Toyota Wins Seven 2013 J.D. Power and Associates Awards

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J.D. Power and Associates released their 2013 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study and no surprise, Toyota crushed the competition.

Toyota Wins 2013 JD Power Awards

Toyota crushed the competition with seven 2013 J.D. Power and Associates Award for Dependability.

Toyota SHOULD win lots of these awards because, as Toyota reps like to say, in their DNA is “quality, dependability and reliability.” Their vehicles are known for being dependably and reliable for years and years. These awards simply reaffirm what Toyota has built its brand around.

Also of note is that Toyota is the highest ranked non-premium nameplate and tied for third place for the second consecutive year.

While this award is great, we thought there were some other interesting items to note.

  1. Toyota is more than 10% above average in terms of dependability, while the rest of the truck makers are about average (or 10% below average in the case of GMC and Nissan).
  2. Once again, we see J.D. Power and Associates evaluating GMC brand quality separate from Chevy brand quality. This makes no sense, as the brands produce the exact same vehicles (only GMC builds more trucks). We always suspect that GMC quality would be lower if it was rolled in with Chevy.
  3. Ram’s dramatic improvement in quality is incredible…and long overdue. We wonder if it will hold, as the rest of the Chrysler products (Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge) are all FAR below average – more than 20%.

Overall the report is good news for all consumers with vehicle dependability improving across all segments. J.D. Power and Associates also points out quite emphatically that new vehicles are more dependable than ever.

“There is a perception that all-new models, or models that undergo a major redesign, are more problematic than carryover models,” said David Sargent, vice president of global automotive at J.D. Power and Associates. “Data from the 2013 VDS suggests that this is not the case. The rapid improvement in fundamental vehicle dependability each year is more than offsetting any initial glitches that all-new or redesigned models may have.”

Even though, we aren’t concerned with any durability concerns in regards to the 2014 Toyota Tundra coming out, it is reassuring to know that J.D. Power and Associates agrees. In the end, another good job Toyota.

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  1. Dennis says:

    Sweet I love my 2012 Tundra i would not trade it for any other truck out there This truck is a replacement of my 2003 Tundra

  2. Mickey says:

    It’s great that JD Powers knows what truck is dependable. Just last week you had some company on the internet rated the GMC as the best truck with dependability. Needless to say you only had 3 Toyota’s out of 12 vehicles. That right there told me that this company was bias in their ratings.

  3. GoI3ig says:

    Maybe too dependable? I’m still driving my 1985 4WD pickup with the original engine. (replaced head gasket once)

    I added a 4runner to the driveway in 1990. My wife still drives that one daily.

    This has made me slow to replace them. I’m considering a 2014 Tundra, but not sure which of the old ones would have to go.

    • Gol3ig,

      LOL. I can hear you now, “Darn Toyota, I wish this thing would break, so I could buy a new one.” 🙂


    • Mickey says:

      Great position to be in. I told the wife I wanted a 2014 model and she goes off stating I thought this was your last truck being the 07 CM with 154k miles on it. I calmed her down and said at least I’m staying the course with the same make truck and still a truck not like you. She wants this 2011 Cadillac DTS since it’s the last Deville made. Going from a Prius to a caddy? She tells me one I’m a woman I can change my mind and also I’m blond and I should know by now she’s not rational about vehicles. Okay……. I had to leave it go for now but when the time comes she will see determination.

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