Timbren AEON Hollow Rubber Springs

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The Toyota Tundra was designed from the outset to offer an exceptional amount of towing and hauling capability, but like all street vehicles it does feature some compromises built into its platform. In order to make the Tundra comfortable enough to drive on the street, its suspension system can’t be as stiff as that of a commercial or purpose-built cargo vehicle. This means that in certain situations – heavy-duty snow plowing, max-sized trailer towing – the vehicle’s front or rear suspension might sag.

Timbren manufactures a line of suspension components designed to help fight against the tendency of stock suspensions to sag under load without increasing harshness or bounce during daily driving. Timbren’s solution for the Toyota Tundra is its AEON Hollow Rubber Spring, a product which has been on the market for three decades and which is produced for a wide range of different industrial and commercial applications as well as for passenger vehicles.

Timbren AEON Hollow Rubber Springs

I spoke with Andrew Hodgson at Timbren to get a better idea of exactly how AEON springs could benefit Tundra owners looking to beef up their suspensions.

One of the first things that Andrew explained to me was that all AEON springs are manufactured out of natural rubber and provide a progressive spring rate. When installed at the rear of a pickup the springs replace the stock bumpstop and hang about one inch above the axle, which means that they are not at all engaged during unloaded driving. Once the truck is loaded and the stock suspension begins to sag ever so slightly, the spring engages with the axle and begins to push back. The more load that is introduced, the greater the push back on the part of the hollow rubber spring, which in turn better supports the cargo or trailer being hauled.

To be clear, AEON springs do not increase your truck’s payload rating. Payload ratings are determined by a vehicle’s manufacturer. Because the AEON springs have a progressive spring rate, and because they supplement your vehicle’s existing suspension system, their value is in reducing the harshness of your truck’s ride while hauling a heavy load, preventing “bottoming out”, and improving stability while hauling, towing, and even during heavy off-road use.

AEON Hollow Rubber Springs can also be installed at the front of the Tundra, where they again replace the stock bumpstops and help to prevent the instability and sag that is associated with a mounted snow plow. Stock pickup truck suspensions simply can’t perform up to spec with average snowplow setups clocking in at just under 1,000 lbs, especially considering that this weight is centered way out in front of vehicle’s bumper. The AEON springs help to prevent suspension sag and create more predictable suspension response when driving with a plow in place. The same principle applies to owners who want to mount a heavy winch on their front bumper without sacrificing vehicle stability.

Timbren produces hundreds of different rubber spring designs, each intended for specific applications. Andrew also let me know about the special off-road AEON springs that are available for the Tundra. These hollow rubber units install in exactly the same manner as the towing / hauling units, but are made of softer rubber and are intended to absorb terrain impact when trail driving. By hovering just over the axle, the springs are able to crush and absorb the force of the wheel hitting the ground after being airborne. This doesn’t just extend the life of a pickup’s suspension components by dialing out harshness, but it also helps to prevent body contact with the ground, saving fenders and bumpers from dragging or tearing off as a result of suspension over-compression.

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One of the strongest features of AEON Hollow Rubber Springs is just how easy they are to install. Unlike competitors kits which often involve airbags and compressors to achieve the same load leveling results, AEON springs are single, self-contained units. They can be installed in the driveway using simple hand tools, making them a simple and relatively inexpensive addition to any pickup. Load leveling can be accomplished simply by mounting the AEON springs using the provided brackets, without the need for any disassembly of the Tundra’s suspension components.

Affordable, ease of installation and durability make Timbren AEON Hollow Rubber Springs an intriguing choice for drivers who want to beef up their suspension for towing or off-roading but who don’t want to get beaten up by stiff spring rates on the way to work Monday morning.

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  1. Gordich says:

    For the money, I’d go with air springs. Easy install and fully adjustable!

  2. Jason (Admin) says:

    Gordich – What air spring setup do you recommend? I haven’t seen much for the Tundra.

  3. Gordich says:

    Not sure for the front(snow plow etc.), perhaps the hollow rubber is best, but for the rear I puchased Firestone Ride Rights. No drilling and matched the tundra frame and suspension perfectly. By far the hardest part of the install was cutting out the original joust bumper. The kit(no compressor) was I believe about $265.00 delivered here to Alaka. 90 minute install.
    Thanks Gordich

  4. Rick says:

    I have an ’08’ Tundra SR5 TRD Extended Cab, bought a set of Air Lift – Load leverlers with on board compresser w/remote for the rear from Camping World part #37116. The Load leverlers have made towing a fifth wheel a breeze. Hope that info helps.

  5. Jason (Admin) says:

    Gordich – Thanks! I’ll be sure to get something written up about those.

    Rick – Thank you too. I appreciate it.

  6. colt says:

    I put a set on the rear of my 08 4×4, and have been very happy, I’m pulling a 30′ toy hauler. I went with these vs. air bags because, air bags can tear from off roading when the suspension is forced to full extension.

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