no layoff” policy with employees of other companies (GM). Remember, NUMMI stopped being a joint venture for Toyota; the moment GM severed ties with NUMMI because of bankruptcy. I think Californians delusionally place blame on Toyota for not inheriting GM’s responsibilities to their employees, and GM’s bills to debtors. This is WRONG!!! This closure by Toyota was wise and will not effect Toyota’s reputation in California. The only matter that could ever effect the market are people’s ability to keep a job so they can buy a car…..and that’s it. Good bye NUMMI…….

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hate to be the one but I told you so. Looks like Ford is still standing strong. Toyota is here for the money and doe NOT care about the working america. KEEP BUYING POS’S. Maybe tommarro you can trade that Toyota in and the tax payers will buy your Clunker too, hurry before the money runs out!

  25. Anonymous says:

    So was toyota riding GM’s coat tails letting them rack up the debt? Sounds like somthing a forgen company would do. Ride along with the American working man until the free rides up. Made in the USA, yhea right.

  26. Mickey says:

    Anonymous I hate to tell you but your domestic auto makers have more vehicles on that clunker list than Toyota. Also why is ford parts content is only 70% American made parts? Toyota Tundra is 80%. So who is Ford paying to get parts from? Now you have that issue too in where your American money goes to a foreign country to pay for parts. You want to try again when you have facts.

  27. Mickey says:

    Again Anonymous get your facts right. You don’t have to show us how bright you really are. To me you range in the 40 watt area……

  28. Anonymous says:

    What company posted profits last quarter? Who has not lay ed-off any americans recently and surpassed toyota quality (wasn’t hard). Ford. Toyota stopped production on certain vehicles and can not fix the truck that their own CEO said was a disgrace due to the ratings and reliability. Mikey are you still fighting the corrosion issue on your Tundra? As for the manufacture statement on window stickers, 70 percent US built hey atleast they are honest. All I have to ask what is TOYOTA profits measured in? Isn’t it yens, that real american. Good job squid.

  29. Tony P – I think it’s true that Toyota is doing what’s best for the long term. I doubt that Toyota will be able to close NUMMI without any sort of tarnish on their reputation. However, the size and scope of the backlash is anyone’s guess – here’s to hoping that the backlash is minimal.

  30. Anonymous – Mostly idiotic comments this time, but you did make one interesting point about profits last quarter. Ford posted a $2.26 billion profit for the second quarter of 09’…after ‘special items’ were accounted for. According to the press release, they would have LOST $424 million were it not for these special items. In the 2nd quarter of 2008, Ford lost $8.7 billion (with a B). So, congratulations are in order. Read it all here: “Excluding special items, such as debt reduction, Ford would have lost $424 million in the second quarter”

  31. Anonymous says:

    Anonfactor said: “Who has not lay ed-off any americans recently and surpassed toyota quality (wasn

  32. Mickey says:

    Ford shut down a facility and the other anonymous stated they never laid anyone off. What we have here is doesn’t match. Is this like putting the lime in the coconut and drink them both up?

  33. sarah says:

    I’m glad their closing. Sorry for the employees whos family so depend on the earnings from this company but just maybe it will be a wakup call to everyone in california that working for high wages and demanding more and more everyday doesn’t get you anywhere. In the long run people will find other jobs or move to another part of the country where they can find employment in the industry they are accustomed to working in. God Bless everyone on their journey. For me its another industry that is forcing my family to move on. We are all in this recession together.

  34. Mickey – LOL – that song is stuck in my head now.
    Sarah – Fair enough – good luck to everyone.

  35. Mickey says:

    Sorry Jason I heard the song the other day and I can’t get rid of it….

  36. Anonymous says:

    What is Toyota’s answer for their last quarter standings? Having trouble converting yen into AMERICAN DOLLARS. When toyota is shutting down factorys Ford is producing a true BAJA truck, the Raptor with 6.2L. So what is Toyota gonna do, keep making 2wd Prerunners, by the way what are they calling the 2wd TRD offroad Tundra’s? So what’s the answer to the Raptor? Keep working on the Yen to U.S. dollar conversion rate, one day you will get it.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Sarah, that’s pretty cold to say your happy for the plant to close. Just like a true Toyota owner.

  38. gs says:

    People are in jepordy of losing everything and you put this on your wish list. All i can say is ” Karma “.

  39. Dom says:

    anonymous says, “Sarah, that

  40. Mickey says:

    Anonymous who cares about off road!!!! Most truck owners don’t care about Baja either. Your point is moot. When was the last time you saw Peso’s???? You know you better be able to transfer dollars into peso’s to pay for all your imported parts. Dare I say 30%. While you’re flipping over how to find peso’s I’ll be sitting back enjoying the fabulous ride of a Tundra. Let me say another thing ther anonymous it isn’t hard to spell your name is it????? You forget it? I don’t blame you at all since you own a truck made in Mexico. I would be embarass too.

  41. a says:

    Jason – You asked a while ago where the Taco’s were headed. Just read this.

    5th paragraph from bottom. I know it’s just an analysts oponion, but the Woodstock plant has LOTS of empty floor space and people up here who are in the job pool (waiting to be hired) were notified on the weekend that TMMC is going to be doing a hire soon. The Matrix has also been tested out on the Woodstock line last year. Maybe Corolla, Lexus in Cambridge and Rav4, Matrix, Taco’s in Woodstock with a 2nd shift? Both plants would be running at optimal capacities and full line speeds.

  42. a says:

    Dom – You say that if the union is voted out that Toyota will stay, problem solved? Won’t the plant still be running at less than half capacity? This also doesn’t solve the other issues (land taxes, high cost of utilities etc.)
    If the union is voted out, won’t wages then have to be re-set at whatever Toyota wishes to pay?

  43. Dom says:

    a said: “Won

  44. a – Great link – thanks a ton. I think the mystery is solved considering that Toyota isn’t going to stop building Tacomas anytime soon (the only alternative mentioned in the article).

  45. a says:

    Dom – I agree that GM’s Vibe production was only 20%. We were told this at a meeting, but this was also when the plant was running at 64% capacity. Drop the 20 and you have a plant at less than half capacity.
    I also agree that the union has nothing to do with the other problems associated with the plant, I was merely pointing out that the union isn’t the only problem with NUMMI. If it were, I believe Toyota would have come forward and tried to solve the “problem” by now. Why doesn’t the union voluntarily de-certify to save jobs?

    Unions routinely say that wages only account for roughly 7% of a vehicles production cost (I believe production, not sales). Take then a Corolla, maybe $10000 to make, probably less. So wages are $700. Even if the union cut all their wages/benefits in half, Toyota would only reduce the cost of producing that car by $350. I’ve read numerous reports that NUMMI’s cost per vehicle is $500 – $1000 more than other plants. Would still need to cut lots somewhere else, and I don’t think the union would agree to a 50% reduction anyways.

    If Toyota does continue production there, I hope they would honour old wages, I know I would be super pi**ed if my wages were suddenly dropped. I don’t think it would help anything (quality, production #’s, employee/management relations) to cut people’s wages.

  46. gs says:

    I was just told that the UAW has thrown in the towel and also temporary workers were being called back today not sure why. Lets see what happens now.

  47. a says:

    gs – What do you mean by, thrown in the towel? That’s pretty vague. Are they voluntarily de-certifying or something? Just curious.

  48. M says:

    gs: Who told you this ” UAW has thrown in the towel ?”

  49. hank says:

    The raptor comment was poking fun at the Tacoma Prerunner and the Tundra. I find it pretty funny that mexicans illegal or not (Aka: Texans) can produce a better vehicle with better technology and durability than, I guess you would say the americans. A truck that can run the Baja (most importantly finish it) and take the abuse from the showroom floor. 70 percent american made appears to be ahell of a lot better than 80 percent don’t you think. I mean Toyota can not fix the bed bounce, frame rust and the list of other issues that, yes even you have Mikey have, while ford produced a quarterly earning and did NOT take a bailout. Made In America doesn’t mean send your profits to a foreign company and worry about 10 percent of where it made, its about american pride and tradition. If the Tundra is a sign of American pride with all the issues it has than I will proudly drive a truck union produced by proud americans and mexicans. Isn’t ford quality surpassing that of Toyota? Here’s a idea stop being racist about mexicans (they do the work obese americans won’t with out complaining and a better job at it) and look at the big picture where is your money going (Japan), what kind of quality are you getting (apparently pretty bad by reading what the owners have to say). If buying a Ford means supporting a American Icon and sending alittle money to a third world country to get a better technology advanced vehicle with quality that mets or in mu eyes surpasses Toyota then so be it. So I challenge Toyota just to meet Ford quality on the same production scale, yes just producing a 1/2, 3/4 and 1 ton truck alone. It will not be done.

  50. a says:

    Jason – No problem. Just remember, this is just an analyst from a Japanese companys’ assessment, printed in a Japanese paper… If I hear any more, I’ll let you know. Although I haven’t heard anything at TMMC of the Taco’s coming here, but we are kept in the dark about stuff. It’s understandable though, considering the situation.

  51. Dom says:

    a says, “…but this was also when the plant was running at 64% capacity. Drop the 20 and you have a plant at less than half capacity.” Trucks are back to two shifts eight and a half hours per shift a day.
    “…I was merely pointing out that the union isn

  52. a says:

    Dom – Do sales justify the increase in truck production, or could it be something else? (stocking up inventory)
    I agree with the Union being the main problem, I’ve worked in a CAW palnt and saw all the crap you mentioned.

  53. gs says:

    This was told to night shift when they went to work by dayshift, but low and behold a flyer came out today saying contract negotiations have been extended again without a date.

  54. Mickey says:

    Hank if anyone discriminates it is definitely you. You’re the one who just wrote we are Racist (Only you mention this) then you diliberately discriminate against an obese person. WTF Hank all of a sudden you’re judge, jury, and executioner on who’s the better person here? I’m sure you’re the one who’s Racist since you’re the one who brought that up. You definitely don’t make sense in what you’re saying. Hank have you ever bothered listening to one of your Ford commercials? Apparently not and I can see why because you deliberately skipped on that one. The commercials I refer to is the ones with that guy who does the dirty jobs in the USA states that the quality of Ford is up to Toyota’s level. He doesn’t state that it’s better than Toyota just equal to. So where does that leave your statement? You need to get your act together before you spew at the mouth. Why on yesterday national news it was stated that cash for clunkers was a great hit but not for the domestic big 3. They were buying Toyota’s and Honda’s. Now we will go at something else, when was the last year Ford out sold everyone in vehicle sales? Can you think that far back? GM held it for quite a while until who passed them? Hank you need all 4 quarters to make a year not 1 quarter.

  55. M says:

    GS: I thought they threw in the towel. Where do you get your facts?

  56. M says:

    “I hope they would honour old wages, I know I would be super pi**ed if my wages were suddenly dropped. I don

  57. M says:

    Sounds like there just waiting to talk on closing negotiations.

  58. a says:

    M – Should have made myself more clear. Honda has a plant in Alliston, Ontario Canada and the first thing that came to my mind was having wages dropped to their levels (around $15 to start and $24 full rate I believe). This much of a cut, down from $33.60, would make me super pi**ed.
    I don’t think they are any different and I would take a cut if it meant saving my job.
    If you check back on previous posts, gs states that her husband works at NUMMI (her source of facts) but she never said what “throw in the towel” meant…?? She said that temporary workers were being called back as well. I don’t think the “cash for clunkers” sales program justifies the worker recall and increased production, especially with TMMC going to mandatory O.T. soon and planning to hire new TM’s. I agree with you that they are waiting, maybe worried about worker backlash, purposely passing defects, equipment damage..??
    Do you work at NUMMI?

  59. Hank says:

    Dear Mikey, I understand your situation being obese and I apologize if I hurt your feeling. Maybe you could sue McDonalds for your ignorance. The point I was making is that if buying a so called The American made truck means having the issues of the tundra, that a mexican can work circles around the average fat lazy american and have pride doing it. So keep your toyota’s. Now all of a sudden there is a buy american phase. If you didn’t do it before than your a fake, and who cares where the Tundra is made. The quality is shown in more than commercials. Try reading some magazines. Now back to the main issue here fatty. What Toyota product can you take from the showroom floor and put threw the demand of a event like the Baja. This is a question of durability and reliability, so answer the question and stop avoiding it. How’s it feel to have the Toyota CEO basically say the reliability of the, I think it was the 2007 right Mikey, tundra was a disappointment. I would say a disgrace.

  60. Hank says:

    All I have to say is if the taliban designed a truck and started producing it in the usa and could say made in america would you buy it and defend it as you do the Toyota’s? Remeber Pearl Harbor there is no difference.

  61. M says:


    I do work at NUMMI. I also heard they extended to contract again with no end date. But have not confirmed this. Heard anything?

  62. Dom says:

    Hank said, “Remeber Pearl Harbor there is no difference.” lol, if you want to live in denial that you owe people something because of what occurred 200 years ago then I suppose you would think the Japanese owe you something for Pearl Harbor, in which they attacked our military not civilians, that happened over 60 years ago. You probably thought that when the Democrat Party nuked the Japanese civilians, after the Japanese military was already defeated, was ok too…
    The people in charge of Toyota today have nothing to do with what happened over 60 years ago!

  63. a says:

    M – I haven’t heard anything, just stuff you read on here. I work at TMMC (please don’t have ill feeling towards me, there seems to be that back and forth between the plants). We just see a lot of things going on that makes me believe that NUMMI will be closing. (but this is just what I see, we haven’t been OFFICIALLY told anything)

    There was an article in the San Antonio paper stating that they are willing to offer Toyota $ to move the Taco line there.

    Out of curiousity, what are your production #’s like? Corolla and Taco’s? Right now we are building around 360 Corolla/Matrix per day with about 78% being Corolla. Slight line speed increases have been planned for Aug. and mandatory o.t.. Line supposed to be going up to full speed this year (Kaizen team told me, my friends did the planning ??) But this could all change on a dime.

  64. Mickey says:

    Dear Hanky, since you have no cooth bringing in Pearl Harbor into this. You’re showing disrespect for the military in which I’m a retired Navy Veteran. To go to calling me names doesn’t help your cause. Just because I call you out on discrimination doesn’t mean I’m obese. It may make you feel better to belittle a person but it’s okay I understand your downfall. A typical spoiled uneducated person would do this. As far as Magazines they are as good as far as I can throw one. You know they are bias in what they want or want you to believe. You definitely got an obsession with being big. The fat lazy american…..Hanky you can’t be mad at yourself? I would believe you would sue McDonalds for your problem. Are you’re trying very hard to state your Ford has no Issues? Where does doing the baja make you the best quality vehicle? You lose a few bolts on that? Those vehicles are modified and they aren’t factory issued. As far as what you stated I guess you forgot Iroman Steward. Yes he drove a Toyota. In fact the Tundra comes in his name sake edition. Now for taking one off the showroom to the desert to run baja then you know only Ford wasted their time with that. Now when will Ford make a decent car Hanky? It’s bad enough Ford had to copy off the Tundra’s 6 speed tranny to keep up. Can’t come up with your own idea. Ask the Mexicans (since you’re lazy, obese, and need to copy) to put something together for you so you won’t need a hanky, Hanky. Simply put for only you Hanky your Ford had over 100 years in making a truck when Toyota makes a truck just as good as yours in 7 years. What a waste there Hanky in years. As I said before when was the last time Ford was #1 in sales for all vehicles? I know you need that hanky, Hank.

  65. a says:

    All this talk about McDonalds has made me hungry!!!

  66. Hank says:

    Why hasn’t the Tundra been the “Truck of Texas” for the past 6 consecutive years? Isn’t that POS built there? Who designed the first truck? So who copied who. Ford mated the 5.4 with a 6 speed on the Lincoln in 2005 I believe. Where was Toyota’s? How do you like the rear struts on the outside of the frame? You can thank Ford. Wanna know how to make the bed bounce cease, send some money to Ford they will tell ya? How’s the tow mirrors working out for ya, look a lot like the Superdutys. Want them to power extend, or maybe just a have marker light with a blinker mounted on it, again ask ford. How’s those franes holding up, they is one thing you obviously have not copied but in due time. Ever look at the front of the 2004-2008 and wonder why F-150’s copied the tundra? I guess Ford knew the future and copied Tundra’s 2 years before they where released. Here is how its been working Ford, Chevy and Dodge have tried thing and found they work or don’t. Name one thing Tundra has came out with that is original! I can tell you that the integrated trailer brake, tailgate and box step, microsoft sync was first developed by Toyota (yhea right). Toyota is still trying to figure out why their trucks are rusting in half! How those torque converters? So with all this said Ford has a great thing going for them, the ability to say that 1/2 won’t do it. Where’s V-10 & Diesel? Give me a 1 TON. Copy that!

  67. Mickey says:

    Hank what’s your major malfunction? You apparently have a serious problem. Do you remember the great cruise control debacle your F-150 had? Ford isn’t perfect, as a matter of fact you have a recall out now for your 2009 truck. As for your 6speed it was first out in your Explorer and Ford was smart enough to let the consumers be the guinea pigs on how this will work. Too many issues with it to put it in on your 2007 models so let’s just screw the american public on the explorer edition. Oh here’s a link to your beloved baja. 7 time champion in a Toyota.

  68. Hank says:

    Oh I forgot to congratulate you on being a war hero! Who cares some of us REALLY do it to this day, you said the keyword “retired”! I have been on one of your good ship lollypop’s. Rough, 3 warm squares a day, AC, TV, internet, warm bed and a shower. Sure is rough. I bet you have a Veteran license plate and everything, can ya get those? This is the guy who bought multiple GM’s after having problems with the first. Mikey why would you buy more if you already had problems and complain about it afterwards? Didn’t you do the same with Ford? As for the Ironman Tundra its just a edition, normal POS. Where is its extended range of travel suspension, 3 stage Fox struts? Can it complete a single high speed jump not along multiple in a single hour. You too can own one with a 6.2l BOSS, and if the bolts fall out take it to the dealer to fix it or would you want a imitation truck? Something like a TRD Offroad package that is 2wd. Since your a conservative guy, you know taking the safest route, please buy a Tundra because if you bought a Ford it would be a embarrassment to a real truck!

  69. a says:

    HHHAAAHHHAAAA – Good ship lollypops!!!!!!!!!! I almost pi**ed myself and spit my beer all over the screen!!!!!!!!

  70. Hank – I would appreciate it if you didn’t denigrate any veterans. Whether you served in a foxhole or in an air-conditioned building in Virginia, you still served. That’s more than most people can say, and it’s good enough for me. As for your comments about Toyota not making a truck that can run a Baja race, I guess I agree. I don’t know of ANY fully factory trucks making the race, so your comparison seems silly. As for your comments about the ‘taliben’ and pearl harbor…I think they serve as a great indicator of your mental powers.

  71. a says:

    The Texas plant started running at full capacity (Tundra sales don’t justify this, an inventory build) and TMMC just got told they are going back to full line speed in Oct., all task and term contract employees have been re-called on regular contract and a hire is planned soon.
    I think that analysts’ prediction was wrong and the Taco’s are going to Texas (they have stated that they will give Toyota incentives to move the Taco line there).

  72. Mickey says:

    Here hank you keep bragging about your Ford and yet you want to comment on why I kept buying Ford’s or GM’s. I was an idiot like you Hank that believe in that inferior product. Now for your Baja again how many do you expect Ford to sell strictly for Baja? More than likely less than 1% so why should I be concerned about a product that is doomed from the start. Hank more than likely you’re an abnormal person because the sane normal person will not see anything in that truck since you’re so willing to brag about. More than likely Ford isn’t going to like the repair cost of that truck to. SInce you’re bragging so much on Ford who has been making trucks for over 100 years why is it Toyota is the first truck to have a high rating (above all other trucks) in a rear end collision? Is there a problem Hank? so worried about the Baja you forgot to make a regular truck that people need. Now I can say since you know I had Ford/GM crap and call them POS. Now as the Navy Hank, you’re totally clueless. The so call showers we had yes they are great as long as the evaps are working. If you fall below a certain percentage in potable water there is no showers. Try working 6 on 6 off there Hank. You wouldn’t last 2 weeks. Where you have to make a choice eat/shower/sleep. When they are doing workups kill one of those 6 off with GQ’s and cleaning. You think you can handle only 4 hours of sleep and be stressed all day with war scenarios or yet in the gulf where the action is happening? So enjoy your life and freedom at home that was provided for you.

  73. a – Good to know.

  74. M says:

    Let me verify the numbers & will post when I do. We have 6 Saturday’s scheduled thru December. I did see the Texas article can’t blame them for lobbying. Still would be a major investment on there part to move the Tacos. Is the Tundra line capable of building Tacos different platform? Or do they have an open line ready to use? I don’t see word coming from Toyota on NUMMI until they get out of court with GM. Hard to believe they would make there choice by Sept 1st as they state & say they are pulling out with orders thru December. Quality would fade fast if they do. There are so many rumors flying it

  75. Anonymous says:

    Here’s are Current build numbers

    Car Total Corolla 962
    Vibe 0
    Trk Total Truck 448
    B-Cab 82
    C-Cab 230
    D-cab 136
    TMMBC D- Cab Only 164

  76. Dom says:

    The NUMMI UAW has organized a task force to gather the membership (not by choice) to try to influence the local, state, and federal officials on Aug 20. They want the membership (not by choice) to bring their families so they can collectively reminence on how they prevented NUMMI from making a profit 24 of the 25 years.

  77. a says:

    Thanks for the info both of you.
    That’s a fair amount of Corolla’s, two shifts right, not three? Has production increased much since the cash for clunkers program? I read the money for that will probably run out by Labour Day. Then what? Not just Toyota or NUMMI, but every manufacturer, parts suppliers, etc. Back to square one?

  78. M says:

    2 shifts both car & truck

  79. M says:

    August 14, 2009

    NUMMI anufacturing Update

    ? Due in part to the

  80. M says:

    The latest Rumor form The WSJ
    TOKYO (Dow Jones)–Toyota Motor Corp. (TM) is considering ending production at its car plant in California in March 2010 after it and General Motors Co. decided to terminate their joint operation there, Asahi Shimbun reported Saturday.

    The Japanese auto maker will transfer production of its pickup trucks at the plant in Fremont to the company’s Texas plant, the daily reported without citing a source.

    Toyota will announce the decision by the end of this month for the factory which the Japanese and U.S. auto makers have operated as a joint venture known as New United Motor Manufacturing Inc., or NUMMI, it reported.

    NUMMI’s production of GM’s Pontiac Vibe model will end this month, Asahi said.

    -By Kazuhiro Shimamura, Dow Jones Newswires; 813-6895-7566;

  81. NotSoBad News Bear says:

    Toyota To End California Plant Ops By March 2010
    By Kazuhiro Shimamura, Dow Jones Newswires
    AUGUST 14, 2009, 8:24 P.M. ET

    “Toyota Motor Corp. (TM) is considering ending production at its car plant in California in March 2010 after it and General Motors Co. decided to terminate their joint operation there, Asahi Shimbun reported Saturday.

    The Japanese auto maker will transfer production of its pickup trucks at the plant in Fremont to the company’s Texas plant, the daily reported without citing a source.”

    Rest of the article at:

    If so, that’s still about 7 months away. I’d say that’s enough time for most people to plan for “life after NUMMI”.

  82. M says:

    No sources named in this stort but who knows let the speculation fly

    Toyota Motors Corp. is pondering an end to production at the NUMMI automobile plant in Fremont by March 2010, according to a published report in a major Japan-based newspaper.

    The termination of Toyota production at the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. factory will be announced by the end of this month, Asahi Shimbun reported in its Saturday editions.

    Asahi Shimbun cited no sources in its report. The report was distributed by Dow Jones Newswires.

    NUMMI produces the Toyota Corolla compact car, the Toyota Tacoma truck and the Pontiac Vibe hatchback.

    About 4,700 people work at the Fremont automotive plant. For a quarter-century, NUMMI has been a 50-50 joint venture between General Motors Corp. and Toyota.

    General Motors will halt production of the Vibe this month. That was part of GM’s decision to stop making the Pontiac brand.

    When GM emerged from its bankruptcy a few weeks ago, it decided to withdraw from the NUMMI joint venture, leaving Toyota as the sole manufacturer at the plant.

    After GM’s disclosure, Toyota indicated in multiple instances that it might also exit the NUMMI venture. Toyota officials have repeatedly said they would disclose a decision by Aug. 31 about Toyota’s future plans for NUMMI.

    Toyota intends to shift production of the Tacoma trucks to a factory in Texas, the newspaper said, without naming a source.

  83. Yes – that’s correct. The Wall Street Journal is reporting NUMMI will close in March 2010 and that Tacoma production will be moved to Texas. Corolla production should be moved to Canada (just has “a” has said). Thanks for the tips everyone! Our best to all NUMMI employees – this has been a tough year. Good luck.

  84. Dom says:

    The employees at NUMMI will be fine some will just have to adjust to actually working 40hrs a week somewhere. Others will have to take their jobs more seriously so that they don’t have to depend on a Union to bring them back, with threat of litigation, with back pay while they were sitting at home for six, eight months etc.., and even over a year (some beer companies may lose some revenue)!

  85. M says:

    Intresting article:
    Subaru May Partner With Toyota At Nummi

  86. M says:

    Hmmmm Check this one out

    With GM abandoning the 25-year NUMMI joint venture manufacturing relationship with Toyota, the future of production at the Fremont, California facility is in question. With then end of Pontiac Vibe, Toyota is still deciding whether to continue to production of vehicles at the plant, or walk away. The critical issue seems to be the high cost of labor, although the labor contract expires this month, which could fix the problem. Sergio Santos, president of UAW Local 2244, which represents workers at NUMMI, has indicated that they are willing to make concessions, and State and Federal legislators are willing to provide incentives, in order to keep Californias only remaining automobile manufacturing plant open. The plant has a zero-defect product rating, a skilled labor-force, and a quality vendor supply channel for the parts and materials needed for manufacture. It is also widely recognized that vehicles built at the Fremont plant have high customer satisfaction and quality ratings. Although the NUMMI agreement will end, it is likely that a new labor agreement will be reached, making the cost of labor more attractive, and either Toyota will go it alone, or Motors Liquidation Corporation, which is the company that controls the liquidation of GM assets identified through bankruptcy, will find a buyer for GMs interest in the plant. The most likely partner would be Subaru. In April 2008, Toyota increased ownership of Fuji Heavy Industries, owner of Subaru, from 9.5% to 16.16%, deepening the relationship that began in 2005. The stated benefit of the relationship was for Toyota to access Subaru all-wheel drive knowledge as it may apply to hybrid vehicles, and for Subaru to access Toyota hybrid technology. While it is widely understood that Toyota manufactures vehicles in the United States, however, fewer know that Subaru builds the Legacy sedan and Tribeca SUV at the SIA (Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc) in Lafayette, Indiana, and has manufactured the Camry for Toyota since February 2007. This partnership is about to yield a Toyota and Subaru rear-wheel drive sports car which will use a modified Subaru Legacy platform and a 200-hp version of the Subaru 2.0L horizontally opposed 4-cylinder boxer engine. Yet to be named, Toyota and Subaru versions are said to differ little in appearance, similar to the NUMMI produced Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe twins, and will offer a Subaru all-wheel drive system. A location for production has not yet been announced, but it is likely the Fremont facility is being considered. Due to the pressure of the New National CAF standards set at 35.5 mpg by 2016, a hybrid vehicle is also likely being considered for production at the Fremont plant. Likely candidates would include the Toyota Prius, offering all-wheel drive for the first time thanks to Subaru, or the recently announced Yaris-based hybrid, which is expected to start well below the Honda Insight at $15,700 when it arrives in 2011. Although Subaru has committed to bring a diesel vehicle to market, a Subaru version of the hybrid vehicle is likely.

  87. M – Thanks for posting the link and excerpt – interesting indeed.

  88. Retired NUMMI says:

    I worked for GM in Fremont 20 years, and lost my job in 1982 when the doors closed. They closed because of poor quality and a very disfuctional Union. I was hired by NUMMI in 1984 Retired 2006. NUMMI yes was a joint venture GM & Toyota, the main reason for the joint venture was so GM could learn the Toyota Production System and they could be more Efficicent and cost effective, so much for that idea GM did’nt learn anything. We all worked to improve our work place using the TPS, the union at that time also worked to improve relations with Management. The Union today is looking more like the Union of the past they did’nt help us then, so why should they help you now. They are only for looking out for their own agenda not for the membership or the Company. I can understand why Toyota wants them out. For most of you that dont know, Toyota has Unions in Japan and they work together to to make the their Company grow. (Toyota stock $80 dollars per share ) what does that tell you. I say get rid of your Union! Those of you that say you will not take a wage cut and give up some of your Benifits, think again. McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys ya those are great jobs low wages no benifits!! Keep what you have. Go to work every day, build quality in station help improve your Co. Toyota needs to know your a loyal work force. Most of the members working at NUMMI are sons & daughters Grandsons & Grand-daugthers of GMers that lost their jobs back in 1982 they need to ask their parants ands grand parants the hardships we had to go through then.

  89. gs says:

    Last vibe to be built came down the line at 8:30 tonight.

  90. Anonymous says:

    Retired Nummi said, “I say get rid of your Union!”
    I agree the problem is the old GM method of promoting people into lower management. They move the worse workers on the line into Projects or a Pilot Group so that the line runs more effeciently consequently the worse workers later become the GLs (low level management). Toyota has done a good job to mix that up at NUMMI however the TM membership know who the bad apples are and would not want to work for them without a Union. If Toyota can clean house with the low level GLs (bad apples) there then they may get enough votes to eliminate the Union. A lot of employees there would rather Toyota pay them to keep the Union out.

  91. Mickey says:

    Retired I went through a similar situation when I worked for Kaiser Aluminum from 77-82. Greatest benefits I ever seen where Blue cross covered everything except half the amount for braces. Everything else was covered. In 77 started at $8 an hour and was at $12 an hour in 82. Kaiser being and old plant there in Chalmette, Louisiana, couldn’t keep up with the price of aluminum and compete. The natural gas contract with Tenneco had a couple years left on it but Tennico was losing big time by that contract and was able to get out of it then it spelled doom for that plant. Kaiser did build a new plant in Africa. Now, Kaiser did approach the local union United Steelworkers local 13,000 and asked for a pay decrease at least $2 an hour in order to compete other Aluminum factories if no decrease then they would be forced to closed. Union was nice enough to put it to a vote where only 4 of us raised our hands for the decrease out of 2,000 personnel. My bills weren’t high so I looked at it as making $10 an hour vice $0 an hour. I was making $10 an hour in the latter part of 80 so it wouldn’t have changed much. I ask the Union President who was pushing for a strike against Kaiser and I told him no matter what happens here if Kaiser closes or remains open you still get paid your salary. He stated yes. I said while the rest of us get laid off you still get paid, don’t that strike anyone this guy doesn’t give a hoot about us? Well I got blackballed that evening. They gave that vote and 1 month later Kaiser stated we’re closing this plant and started reducing the lines of operation. Laid off over 700 personnel first. After 3 1/2 months and 1,400 personnel laid off I got my slip. Soon you will have 2,000 people looking for a job and another 500 from a nickel plant that shut down how do you expect unemployment to last in New Orleans in 1982? I was lucky enough to get my 10 weeks vacation pay but was 13 weeks of pay and I was able to live on. Then I join the military. Unions tend to be hard headed about cutbacks. This will be something to see at NUMMI.

  92. Retired NUMMI says:

    Anonymous your right about some of the GL, but there are some good one in the mix. Some of the GL where hired off the street will no knowlage of running a auto production line. I’ll tell you that most of the good GL have worked on the production line as i did. The biggest problem we had was our asst. Managers MICO managing and not letting us run our on group. I enjoyed working with the people in my group helping them to do a better job even if i had to work on the line assiting them and teach them. I was told i was to soft and should not be working on the line. I’m from the old school (Circus) saw dust in your blood, well i learned the auto industry working on the production line, i did’nt forget where i came from. Yes i agree with you that Toyota needs to clean house on some of the GLs but also i say all the upper Management and get back to basics.

  93. M says:

    They also need to clean house on the TM’s that abuse the rules. I’d say about 1000 could be let go without a a leg to stand on.

  94. Anonymous says:

    Retired NUMMI said, “Anonymous your right about some of the GL, but there are some good one in the mix.”
    The GM management hired them and Toyota rotates them around and fires them. Some were able to stay on top of the rotation and found pockets to hide, now they can’t hide thanks to GM pulling out.

    M said, “They also need to clean house on the TM

  95. M says:

    Reading bewteen the lines this article is about a Toyota / Subaru joint venture. Why would they even mention NUMMI in it if we wern’t considerd to build it.They talk about the car then NUMMI gets tossed in then back to the car. Whats with that. Maybe wishful thinking on my part but better the all the bad news articles. Here’s

    Toyota goes cheap and chic in drive for profits
    4:00AM Saturday Aug 22, 2009

    Toyota president AkioToyoda describes himself as a ‘car nut’ and race driver. Photo / AP Toyota will produce a fun but affordable sports car as the world’s largest carmaker seeks a return to profitability with vehicles that meet customers’ desire for fuel efficiency without sacrificing style.

    Company president Akio Toyoda announced plans for the new car – a joint venture with Subaru – while outlining his strategy for reversing the company’s sales and income slide and charting a long-term course designed to tempt new generations of motorists.

    He also said the company has not decided the future of a California manufacturing plant that it operated jointly with General Motors, which announced in June it was abandoning the 50-50 venture as it emerges from bankruptcy protection.

  96. Anonymous says:

    Subaru in Fremont will only happen if they reopen nonunion. Having parts there as they did for the Prius months ago doesn’t mean they are going to build it there.

  97. M says:

    Who said there where part there?

  98. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure they’ve explored different options doesn’t mean anything.

  99. gs says:

    M- My husband said that a few people had noticed that the parts coming in are for TMMCA and do not say nummi he did not have time to explain was on break do you know what it means? GS

  100. M says:

    TMMCA = “Toyota Motors Manufacturing California” Just a guess Never heard of TMMCA NUMMI name change?

  101. M says:

    Here’s a shipper I found


  102. Anonymous says:

    They had Prius parts months ago and a Prius somewhere with a GM front end. They will have to reopen without a union or bust unless we vote the UAW out.

  103. M says:

    I’m all for ousting the union. If they close it I doubt very much if they will re open. The TMMCA parts could very well be for the toyota logistics dept at the plant.

  104. M says:

    “They will have to reopen without a union or bust unless we vote the UAW out.”

    Let the voting begin

  105. Anonymous says:

    The litigation out here is too imposing they can only be successful as a nonunion entity.

  106. a says:

    M – Best of luck voting the union out. From what I know it’s not so easy. I was told directly from a union organizer (though it may be different in the U.S.) that the employees would basically have to form their own group and hire a lawyer (at their own expense) to fight to have the union removed. He said there is a lot more to it than just a simple 50% plus 1 vote to remove a union.

  107. Retired NUMMI says:

    You don’t need to vote the Union out. We have always said that if Toyota takes over at NUMMI they will close the plant for about 3-4 months, after they look through all the personal files and they will reopen and hire all those that came to work everyday and all that have a clean record, and don’t run to medical and live on light duty!! The Union will be out, those that need a Union are those that don’t come to work everyday and do a poor job, and break the rules, keep your nose clean and Toyota will treat you good. Look at you fellow TM who does’nt do his or her job and hides behind the union and tell them no more. And if Toyota decides to stay on, yes you can vote the union out, get yourselfs organized in the same way all unions do when they want to unionize a nonunion shop. Never belive a union organizer they will do anything to discourage you, that’s what they do best, with out the union he’s out of a job. Where’s there’s a will there’s a way. Use the unions motto against them United We Stand Divided We Fall.

  108. a says:

    Retired NUMMI – When the union organizer told me the info. it was before the plant I was working at even had a union vote (lending me to believe it was the truth). The union was in the process of trying to organize the labour (they never succeeded, it was a small plant about 75 employees).
    We were questioning the organizers on a bunch of stuff and he was becoming visibly agitated by our questions and I think we kind of caught him off guard with that question, about de-certifying if we weren’t happy with them.
    This was about 7 years ago, laws may have changed though.
    Anyhow, more news today

  109. M says:

    Looking like it all but over. This report has not been confirmed but doesn’t look good.

  110. M says:

    Still seeing alot of Subaru crates around the docks

  111. Anonymous says:

    Another attempt by the UAW to put peer pressure on Toyota is in the works by having a rally this saturday at Diane Feinstien’s office in San Francisco. Barbara Boxer’s office (building) in San Francisco would bring back too many memories of litigation against NUMMI!

  112. a says:

    M – I’ve read the articles about the Toyota/Subaru sports car that is to be built. What baffles me is why NUMMI was mentioned when Toyota and Subaru already have their own joint venture assembly plant in Indiana? Not enough capacity there? I would guess there would be, but that’s just a guess.

  113. NotSoBad News Bear says:

    After making the announcement about the Toyota/Subaru sports car, I would imagine new Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda had to field questions on a host of other topics related to the company. It appears he was in a press briefing, and I would actually be surprised if the reporters in attendance failed to bring up the situation at NUMMI with Mr. Toyoda. Nothing unusual that NUMMI was mentioned in those articles, IMHO.

  114. M says:

    There is a major company announcement at NUMMI slated for today 8/27/09.Union & Managment are meeting as I type.

  115. M says:


  116. M says:

    The END

  117. ZZ says:

    It’s been a long journey at NUMMI over the years. If you were smart, you took advantage of every learning opportunity. As I am saddened by it’s closure, I will treasure the many years that I worked there.

    Everyone fails to realize that GM bailed out on the American workers at NUMMI first…….With that being said, Toyota had to make a business decision.
    That decision is to stop ordering vehicles from NUMMI in March 2010.
    Thanks to all that shared their opions on this site.

  118. Retired NUMMI says:

    Yes, Toyota will make it’s final apperance and the curtain will come down in March 2010. All of you the NUMMI employees need to start asking these very important questions of NUMMI Management and of the Union, 1. Will we get severance pay? 2. Early retiement? 3.Will the Co. & the Union offer any kind of retraining and will they help you in searching for new jobs? 4. will they also assist and give classes on writing a resume? 5. What kind and how long will you get Medical Benifit’s? Don’t wait until the very end you have 7 Months now is the time to get these questions answerd. When GM closed in1982 ( two weeks notice ) we where left holding the bag with nothing in it. San Jose City Collage opened up a training progam in Electronics and Robotics. Some of were able to enroll in this progam, the State of California and the Fed. Goverment funded is program. The Union did nothing to help us nor did GM. We collect unemployment and we did have at that time Subpay which was provided from GM this which was agreed to in our labor contract. Subpay and unemplyment paid us our full amount while we looked for other jobs. Once we found a new job, no more subpay. NUMMI will not give you Subpay!! Remember the squeaky wheel gets greased!! Keep asking did you get some answers!!

  119. My heart goes out to all NUMMI employees – good luck.

  120. bob conner says:

    While i feel bad for the employees of Nummi (as i would for anyone who experiences a layoff) I find it humorous that Feinstein, Boxer, Arnold and the State Congress are at all surprised. California has been on a self distruction path for a long time. Nummi/GM/Toyota are not the first to leave the State. Until politicians, Unions and environmentalists get real, these type things will continue to happen. Over taxation, over priced workers and over reaching environmental laws will continue to push reasonable employers out of the State. If the UAW was smart (and actually wanted to help its membership), they would back new politicians in the upcoming election that believe in a reasonable rate of taxes and environmental laws competitive with other States and UAW should agree to wage packages competitive with other States.
    Maybe then, the auto industry could build a car in CA profitably.

  121. Anonymous says:

    Workers Protest NUMMI Closure,
    “Approximately 100 members of the United Auto Workers union rallied in front of Senator Diane Feinstein’s San Francisco office this weekend to protest the closure of the NUMMI plant in Fremont.”
    “”We’ll build cars for anybody who wants to step in front,” said Santos.”

    Who would want to step up front with the UAW?

  122. bob – Well said. California isn’t exactly “business friendly”, and I think that many of the people in California forget where their cars come from…California is the largest car market in the USA, but aside from some niche models, no cars will be built in California. If that’s not an indictment of “kooky California,” I don’t know what is.

  123. Mike says:

    Nummi closure is all about Greed, this country was founded based on Greed, take for example the U.S. to california gold rush, without this Greedy gold rush to California
    this would still be Spanish territory,
    Now it’s pay back time, Greed helped make the U.S.A. now it is detroying it.
    Toyota is a Forgein Company living off the weakness in our U.S. system of Greed, it gets stronger as U.S. workers get weaker, the Rich control all of us and our Government, money talks and bulls–t walks. (but you all will just forget this and just play with your forgein made toys).
    Without a middle class there is no country,there is no hope,there is no dreams, all there will be is the Greedy rich and the poor with no country to live.(Do not blame the union that supports the middle class, if you want to blame someone blame the Greedy Rich that control our U.S. Government.

  124. Mickey says:

    Mike the closure is about economics. No one can afford to run as business in the red all the time and stay in business. Foreign made toys? So you’re telling me I don’t have the freedom of choice? Do you just buy second hand stuff or things not of quality Mike? Mike I’m a middle class worker and I want quality not quantity. I want something that will last and have a resale to it also. As for the Unions, I did that before and they forced the plant to close. Unions had their time, and now isn’t their time anymore. Unless they decide to move into the future which I don’t foresee.

  125. IronBob says:

    SO HOW’S THAT HOPE AND CHANGE WORKING OUT FOR YA! Every time a union worker loses his job, an angel gets his wings! Keeping voting for your Pelosis and Boxers and keep getting what you’re getting! HAHAHA, have fun losers.

  126. Eric says:

    From 2000 to 2009 only 15% of the vehicles produced at NUMMI were GM. I missed the part where the current adminstration in DC required GM to remove Pontiac from the portfolio. Since the Pontiac Vibe was the only GM product being produced at NUMMI who is really to blame for that? I missed the part where Toyota actually produced more vehicles per month at NUMMI after GM was pulled out being a reason for lack of productivity. But somehow this is all GMs fault. RIGHT!!

  127. Jason says:

    Eric – I don’t think it’s “all GMs fault,” and I certainly don’t think the folks at NUMMI believe that either. I think this is a combination of factors – California isn’t exactly a “business friendly” state. NUMMI was old and needed re-investment. GM filed bankruptcy. Toyota had too much capacity worldwide. NUMMI’s costs were higher than Toyota’s other U.S. plants. UAW leaders weren’t willing to leave NUMMI to save the plant. etc. You can blame a lot of people. Still, since Toyota was the last one to walk away, they get all the blame and they get to foot the bill. It sucks for everyone involved. It’s my sincerest hope that all the NUMMI workers find new jobs ASAP. Good luck to you all.

  128. […] the NUMMI joint venture with Toyota. Toyota, reluctant to take ownership of the entire plant, decided to let the joint operation dissolve. While many NUMMI employees blamed Toyota for letting go of the joint venture, most recognized that […]

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