Are All Chevy Truck Guys This Dumb?

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OK, so obviously I just asked a stupid question. While there are certainly dumb Chevy truck owners, the vast majority of Chevy truck owners are just like everyone else.

Still, videos like this one make you wonder:

YouTube Preview Image

Ya – that just happened. Here’s what I see:

1. The bed was already loose before the crash occurred. I’m guessing the owner of this particular truck didn’t consider that his bed was going to fly forward and hit the cab.

I’m also guessing he (or she) didn’t think about the fact that beds don’t just come loose…you need to do some pretty serious damage to get one to slide back and forth like that. Possibly even frame damage.

2. Is it just me, or is that a 2500?

3. What’s with the Saturn in the background? Is this what happens to old GM products no one wants anymore?

4. Who has a big belly laugh after that crash? I mean, it’s one thing if the guy is OK, but if you saw that kind of accident on a city street, you would be afraid that someone died.

5. Anyone else think the engine was misfiring prior to the jump? The straight-pipe exhaust sounded like it was cutting in and out…but that could be the camera’s audio signal.

Finally, why is it that the first guy to check the driver isn’t wearing a shirt? Is this some sort of half-naked safety crew?

A quick search of videos on YouTube found yet another massive crash involving a Chevy truck…coincidence?

YouTube Preview Image

I have no idea if that person was OK, but judging by the fact that he had his arm out the window prior to the crash, it’s a safe bet at least his arm was hurt.

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  2. Bac says:

    The guy in the first vid has to get some credit, at least he was wearing a helmet. Either way, both are still idiots.

  3. Danny says:

    first video, i agree with everything you said. sadly, i use to own a gmc just like that chevy but blue and a z71. i cringed when he impacted. im sure his or her response to, chris are you ok, he said, uh who’s chris? haha
    second video, why are all those people standing so close to the ramp? i guess they have never seen a truck lose control and could have all been wiped out by 4000 pounds of government motors. also if you look closely, the driver’s left hand is holding the top of the door or the pull strap and his arm is dangling out the window. he only has one hand on the wheel. at least we know the horn still works.

  4. Jason (Admin) says:

    Bac – Agreed. Helmets are better than sticking your arm out the window…sheesh!!

    Danny – Great point. I found a *few* truck jumping videos that made me shake my head, and almost all of them were involving Chevy and Ford products. It’s probably just because they’re cheap, but still…might be some sort of connection between low intelligence and buying a “domestic” pickup. LOL.

  5. Wow. Darwin apparently is not relevant these days . . . .

  6. Jason (Admin) says:

    Toby – LOL. Health care is just too advanced.

  7. Mickey says:

    Jason after the 2nd time for each video I gave up trying to figure out why?

  8. Mickey says:

    1. The bed looked like it had a big gap between the bed and cab.
    2. It could be.
    3. Saturn.
    4. Joe from Cocomoe. I don’t know.
    5. Misfire or limiter.
    The first gut did have a black tank top. 3rd guy had no shirt.

  9. Jason (Admin) says:

    Mickey – It’s hard to understand, isn’t it? They must have just banged that truck around until they couldn’t do anymore damage, then jumped it. Silly.

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