Total Chaos Toyota Tundra Long Travel Suspension Kit

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There are a number of people who buy a Toyota Tundra because they want a truck that combines excellent day to day utility and driving comfort with the ability to head off-road on the weekends and have some fun. As with all types of motor sports, after you have been off-road more than a few times you start to get a hankering for some extra performance from your pickup. This can mean picking up bigger tires, installing a lift kit or maybe an additional skid plate to keep things protected down below.

Long travel suspension for 2007 and up Toyota Tundras from Total Chaos

Long travel suspension for 2007 and up Toyota Tundras from Total Chaos

Sometimes, however, you get bitten hard by the rock climbing or desert racing bug and you want to make a more extreme modification to your pickup that will not only help you stand out from the crowd but will also give you a healthy dollop of extra abilities out on the trail. This is where Total Chaos Fabrication steps in. The company, which is known for their hardcore attitude towards pickup truck suspensions, offers a bolt-on long travel suspension kit for the 2007 and up Toyota Tundra.

What exactly is a long travel suspension kit, and how can it improve the performance of your truck off-road? Essentially, the kit significantly alters your vehicle’s suspension system so that it is capable of absorbing more punishing blows when driving off-road. The term “suspension travel” refers to how much each individual wheel can move up and down before it is arrested by the actions of the shock absorber, the spring, or its actual physical dimensions.

Performance driving on the pavement generally favors less travel in order to keep the motions of the car under control. However, when venturing far off the tarmac, the uneven surface off the road requires greater suspension travel in order to prevent a truck from bouncing out of control due to the constant shocks being transmitted through the suspension and chassis. Travel is also useful when negotiating uneven terrain, as the wheels can displace themselves a great deal independently of each other, making it easier to maneuver your truck.

The Total Chaos kit includes upper and lower A-arms, upper and lower uniballs, spacers, extended stainless steel brake lines, and extended tie rods. Using ICON Vehicle Dynamics 2.5 inch coil over shock absorbers (not included) maximizes the amount of travel available from the kit. The Total Chaos system increases wheel travel as much 16 inches, which raises the truck enough for a 35 inch tire to fit comfortably underneath.

Fiberglass front fenders are required with the Total Chaos long travel kit.

Fiberglass front fenders are required with the Total Chaos long travel kit.

Keep in mind, however, that adding one of these kits to your truck isn’t a ‘minor’ modification. The Total Chaos long travel kit also requires the use of fiberglass fenders to accommodate the additional distance the wheels can move up into the truck body. In addition to the fenders, you’ll also need a set of coil-over shocks. If you have a four-wheel drive Tundra, you’ll also need to install extended axle shafts.

The Total Chaos long travel kit for the Toyota Tundra is one of the best ways  for you to give your pickup a lifted “trophy truck” because it also adds extra off-road prowess from improved suspension geometry. With the kit installed, the Tundra sits 3-4″ higher, can fit 35″ wheels, and offers more travel than just about any other lift kit option. Unlike the Pro-Comp stage II Tundra lift kit, there’s no need to cut any frame cross members when you install the Total Chaos kit.

Of course, there’s a catch: This kit doesn’t really come cheap. Without the fenders, coil-overs, or axle shaft extensions, the kit costs about $3,000. This isn’t really out of whack for a kit like this – the Pro-Comp stage II kit runs about the same price. However, when you add in all those required extras (fiberglass fenders, coil-overs, and extended axle shafts), professional paint work and professional installation, it’s conceivable this kit could run $10,000 out the door. Keep in mind we’re making some assumptions about cost here – you’ll want to price this thing yourself.  Still, this Total Chaos kit should be regarded as a premium accessory.

The Total Chaos long travel suspension kit is the real deal.

The Total Chaos long travel suspension kit is the real deal.

Bottom Line: This is the real deal off-road kit. 16″ of suspension travel is serious enough for all but the most aggresive off-road adventures. According to many off-road experts, this type of kit is the “right way” to lift a truck and improve off-road performance. While we agree that it’s awesome, we’d like to point out it sure as hell should be considering how much it costs. If you’re serious about off-road performance and you’re looking for a premium kit, the Total Chaos long suspension kit is for you.

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  1. TXTee says:

    Am I ever glad I don’t off-road to even drool about this kit…..nice concept and the fiberglass fenders actually look nicer.

  2. tmac says:

    im drooling

  3. It does look kick-ass doesn’t it?

  4. tmac says:

    hell yes

  5. Sykes1493 says:

    This may be a dumb question but instead of getting fiberglass fenders, could you just install a body lift kit or a drop bracket kit to get the space you need?

  6. Mictian says:

    Don’t forget about the rear suspension as well. but what a difference a long travel kit makes for blazing through the desert with your hair on fire or even a little bit of rock crawling with the added “flex” and travel.

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