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Learn the Lingo of Towing

Towing a load isn’t a difficult task, however, you shouldn’t just hop in and drive. Here is what you need to know before you tow.

Learn the Lingo of Towing

First time towing? Here is a handy guide.

Toyota Wins Texas Distinguished Service Award – Truth in Towing

How important is telling the truth when others don’t? Apparently, so important that you get a “distinguished service award” like Toyota did for being the only automaker to be J2807 compliant.

Toyota Wins Texas Distinguished Service Award - Truth in Towing

Knowing exactly how much is safe to tow is vital for the safety of yourself and others around you. Toyota gets this and they were awarded for it.

Bone-Stock Tundra Pulls 150,000 Pound Space Shuttle

Next time someone asks you what your Tundra can pull, tell them that a 2012 5.7L Tundra can pull a 150,000 pound space shuttle…without any modifications.

Tundra tow space shuttle

A bone-stock Toyota Tundra was used to tow the 150k pound space shuttle Endeavour across LA’s highway 405. Click for a larger image.

The Tundra pulled the 150k lbs space shuttle Endeavour across the Manchester Boulevard Bridge, which spans the 405 in L.A. …and it was bone-stock too.

Towing 101 – What Not to Do

Towing a boat is a fairly straightforward operation, right? Not so for these guys. As they drive down the road, they see a familiar site passing them by. The site? The boat they were towing.

YouTube Preview Image

GM Reneges on Towing Numbers

GM recently announced via a press release that is was taking back the 2013 towing numbers it released. The reason? Ford and Chrysler aren’t changing their numbers until later models. Makes sense to consumers right?

GM Reneges on Towing Numbers

GM has officially reneged on its 2013 towing numbers even though they have already been released.