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Pure Performance 4.5″ Triple Threat System

Pure Performance builds off-road suspension systems for a wide range of different applications, including the Toyota Tundra. One of the most interesting products offered to Tundra owners by the company is its 4.5” Triple Threat System, a comprehensive suspension lift kit that is aimed at hardcore all-terrain driving enthusiasts.

According to Pure Performance, “Triple Threat” refers to the suspension kit’s ability to not only improve the ride of the Tundra but also serve as a rugged trail and sand dune platform. Essentially, the Triple Threat System is designed to dramatically improve the off-road abilities of the Toyota Tundra without compromising precision or comfort when driving to and from the trail.

Total Chaos Toyota Tundra Long Travel Suspension Kit

There are a number of people who buy a Toyota Tundra because they want a truck that combines excellent day to day utility and driving comfort with the ability to head off-road on the weekends and have some fun. As with all types of motor sports, after you have been off-road more than a few times you start to get a hankering for some extra performance from your pickup. This can mean picking up bigger tires, installing a lift kit or maybe an additional skid plate to keep things protected down below.

Long travel suspension for 2007 and up Toyota Tundras from Total Chaos

Long travel suspension for 2007 and up Toyota Tundras from Total Chaos

Sometimes, however, you get bitten hard by the rock climbing or desert racing bug and you want to make a more extreme modification to your pickup that will not only help you stand out from the crowd but will also give you a healthy dollop of extra abilities out on the trail. This is where Total Chaos Fabrication steps in.