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Timbren AEON Hollow Rubber Springs

The Toyota Tundra was designed from the outset to offer an exceptional amount of towing and hauling capability, but like all street vehicles it does feature some compromises built into its platform. In order to make the Tundra comfortable enough to drive on the street, its suspension system can’t be as stiff as that of a commercial or purpose-built cargo vehicle. This means that in certain situations – heavy-duty snow plowing, max-sized trailer towing – the vehicle’s front or rear suspension might sag.

Timbren manufactures a line of suspension components designed to help fight against the tendency of stock suspensions to sag under load without increasing harshness or bounce during daily driving. Timbren’s solution for the Toyota Tundra is its AEON Hollow Rubber Spring, a product which has been on the market for three decades and which is produced for a wide range of different industrial and commercial applications as well as for passenger vehicles.

Timbren AEON Hollow Rubber Springs

I spoke with Andrew Hodgson at Timbren to get a better idea of exactly how AEON springs could benefit Tundra owners looking to beef up their suspensions.

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