The Toyota Mini Motorhome – A Quirky RV With A Strong Following

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In the 1970’s and 80’s the RV boom hit America hard, and with it came motorhomes and camping trailers of all different shapes and sizes.  Most people are familiar with the mammoth bus-based Winnebagos and pickup-truck mounted camper attachments, but few people remember that Toyota also got into the camping game in its own unique fashion.  Unlike other major RV players who battled over maximum trailer length and interior square footage, Toyota decided to keep things small and compact.  In doing so, they almost cornered the market on affordable and practical camping.

Toyota motorhome

Toyota's Mini Motorhomes are an interesting and perhaps forgotten chapter of Toyota history

The Toyota Mini Motorhome first hit American roads in the mid-1970’s, and was based on a version of the Toyota Hilux compact pickup truck. In the U.S. this truck was given several imaginative names over the course of its lifetime – Truck, Compact Truck, Pickup Truck – before eventually becoming the Tacoma in the mid-90’s.  A range of different four-cylinder engines were fitted to the Mini Motorhome Hilux’s, offering power ratings that hovered around the 100 horse mark for most of its production, and a V6 option available towards the end of its run bumped horsepower up to nearly 135 (shown above).

The combination of low engine output and the additional weight of an enclosed RV unit perched on the back of the Hilux didn’t exactly translate into a vehicle that set hearts and highways afire with its blazing speed.  That being said, Toyota’s Mini Motorhome did offer enough motivation to get happy campers from point A to point B in a reasonable amount of time, and the vehicle enjoyed an unexpected popularity in an industry where size was almost always king.  The Toyota’s fairly reasonable fuel mileage and easy to park and maneuver dimensions offered a different sort of RV experience that appealed to campers not necessarily interested in taking it all with them when they ventured out into the great outdoors.

Toyota motorhome interior - front

Everything you need to live a spartan life on the road.

Five main floor plans were offered with the Toyota Mini Motorhome, and the actual living compartments were built by a wide range of big-name RV companies under contract with Toyota.  Coachman, Winnebago Industries and Chinook are some of the more recognizable figures involved in building the Mini Motorhome, while other organizations such as Dolphin, Huntsman and National also enjoyed popularity with buyers.

Toyota motorhome interior

Cramped or cozy? It's all in the eyes of the beholder.

A number of Toyota Mini Motorhome clubs – both online and offline – flourish to this day, despite the original run of the vehicle ending in the early 90’s.  The Toyota Mini Motorhome is a much more appealing option for downsized camping than similar efforts from Volkswagen from the same era, due to better reliability and ease of repair.  Strange as it may see, the Toyota campers also enjoy a power advantage over their German campers.

Striking out on the road in one of these Toyota Mini Motorhomes is a fun way to not only see America, but also connect with a good group of people who enjoy both camping in and talking about their unique recreational vehicles.

*Special thanks to for help with this article and for supplying the images you see.

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  1. OOOOOOO I want one.

    • mike dacaver says:

      We have one in Kalispell MT. in excellent shape low mileage $ 6500

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you still have it? Do you have pictures? Thanks. Heidi. texlake@

        • Glenn Borne says:

          I have a 1986 Toyota Winnebago with rear bath configuration, dually rear, roof a/c, rubber roof, automatic, cruise, 63k miles, no rust, everything works, FOR SALE $5950 located in Pa.

          • J.P. Regazzi says:

            Hi Glen, J.P.,here, I am looking for a toyota motor home for some time now.I am going to give you my phone #(607)-746-8906. I feel better talking in person, I am fairly new at this computer typing. Anyway ,if you could contact me by phone,I would appreciate that. iF YOU COULD add some more info on your toyota, it would be helpful.I have been in construction field, my entire life, I CAN KNOW LONGER do anything I used to .Even household chores are diffecult. I believe that if we can come to an arrangement I can make somerhing happen on the road,my wife can ge things moving on the internet, and possibly I will then tell people about our saviour ,JESUS CHRIST.I am totally disabled,and can use a hand. Fight the good fight. Peace,and hope hope to talk to you soon, J.P.

          • Mary Fisher says:

            Just what I am looking for.What type of bathroom does it have?

          • Larry says:

            We are in central PA…maybe can visit and take a look at Toyota……rsvp…thanks

          • Rick Martin says:

            Is this still available?

          • Bill says:

            Hi if you still have it Im interested

          • erin says:

            interested if i can see pics asap

        • Connie says:

          Really like the Dolphin Toyota been looking around. Pleaze reply l if u have one for sale . Thank you

          • Ashmore says:

            We have a 1991 Winnebago Warrior on the 1990 Toyota chassis original miles approx. 45,000 it will be coming up for sale here in the next week or so. We are located in Green Bay, WI. If you are interested please email us at I can provide pictures and information.

          • Amy Denson says:

            Have 84 model. Email

          • Anonymous says:

            Yes I have a 1985 21′ new horizon

          • Nancy says:

            Have a real honey – 94 Dolphin Sea Breeze I just decided to sell. If you are still interested, email me back.

          • Beth says:

            Hello Connie. Not sure how long ago you posted this, but I have a 1990 Toyota Dohin, V6 with great power, great mileage and great shape! Everything works, Lora os extras
            Mileage at less than 36,000 original miles.

          • Patti Costar s/v Tania says:

            Beth responded to you about a 1990 V-6 Toyota. If you are not buying this one, would you please pass the info on to me?

          • dena says:

            I have a 1991 toyota dolphin in great shape no leaks new plumbing and tires everything works perfect. Low miles 70,000 clean title I have pictures but wont let me post here. It looks just like the pictured on this site just opposite is how to reach me if interested in photos. AAskinga soft 6500.

          • Josh says:

            I am interested and in 1990–1994 Toyota motorhome.
            Please email me at detroitjosh(at)

            Nancy you still have it?

          • Valerie says:

            I’m just now, in August, seeing your April note. I am selling a 1984 Toyota Dolphin. Let me know if you’re still in the market!

          • Valerie says:

            Connie, my email is:


          • CJ says:

            Have94 Sunrader w/64k on it. Beautiful shape–no leaks-newer tires–engine & roof air–we call her “Chibi” which we were told is Japanese for “runt!” Had a stroke and need to sell. Let us now what you think. Thanks for your interest.

      • Toby says:

        If you still have the truck camper let me know nd please send pictures. Thanks

        • Glenn Borne says:

          I have a 1986 Toyota Winnebago with rear bath configuration, dually rear, roof a/c, rubber roof, automatic, cruise, 63k miles, no rust, everything works, FOR SALE $5950 located in Pa.

          • Mary Fisher says:

            Where in Pa? I am in Frederick Md

          • Glenn Borne says:

            To ans. some questions asked about the 1986 Toyota Winnebago: it has the same toilet set up as shown in the pictures on this site (almost identical vehicle) It has 65K miles on it. I am located in NE PA–Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. If you desire to contact me directly use

          • I am seeking a motorhome that will use all its nooks and crannies as well as accommodating my wheelchair. I am hoping for a bed over the cab as well as a chesterfield pullout as there are five of us with a new baby making me a new Grandma. I promised my kids a trip to Disney World and the everglades to have fun and teach them about how development changes habitat. Before getting hit by some cars I was a zoologist studying the behaviours of animals. I really need a small gas happy camper to travel to take us all to explore Florida.Places for 5 to strap in to is also needed.

          • carey says:

            would you take a car in trade

          • Anonymous says:

            Do u still have camper. Please advise.

          • Paula says:

            I’ve been looking for ever, but I’m in FL will you be coming here anytime soon?

      • Cassandra says:

        Do you still have this RV?

        • Glenn Borne says:

          I have a 1986 Toyota Winnebago with rear bath configuration, dually rear, roof a/c, rubber roof, automatic, cruise, 63k miles, no rust, everything works, FOR SALE $5950 located in Pa.

      • Hi Mike says:

        Do you still have your rv for sale?

        • Glenn Borne says:

          I have a 1986 Toyota Winnebago with rear bath configuration, dually rear, roof a/c, rubber roof, automatic, cruise, 63k miles, no rust, everything works, FOR SALE $5950 located in Pa.

        • CJ says:

          94 Sunrader, 64k miles, rear bath newer tires neat and clean. Let me know if you are interested. e mail me at Thanksk kfor your interest.

      • John Alsberg says:

        Do you still have your Toyota motorhome? We live in Kalispell and would like to see it.Please call us at 406-257-5292. Thank You John

        • Glenn Borne says:

          I have a 1986 Toyota Winnebago with rear bath configuration, dually rear, roof a/c, rubber roof, automatic, cruise, 63k miles, no rust, everything works, FOR SALE $5950 located in Pa.

      • Bob Keiger says:

        Would like to talk about your vehicle please call me at 901-488-6996,thank you.

        • Glenn Borne says:

          I have a 1986 Toyota Winnebago with rear bath configuration, dually rear, roof a/c, rubber roof, automatic, cruise, 63k miles, no rust, everything works, FOR SALE $5950 located in Pa.

          • Linda says:

            I have a 1981 Toyota mini motorhome that I need to have shipped, but need the weight and it isn’t on the title or on the motorhome anywhere. It’s 18 feet long, has dual wheels, a small refrigerator, 3 burner stove with an oven, roof air, but no generator. The motorhome is metal, not fiberglass, with jalousie windows, and sleeps four. Anyone have any idea of a guess on the weight. I just need some kind of idea, not exact. Thanks.

      • Carole says:

        Hi Mike,
        Can you send me all the details & pics of your rv ?? Has it had any water leaks ?? If so, was the interior issues taken care of immediately ?? Thanks so much. Carole

      • Jeremiah Buchanan says:

        Hi, Do you still have your camper?

      • Hi I hope you are receiving lots of messages. Is your motorhome sold? I would like to see what it looks like

        thank you

      • wendymathews says:

        do you still have it? please email at or call me at 802-463-4978. I am seriously looking for one but as a single woman (not young) I need to be able to get in a drive away. thanks

      • Pauline says:

        I have been looking to find a smaller easier to drive mini rv. Have you sold yours? I travel alone so need something reliable. Pictures?

        • CJ says:

          94 Sunrader, 64k miles, neat & clean, no dents or scratches. Runs like a top, great mileage, roof and engine air cond.,newer tires. Stroke forces sale. Thanks for the interest.

      • stan says:


      • David Yawney says:

        Is there a phone number I can call. I am only about 2 hours from Kalispell.
        David Yawney
        My phone # 4037523997

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you still have it?

        • Eddie and Cheryl says:

          we live in Sebastian FL, recently purchased a 1987 Toyota Horizon with 74k. Recently laid off so no extra funds available to restore.
          Original upholstery, curtains (mauve). Exterior painted white, no decals. Honestly, we have not used it a single time. Ed

      • lisa says:

        what year and do you still have it? Could you send pictures please

      • Mark Huber says:

        If you still have this please give send me confirmation. We have one but needs a new box. Thanks so much.

        • SamG says:

          Mark, if yours is for sale let me know where you are and how much you want if you might be interested in selling yours. I might be a buyer I am rebuilding the box on mine now and am “hoping” to finish it in a few weeks.

          • Ed Jones says:

            For sale 1987 Horizon, 74,000.
            Located in Sebastian FL. Just purchased it for weekend getaways but am recently laid off so no extra funds for traveling. Exterior painted, no decals. Honestly, we have not used it a single time.
            Everything works. Ed

      • Sue says:

        Is your rv still available? thanks!

    • Mark says:

      I have an 1981 Toyota Rader 21 foot rv for sale if anyone is still looking. 720075 actual miles, clean. Asking $3400. Phone number is 419-788-0473. I’m in northwest ohio.

    • dave says:

      i have a 1986 dolphin home for sale all works no air has 67K miles
      i just bought another one with 28K miles so will be selling mine for 4850 dollars

    • Ruben says:

      Got a 1989 toyota dolphin project anyone interested? California

      • Clinnon says:

        Ruben, do you still have the 1989 Toyota Dolphin? Do you have a manual for it? We recently bought a 1987 Toyota Dolphin and cannot find a manual anywhere. Maybe your manual would cover our camper. What would you charge to copy and send it to us?

        In the alternative, maybe you know where we might get the owners manual for the 1987 Dolphin.



    • Donna says:

      I have a 1984 21′ self-contained Sunrader that I lived in for seven years. Very practical and a cheap way to live.

      • Tina says:

        I just purchased a Sunrader 1984, it is going to be my home for a period. I am looking so forward to the adventure. It is having some work done to it right now. The problem i’m running into is parts like the tail light lens. If you know of a place where I can get some I would surely appreciate it. Thanks, Tina

        • jim winters says:

          I am 85% complete on a total restore of my 1980
          Toyota Dolphin! I completely replaced my rear tail light
          assemblies with readily available LED replacements. Look better and are brighter.

    • Anonymous says:

      where cab i buy one 256=7942952

  2. Beezwax says:

    my family use to have one….. sold it in the mid 90’s… the ONLY problem was the narrow wheel base…. can you say “ROLLOVER FACTOR”?

    • Phil says:

      Was that rollover effect single axle or Dual wheels? Fairly stable todate other than crosswinds on the PEI Confederation bridge. Alittle underpowered by very reliable.

    • Anonymous says:

      all rvs have a rollover factor in fact all wheeled vehicles do,they do make a cure for this problem however,it is common sense.

    • BriBri says:

      It actually had a narrow ‘track’, not wheel base. Wheelbase is the distance between the front and rear wheel centers (hubs). Track is the distance between the driver and passenger (or right and left side) wheel centerlines.

      Although, a short wheelbase could certainly contribute to rollover in turns. The ‘hooking’ effect, I would call it.

    • jim winters says:

      Solved this problem by install antisway bar on front and rear axles and installed independent air line air bags on rear axles.

  3. Jason says:

    Jeremy – They look cool don’t they? Found one on eBay for $3800 and thought “maybe i can talk the wife into a winter trip down south…” Then I woke up, LOL.
    Beez – Any more insights? We had a hell of a time finding info…

    • Mark says:

      Do you still have the 1979 mini? What model? What state is it located? Can you e-mail me pics?

    • brenda says:

      Hi diana..I live in Kalama Washington..about 30 miles north of Vancouver Washington. I’m Looking for a Toyota Motorhome

  4. I could use that as a mobile command station for my bid to TAKE OVER THE WORLD (Thunder in the distance)

    • DeanoD says:

      I have an 81 18ft. Toyota Dolphin motor home, and it has a bath room with a shower, of course you have to almost sit on the toilet to take a shower but it works. the only thing i don’t like is there’s no oven, stove top yah sink yah, combo fridge 12volt/propane. but no oven. nice little unit and low maintenance. and very good on gas, not much top end but easy to drive. Works for me!!!

      • Bill Anderson says:

        I have a 1984 Toyota Dolphin. The air conditioner in the cabin (for the driver) isn’t working because the belt is missing. Possibly the belt on your Toyota is the same belt I need. Do you know what is the part number?

      • Anonymous says:

        DeanoD where are you located I am in southern IN.I need to know the price,year and condition. My phone#812 820 0484 or email-

  5. Mickey says:

    I remember those. I thought they were very useful. I had a 13 ft Rockwood popup camper that I bought brand new in 1981 for $2300. It was great except no bathroom onboard. I still liked it.

  6. Dez says:

    My neighbor had one! I thought the coolest feature was the ability to step in and out of the camper from the cab!! I believe the drivers and passangers seats were swiveling captains chairs, correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Nancy Butler says:

      Hi, I had a 1986 Toyota Sunland Express. No swiveling captains’ chairs. Standard truck front seats.
      I loved it but parts for this year’s truck were virtually impossible to find, so had to part with it back in 2002. Really sorry I did. Would love to find another, more recent one.

      • jim winters says:

        Am finding no difficulty finding parts for my 1980 Dolphin. got rid of factory front seats and installed Lexus LS439 front seats. Much better!

        • craig duncan says:

          I’ve got an ’85 Dolphin. Someone hit me and broke my front turn signal lens. I can’t find a replacement anywhere. Can you tell me where you’ve had luck finding parts?

  7. Jason says:

    Jeremy – I will be on your team.
    Mickey – I think no bathroom might be kind of nice…no chemicals, no BS, less maintenance. Of course, I’ve never owned an RV or camper, so I might be all wet.
    Dez – The photos seem to indicate as much, but again we really didn’t find a lot of info on this one. Benjamin gets a gold star for coming up with as much as he did!

    • cindy birdwise says:

      We have a 16 foot camper that we bought in about 1983 to try out camping. Thirty years later and we still have the same camper which is a bit worse in wear and tear and needs a few things after going off the Alaska highway as Dad fell asleep at the wheel and my son played videogames.They went over the ridge and down the mountain until hubby wakes up and “get this”, steers the van and camper gently back up the mountain and onto the hwy. They checked it over and carried on. Smoke, fire yikes it is from the wheel. Out they leap and Dad grabs all the grasses that are burning and they stomp out the fire. Now the wheel comes off cuz some of the nuts broke loose and there is absolutely zero help or towns. Dad gets out his toolbox and with Robyn’s help removes every piece of grass they can find. Then Dad makes up a lubricant, takes one nut and bolt off the other wheel and puts it on the broken wheel with a final wrap of
      red green’s answer to all problems; duck tape. It worked until many miles later and they could get the parts they needed. Pink Mountain is the worst part of the Alaska Hwy. It was quite the adventure.The first time I drove my toyota truck up the highway and in the same place I drove my daughter and I off the hwy and up a hill of sand. Thank goodness we had we had CB radios as I got on the radio and told Dad to staywhere he was and I slid backward downhill as men and trucks came out of nowhere all yelling you are off road because the itty bitty sign was pointing the wrong way.
      We have fun.

  8. danny says:

    i can safely say, i’ve never seen one of these, but i think it’s cool.

  9. BobG says:

    Jason, with regard to your bathroom comment, I thought I would throw my $.02 worth in.
    We currently own a 23′ Outback travel trailer. (Which our Tundra CM tows effortlessly, by the way.) Though it is not a particularly large trailer, as trailers go, it at least has a full bathroom. After all those years of tent camping and camping in a Coleman pop-up, I would never go back. Yes, there is extra maintenance and cleaning taking care of that black tank, but it is well worth it. Especially at 3:00 in the morning, it’s raining outside, and nature is calling.

  10. Jason says:

    danny – That’s exactly what I thought when I first saw one.
    BobG – Makes perfect sense.

  11. rich says:

    Try taking that over the rockies…lol. I remember it like yesterday, my buddies parents had one and we all thought it is was the best thing since popcorn. Didn’t they sing about that in the song “convoy”…lol.

  12. Jason says:

    rich – I think they did…and chickens. I remember chickens.

  13. Kathryn says:

    Lived in one for five years. Really have fond memories of beingthere.

    • robert says:

      I have to live in one for a few years and I have been trying to re-store the one I bought because of rust issues. In fact, I have the house completely down to the frame.
      My question is this-
      How did you manage the power in the coach. Did you have a generator? Just the one battery for the coach?
      Since I am new to this I do not understand the inverter, converter and transfer switches etc. The rest of the re-store stuff I know I can do.

      Any help would be appreciated. I have a 1988 toy. winnebago.

  14. Jason says:

    Kathryn – It sounds like a cramped but pleasant living situation – thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • roberta says:

      My Mom bought a little Toyota Escaper in 1990. It is a 1989 and we are still driving it today. My grandkids love it because it was Grandma Websters camper. The engine is amazing !!!!!! I live in Colorado Springs,Co.and am possilby thinking of selling it for something a little larger, not by much! It is hard to part with because my Mom passed 6 years ago.

      • Carole says:

        Do you still have your little motorhome ?? It would be perfect for me. Do you have pics & more details you could email me ?? Thank you so much. Carole

      • I just became a grandma and I would love to have a toyota camper, we had a toyota truck and toyota car and are looking for replacement of our two ford aerostars with a dodge or tundra.I want a small motorhome to pull our 1976 tiny camper which we have used for many years and fixed or refixed many times. We used it to live in while mining for gold, traveling the Alaska Hwy, going to bathtub races and being safe from the biggest 2,400 lb grizzly bear I have ever seen and he was the first of the 9 bears that tried to get in our car, into the restaurants we stopped at and followed our trail everywhere.

      • cindy birdwise says:

        Hi Carole
        I advise that you keep your Mom’s memory alive and travel with your grand kids and great grand kids when they come along.

        from a new grandma

      • mack says:

        Could you send me some pictures?
        What is your asking price?
        I’m in Estes Park area.
        Thank you

      • mack says:

        Do you still have that Toyota available? I’m in Estes Park area, so it will be easy to check it out. Please let me know.

  15. clare says:

    Had a 1976 Toyota Chinook. Neatest camper I ever had by far. Wish I could find one now.

  16. View of the Peaks says:

    I have owned a Warrior for the last six years and it has been one of the best buys I have ever done. We use it all the time even just for an overnighter in the forest or tailgate parties. I live in it for work for weeks at a time. The full bathroom is so worth it, even when your still on the highway. Once your in it your always on vacation because you won’t get there fast. It’s easy to park and maneuver even in downtown settings. Maintenance isn’t expensive either. Keeps life simple:)

    • Please let me know in pictures what a warrior looks like as I like the full bath idea.

      • The pics above with the pink interior is exactly what my Winnebago Warrior looks like. Has a shower but not a tub, but I usually will find a shower in an RV park instead since the fresh and grey/black water holding tanks are small, and I use the shower for more storage. I have used it a few times in a pinch & it comes in handy. I LOVE my warrior, but wouldn’t want to travel in it with more than one other person and a dog for long. PERFECT for just me & a dog, good gas mileage, easy to drive. I highly recommend them!

  17. View of the Peaks says:

    By the way… Off to Yellowstone tonight for nine days in the Warrior… Road trip…

    • Hi I would love to be in Yellowstone for 9 days. It is a place we visited a long long time ago and enjoyed immensely. Long ago I was asked to join the US forest services to work at Yellowstone and help create the Yellowstone to Yukon wild lands. I had kept a secret in that we were waiting to adopt a baby and she had just come to us weeks before the call so I had to let it go. It was something I had quietly convinced people to do for about 10 years and with a lot of conversations.We were camping in our car between hotels. A toyota camper would have been awesome.

  18. Jason says:

    View of The Peaks – Cool! You make a very compelling case for the Warrior. Have fun in Jellystone.

  19. Pat says:

    Where can we join a club of travelers for the Toyota minis?

  20. Rob Norman says:

    Hi to all above…. some answers:
    the old chinooks are all over the place especially in the northwest , try Oregon craigs list…
    I am remodeling one just like the pictured, ran it down I-5 at 80mph, peppy lil 4
    It has rust from former owner in California who was mean to her and I have a bunch of fixes, but hard to destroy the 22R and toy tranny
    I also would like to join a mini camper toy club let me know!

  21. Bought a 1991 Toyota RV in Jan 2010 for $5K with 50K miles, V6 and love it. Left Needles, CA to Pismo Beach, CA RV site. For 2 people it is just fine. Its a Toyota and that in itself says a lot. I have 2 other Toyota family vehicles and NEVER complain about them. If you want one I know where to find them and a site for you once you own one. SUPER friendly people.

    • SherryB says:

      Hi, we have an 18′ 1982 Sunrader and a 989 21′ Sunrader. We love them! 18′ is a stick and the 21′ is an automatic. They both have the 22R engine and have both had the axle changed out.

      Trying to rebuild the 8′ right now… always looking for good answers and places to hang.

      Anyone still out there?

      Sherry and Jan
      Chico, CA

      • Jon Sweitzer says:

        Hey Folks, I love these little jewels. As a kid In the 70s & 80s I remember them well and thought they were the Bees Knees and then as an adult I snapped up the first one that I came across and fell in LOVE with them!! So it seems, my passion never ended with these TOYBOXES and so to date I have now owned and completely restored a total of 6 of them.. lol As a result of my passion for them I have learned every possible quirk and or flaw regarding them and the last one that I bought was a total wreck which I completely rebuilt from ground up. That one turned out to be the BEST one of all as I even raised the wall and ceiling height to a height of 6’2″ which proved to be AWESOME!! In the early years some were built with a FAKE dually REAR and they learned rather quickly that there were problems SO they were recalled and actual 1 ton rated rears were installed under them to correct the problem. The biggest issues and or dilemmas that most tend to have is ROT and or damage to the front bunk area as a result of the front bunk windows leaking. I came to realize that the roof framing that was used to build these RVS was not very substantial because they only used 1×2 strips which were installed every 36″ apart starting from the rear and in my opinion this just wasn’t enough support for a heavy rooftop A/C to begin with AND if the owners didn’t keep the roof sealed well enough water would get in and wreak havock on the structure and cause it to BOW and sag in a relatively short period of time.. In the several that I rebuilt I doubled up the amount of cross members and also beefed them up to a pressure treated 1×4 and also mechanically fastened a continuous 3/4″ x 3/4″ L shaped aluminum strip to both sides of each strip and this helped greatly to beef up the roof to the point where you could walk on the roof with no flex.. The 22r and Re motors are indeed BULLET Proof BUT they came with a rather inferior timing chain and gear set SO it is imperative to keep an eye or EAR rather on these engines when they get up to about 70k+ miles they will begin to rattle and when they do its time to replace the timing chain and gears with a solid steel aftermarket set. Once you do this your toybox will literally Run forever!! lol Lastly, Many will boast that they get 22 -28 miles per gallon which sounds great BUT is near impossible IF YOU DONT DRIVE IT LIKE AN RV!! The very best MPG can be achieved by ALWAYS taking off SLOW!! Its SO very important to remember this, Its a heavy lil booger SO the easier you take off and let it build up momentum the better the fuel economy ! Cant stress and emphasize that ENOUGH!!! If anyone has any questions or would like to have their Toybox Rebuilt I now offer this service to anyone interested as I have truly learned every little nook and cranny and quirk of these babies!! They were ahead of their time when they were built and I ONLY wished Toyota were still producing a 1 ton pick up because I would be building a few REALLY great HIGH END RVs a month that would be MUCH better than anything EVER Built.. Thanks Regards JP Sweitzer

        • Vicki says:

          Hi, We have a 1990-92 Toyota mini warrior, the shower walls are coming down, they are like wallpaper with wooden slats behind that.Do you have any ideas on how to repair this? Hope to hear from you. Thank You. Vicki

        • Carole says:

          Hi JP,
          Since you restore the little micro mini motorhomes, are you selling them as well ?? It would be perfect for me… Do you by any chance have one for sale now ?? If so could you email pics and info to me ??? Thanks so much. Carole

        • Rob says:

          Where are you out of ?

        • Frank Bartlett says:

          G’day Jon, greetings from down under (Perth Western Australia- to be exact) I have been following the stories and sagas of the Toyota “mini-winnies” (see my response to Daryl further on down below – it will explain all) I’m very much interested in a 1988 – 85 Sunrader with automatic transmission and when my wife and I fly over to North America in July we intend to try and purchase one to ship back to Australia. Our import laws require that the vehicle must be 1988 or older so as to not pay import duty + I don’t have to convert the vehicle to right-hand drive either.
          Seeing as how you restore these little beauties do you ever have any for sale? I get the impression that they are very popular and you have to be in the right place at the right time
          if one does come up for sale.
          A version was produced in Australia by a company called Matilda and was designated the Matilda Crystal III. It came in both 2WD & 4WD (manual or automatic transmission) with a lazy axle to carry the extra weight of the fibreglass body and the interior configuration was exactly the same as the Toyota Dolphin. They started producing in 1989 until 1993 and a used vehicle costs around AU$45 – 55,000 so you can see that buying a Sunrader for around $8,000 and shipping back to Fremantle (my home port) at a cost of $5000 is by far the best scenario. Any ideas that you may have would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to your response.
          I hope you had a very happy new year and 2014 is a great year for you.
          Warmest regards,
          Frank Bartlett

          • Jeremiah says:

            Have a 1988 Toyota mini mirage for sale in Farmington Hills Michigan very nice condition for $4800.

        • art ayala says:

          Jon, I own a Toyo 92 Itasca Spirit by Winnbgo. I need to cut a round 4″ hole behind the refrigerator but don’t know if there may be a frame member in the way. Thought maybe if I sent you a pic you may share some insight. Please let me know if you interested in guiding me or offering me insight. Thanks.

        • Linda says:

          Hi JP. Where are you located? I very much would like a V6, I am an associate of Legal Shield, I want to travel and have storage for brochures and applications. I also want to use it as a second vehicle. I live in Vt. Do you know how I can locate one? I’ve seen big ones with big engines, 454, 460, etc. Thanks. Linda

    • Laurie says:


      Not sure if you’ll get this as it’s so long ago you wrote but if you do get this…I’d love to know where to find these Toyota RVs.

      Thank you!


    • John Bolender says:

      You said you know where they sell alot of these older model toyota rv’s at reasonable prices, please let me know what you have. Thx!

      • Glenn Borne says:

        I have a 1986 Toyota Winnebago with rear bath configuration, dually rear, roof a/c, rubber roof, automatic, cruise, 63k miles, no rust, everything works, FOR SALE $5950 located in Pa.

        • Judy Smith says:

          I am interested in your Toyota rv. Do you still have it? I’m in Delaware and I’ve been looking for one of these. Please let me know and if you have any pics could you send them to my email above.
          Thanks so much,

          • Glenn Borne says:

            Yes Judy I still have the 1986 Toyota rv. I do not see your email above as you stated; but I do have pics and can send them to you. Email me at and I will send you all the pics.

    • Phil and Linda Nilsen says:

      We are looking at a 1991 Toyota Dolphin for $7,000. with 67,000 miles. It does need some work on the body of trailer, they are going to reseal the roof and recaulk around the outside seams, remove carpet on inside and replace with vinyl or wood flooring. Buying from a Dealer. Plan to drive from Fl. to Canada this summer. We await your comments.

    • I too would like to know where people with toyota minis and where people with older, smaller campers gather. It is a lot of fun.

    • billmartell says:

      where is that web site for toyota motor homes for sale?thank you

    • jim winters says:

      would like site information.



  22. Pat: You will love the crew feedback on the website. What kind of Toy RV do you have?

  23. Jason says:

    Dennis – Sounds like a nice trip. Good tip on the Yahoo group too – thank you for commenting.

  24. Betty says:

    I’m looking for a camper and am very interested in the toyota. Can you tell me which model and year has the v6 motor. I live in Florida if anyone has one for sale.

  25. Jason says:

    There are many places to list a vehicle online for sale…the comments on this article are not one of them.


  26. Aaron Gates says:

    I just bought a 1979 toyota sunrader in South Dakota off craigslist, go figure! My girlfriend and I are in our early twenties and plan on traveling out to Oregon and live in it. We are both in love with it. Anyone want to tow us over the mountains?

    • Restless says:

      I am looking at an 85 Sunrader with 155,000 miles. I am having it checked out by my automotive shop. I am asking for feed back on this high mileage. It is a 22r 4 speed motor. Most postings seem to have much lower mileage. It is the 18′ model.

      • Richard says:

        I have a 1985 dolphin…r22 w/4speed manual….bull it proof motors…I pull a m/cycle trailer with a BMW motorcycle w/ sidecar rig … I get 13-14 mpg at 62-65… It will run faster but mpg suffers…
        I put in a new clutch at 70kmiles…this is my second Toyota Rv…picked up a 1989 huntsman w/r22 e, auto transmission w/overdrive…will be doing some TLC, new coach carpet, window treatments …have the carb off the onan for a thorough cleaning… It is the 1800rpm model…more durable and effecent fuel wise that those that run at 3600rpm….

        I was run down in September of 2006 and now although recovered it was had to crawl from the drivers seat to the rear of the dolphin…. I purchased a Volkswagen powered Rialta to be able to move about a bit easier…. The Rialta is an automatic transmission model…I would like to convert to a manual transmission…. I prefer the toyoytas with manuals as they are safer to me in the mountains….braking, and also aid in emergency stops…. Each have trade offs….
        As in all things posted….
        Your mileage may vary disclaimer applies
        Lake Texoma, Texas shore

  27. Ryan Rosskamp says:

    I acquired a 1981 Toyota Rader Motorhome through my best friends, coworkers divorce liquidation sale. My camper had 52,000 original mile two years ago when I got it. Its been very reliabale and a lot of fun to camp with. The best part was I only paid 600.00 for it. I’m interested in talking to others about these mini motor homes and the strong little 22R they put in these(Mine is pre fuel injection, and I think rated less that 100hp) Amazing, it gets about 20mpg on a trip. My email is Ryanowski02 [at] if anyone wants to talk.

    • jeannie says:

      great buy nothing beats a toyota

    • Steve says:

      Just purchased a 1984 Rader. Like it a lot, but blew out a tire. It looks like someone put automobile tires on it, do you know what the proper tires are for the vehicle?

      • jim winters says:

        put 14″ truck tires on it. more expensive but better mileage and handling!

      • Edward says:

        I had the same problem. Tread came off on mine though. The tire size is 185/R14. No middle number. It is a heavy duty motorhome tire.

  28. says:

    I own 1987 4cyc L.G.motor, auto, air,sunrader all fiberglass rear air bags,about 18miles per gal.if you stay under 70 miles pr. hr. and have a great time in it.growing out of it,and it might be on the market.keep lookin on the web and you’ll find the toyota mini motor home club,we go out to the pacific coast all the time and it’s like frist class,easy parking and people always asking about the toyota.happy camping.

  29. Richard says:

    My wife and I tried one out in a road trip to Las Vegas last weekend. Reliable, not bad on gas (14 mpg), and cozy, including space for our small pooches!

  30. Richard says:

    Oh, and this is the National RV Dolphin version, with the 2.2 engine, manual trans, and evap cooling in the RV body.

    • Yarrow says:

      Hi Richard,
      I have a 85 Sunrader. It does not have AC. I am interested in learning about your evap cooling in the RV body. Was it manufactured with one or did you install it. We have one of these kind of coolers in our house and it works so well that I would love to have one in the camper.

  31. Nerdizen says:

    I have owned both a 4 cylinder, Toyota Coachmen with a rear kitchen that I lived in for almost a year down in Key West and a 6 cylinder, Toyota Sunrader. Both engines appear to be bullet-proof and I full-time in each. I can’t imagine owning anything else. Easy to operate, virtually maintenance-free, with readily available and inexpensive parts, when you do need servicing.
    I thought about purchasing a RoadTrek (Class B) Van, but the price sticker was essentially around $65 to $75 thousand, so I decided against it and I’m glad I did. That price difference buys a whole lot of fuel and years of traveling throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. If, one these Toyota Campers are within your budgets or experiences, you won’t regret it. Think of it as a cross between an SUV and a minivan on steroids.

  32. Sven says:

    My wife and I bought our 1993 Winnebago Warrior from Craig’s list about 1.5 years ago. We paid $5500 for it. We go everywhere with it. It’s great for an after work trip to the beach to have dinner and watch the sunset. We’ve traveled from Cape Cod to Virginia Beach and not a bit of trouble. We get 13-15 MPG at 55 mph. Lots of people stop us to talk about our little Toyota RV. Many have made offers to buy it! It’s one of our the best investments.

  33. dusti says:

    I have a 16 foot Toyota dolphin with only 2 tires in the back. I have had a hard time keeping it on the road. It wanders a lot. I have called around and asked if there was away for me to put duallys on the rear, and I was told there was really not a way to do this, and it wouldn’t make much difference. They said it came this way??? Well they suggested maybe asteering stabilizer. Has anyone had this problem and then fixed it? if so how?

    • charles Battley says:

      Make sure all the tires are of the same size and same Brand . I bought a Dodge Van Conversion Once I Couldn’t Drive It Over 25 Mph Switched All Tires & rims With My Pickup Then it Drove Like a New One But I couldn’t Keep Mu Pickup On The Road LOL

    • Mike says:

      The axle can be swapped. In fact there was a recall over this issue and many models had an axle upgrade. Don’t know whether yours was one of the recalled models, but I’ve read that some dealers will still honor the recall. Worth looking into.

    • Jon Sweitzer says:


      • Terry says:

        Jon, is this problem one on the Toyota V6 Winnebago Warior? I own one and am not aware of a recall on
        the axle?


    • Jon Sweitzer says:

      As A FREE service to EVERYONE!!! Im more than happy to answer and or help anyone with any questions they may have about ANY year Toybox Just email me at jps23579@yahoo Thx JP Sweitzer PH
      704 933-8232

    • jim winters says:

      All you need to do is measure from body to frame. I think you will find sufficient room to install a Dually axle (must be axle from 85 or later for load bearing purposes).

    • jim winters says:

      yes, any dually axle will bolt right up. Do get the later model dually with floating rear axle. I had one of these put on my 1980 Dolphin. It has made all the difference. Do put adjustable (air compressor with manual switches-that mount in the cab-individually operated for maximum handling support).

  34. larry says:

    great little camper. just purchased a 1978 dolphin and have taken 2 short winter trips.GREAT!!!!will write more as i learn more about it larry

  35. Karen Hill says:

    Am looking at 87 toy mh. 4 cyl low miles looks good. Have been told some that have duallys had problems with tranny. Anyone know about this. Sale is pending help please

  36. Eddie says:

    I need a toyota sunrader any 1 got 1 near MA or in MA

  37. Dale says:

    We have a 1987 Toyota Odyssey, 22R, EFI that we bought 2 years ago. Took a 4066 mile trip in Sept. 2009 from TN thru KY, OH, IN, IL, IA, NE, WY, CO, TN, OK, AR and back to TN with most of it on back roads. We went thru mountains 13,000 feet. Yeah, it is slow going up but keep on chugging. Even averaged 15 mpg. They sure don’t like high ethanol gas. Had a great time! Would like to find a mini club in the east.

  38. Jeffrey Eller says:

    I have a 87 Toyota Escaper,22r,EFI.I have enjoyed camping,and day trips,great little camper!I would also like to find mini club in the east.

  39. We have owned two Toyota Dolphins. We drove the first one over 200K … went everywhere. When we bought it it was on recall to get the rear end upgraded. We took it to Paris, CA where the Toyota people did 3000K upgrade on the rear…that RV never let us down…went to Canada etc. was super great. We sold it and got a bigger RV and hated it. We liked the smaller 21 foot RV because we could get into any store parking lot…you are almost invisible. We have a 1989 Dolphin now…built with the corrected rear section…it is a heavier model. We average 14.5 mpg. My husband is now 86 and we have to sell it. It has under 100K …runs great, clean, never been smoked in, and we’ve replaced a lot of the things in it. It wouldn’t take much to finish the restoration we began. We hate to sell it. Make me an offer. I’ll send you pictures and location if you ask. Thanks…just sign me a Dolphin lover. Ellen McKinsey

    • Anonymous says:

      Where do you live?

    • VICTOR says:


    • jeff ousley says:

      Yes I am interested in a Toyota Rv. I have never owned one.I live in Columbia ,Mo and I would want to pull a light alumnium boat behind it and I would like it to be self contained. i HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT i NEED AT LEAST A 6 CYL motor. I have also read that some people think they are top heavy and my flip over. Do you have any tales to tell pictures and price would be good


    • Rae says:

      I had a FolfinToyota Micro-Mini Motorhome in 1989. It had the baith room in the back. Traveled from AZ to AK & back. Sold it… dumb mistake… tried to buy it back but the owner wouldn’t give it up. Have been looking for one ever since.

      • Rae says:

        Excuse my spelling of the TOYOTA DOLPHIN Micro-Mini Motorhome. I was so excited to see that someone had one, my fingers went crazy trying to put in my request to contact someone who had one.

    • martha says:

      am turning 70 this year and am looking for toyota dolphin am also lover of above please contact me at 1 509 999 9383 if you still have it I’m a soon to retire nurse and want to tavel in something small

      • Gilley says:


        I am also a woman 70 years and own a Toyota Mini Winie and plan to go traveling soon. If you get the unit you are searching for, I would love to talk about meeting briefly somewhere. Gilley

    • Ron says:

      Hi Ellen…Do you still have your camper? What are you asking for it. Where do you live? I live in Peoria, Illinois. My phone # is 309-360-6570…Thanks, Ron…

      • Glenn Borne says:

        I have a 1986 Toyota Winnebago with rear bath configuration, dually rear, roof a/c, rubber roof, automatic, cruise, 63k miles, no rust, everything works, FOR SALE $5950 located in Pa.

    • cindy birdwise says:

      Ellen M.
      Hi I am writing this note knowing it is two years after you wrote that you needed to sell your rv because your hubby turned 86. I hope both of you are healthy and happy. Did you keep your rv, sell it or give it to family? I would like to hear from you.
      cindy birdwise Canada

  40. donna says:

    i am on the toyota mini motorhome site.I now own a 1999
    toyota sienna which i love-i hate the idea of towing anything-does anyone know if toyota has a small rv you can tow that has sink,bed etc-i have been camping most of my life in a tent and can always sleep in the van if it rains-
    is an rv difficult to maintain-thanks-

  41. Jamie says:

    For Ellen McKinsey: Is it still for sale? Do you have pictures? Does it have a Generator, A/c. Manual or Automatic?? Any info would be great. You can call me at 504-656-8222. Where are you located?
    Thank you

  42. Ken says:

    I’m looking at a 81 with a diesel are they any good

  43. Sven says:

    The largest concentration of these motorhomes are in the Florida and Washington State regions. The NY/NJ/CT areas have a few of them too!
    I bought my 1993 Toyota Winnebago Warrior in 2009, in NJ, for $5500. You will not find too many 92-93 motorhomes in that price range now. The prices have actually risen. People are selling 92&93 Toyota Pickup trucks for $5000 that are in good shape. Not the motorhome model…just the truck.
    Last week I was at a Jimmy Buffet tailgate party on Long Island and I had 4 people that wanted to buy my motorhome.
    Good luck with your motorhome search 🙂

  44. Doug says:

    I have a chance to buy a 1975 Mini-Mirage camper. I can’t find any info or pictures on-line. Can anyone help?


  45. bob says:

    I recently purchased a 1988 Escaper with 33,000 miles on it. It is loaded except the dash air does not work,YET. I have been using it and LOVE it. Getting ready for manditor retirement next year and the wife and I are looking forward to traveling.
    I have owned several other Toyota vehcles and loved therir reliability. I also really like the 17 mpg that I get. My friend owns a 35′ RV and it cost him almost $1 to put gas in it. He hates my Toyhouse.

    • Erin says:

      How is everyone getting 15+ mpg? I drove very slow, no AC, (doesn’t have it) and only averaged 10 MPG on a 1000 mile trip to Western Colorado from San Francisco. Mine is a 1988 Dolphin, 4 cylinder with very little pep on the hills. I love my little rig but want better mpgs…any suggestions?


      • Sam says:

        I have a 1986 Dolphin with the 22RE fuel injected engine. It was running terribly slow like the problem you have, but a mechanic friend of mine adjusted the distributor (it was out by 180 degrees) and it’s like driving a brand new car! Give that a go and see if it works for you too.

      • jim winters says:

        must have an automatic. I have 1980 Dolphin manual 5 speed trans. averages 15-16mpg.

  46. ellen mckinseey says:

    is your motorhome still 4sale if so i am interested in some more info on it along with some piks inside and out my name is maria i live in wash. state

  47. maria marcial says:

    sorry did this wrong this mess is 4 ellen mckinsey just wonderin if yr motorhome is still 4sale if so u can call me at 360 691 7575 are u in wash state where is yr location if sold or 2 far then u dont need 2 respond thanks if so after 2 oclock pm is jzt fine

    • Joan says:

      Did you ever buy a motorhome? I ask becaue I am about to post mine if you are interested. I do live in WA state. We can deliver also. If interested I can send photos.

      • telle says:

        I’m interested if you still have that motorhome for sale; we are in Oregon.

      • martha says:

        please call 509 999 9383 if still for sale

      • cindy birdwise says:

        I have yet to find one and I live in Canada. Can you please send photos to me at my email address. thanks cindy

        • Darryl says:

          Hello Cindy,

          I currently have a 1987 Sunrader in excellent condition and will be buying a 92 Sunrader because of the layout.

          I did buy a bran new never used in the box Onan 2500 Generator for it as well.

          I may be selling my 87 which is in Canada Eh!

          Let me know if you are still looking for one and perhaps we can start a discussion about it.

          Thank you,
          Darryl M

          • Frank Bartlett says:

            G’day Darryl, Greetings from down under (Perth, Western Australia, to be exact). I have been following the stories and sagas of the Toyota “mini-winies” – to own a Sunrader is my dream. There was a little beauty for sale (now sold) @ Dan’s RV & Truck centre in Vancouver – I should of bought the little sucker as my son lives on Vancouver Island (he’s married to a lovely Canadian lady and has dual citizenship) and he said that he would store it until I came over next July. As you guess, I’m possibly in the market for a Sunrader and your ’87 sounds great, eh? What part of Canada are you in? My wife (Gerda) and I will be flying over in July for 5-6 weeks (4th trip to Canada) and we will definitely be in the market to purchase, drive down to LA and ship it back to Fremantle Western Australia (our home port) Our son, Kris, lives just out of Victoria and he would check out the vehicle for me – if the distance isn’t too great.
            It would be great to hear back from you. Look forward to your response.
            Have a very happy new year and all the best for 2014.
            Warmest regards,

          • Frank Bartlett says:

            Hey Darryl, me again. I forgot to ask; is your 1987 Sunrader manual or automatic ? (great, if it’s auto)and what sort of mileage/kilometres (we use kilometres down under but I’m old school and speak both imperial and metric – LOL. Now I’m stretching the friendship and wondering if you could send some photos as well.
            Looking forward to hearing from you.

          • Frank Bartlett says:

            Hey Daryl,
            I forgot to submit the request to notify me by email in the last two post so will do so now.


          • Frank says:

            Hi again Darryl,
            Sorry to be such a pest but I’ll give you my email direct to contact as I think that may be the way to go.


  48. Doug says:

    Still haven’t heard from anyone regarding a 1975 mini-mirage. Does anyone have information about this little camper?

  49. EDVRO says:

    I am the happy owner of a 82 Toyota Dolphin with 39 K original miles. Regretfully I am soon to be in a position to have to sell her. If anyone is interested in the particulars leave a massage.

  50. Just bought a 1983 Huntsman in really good shape and ready to travel America. The gentleman I bought it from did everything needed to be done such as the furnace taken out, cleaned and serviced. The rug taken out and replaced with Pergo flooring. All brakes replaced and new tires, all six of them. Both ceiling vents replaced and sealed. The list goes on and on with the things he did as a project starting 2 years ago because he’s retired and needed something to do. I feel as though I lucked out because the Huntsman only has 68,000 miles on it and runs like 1983, smooth, tight and straight as an arrow. If anyone out here has any advice for me I’m receptive because I’ve never own one and like to hear from people with experiece. God Bless and Be Safe.

  51. Wilson says:

    Anybody who either owns or wants to own a Toyhome (as we often refer to them) MUST join the Yahoo group for other owners – TONS of useful info and discussions:

    and also

    • charles Battley says:

      Helo Everyone I bought a 1985 mini MiRage Last Aug it Had An Updated Rear End Frigde & Stove I Worked On That Thing For 6 Months Made A Place To Hide A Porta Potty Pnstalled A Privacy curtain Rod Which Holds My Fishing Poles Also Ins.A 2 Deawer Cabinert & Work Counter & A Work Counter Top Took It On a 5000 Mile trip Mich To Up State Ny. To Florida Counted The Cars I Passed On The Trip Would You Believe 14 Used one Qt OF Oil Whole Trip
      Sure Need Some Kind Of Air In The Rear Fridge Didn’t Work On 12v ( Had A Wire Crossed & Couldent Get It To Take LP Gas Till I Got Home To Heavy Of Spring )I Added A Delco ALT. On top Of the Air-Cond Pump As A Spare Sure Hate To Drill Holes In That Fiberglass Body charley

  52. Wilson says:

    You will find many more of these out in the western states – specially California since most of the various manufactureres were from California. In general, except for a variety of floor plans, they are all pretty much the same inside. The manuf’s all bought the same items to build and equip them: toilets, refridgerators, ovens, water pumps, battery charger/converters, etc. Very helpful since everybody is in the ‘same boat’ when problems come along.

  53. richard aka sie says:

    greetings thrill seekers

    i am enjoying my ‘mobile cave ‘ aka toyota dolphin…remodeled the first one then found my present ’85…i have lived in it for seven months parked inside the vintage jaguar restoration shop i worked at doing full off frame restorations….i pull a small trailer with my bmw sidecar rigged motorcycle, toolbox[ tools of my trade] ‘spare gold bullion vault’ aka gasoline can,

    since mine has a gen set, i can carry mig welder, 110 volt impact gun, and plan on installing a 110 volt compressor…

    i love to travel, the road, overnight’n in rest areas and enjoy the slow pace and descent fuel economy these units provide…. not having to eat in restaurants and stay in hotel/motels off sets

    could write volumes on my trips, experiences and the wrinkles caused by the smiles this rig causes… i smile just peccking this out on my netbook using my cell as a modem…

    tail winds to you


  54. Larry says:

    Just got my 21 foot Toyota Dolphin Mini-Motorhome 2 months ago. Its a 91 and was well cared for. Everything
    works and it is a joy to take to the beach and hang out with. Plan on doin some overnites soon. Still have to pinch myself everytime I get to take it out.

  55. andrew bolt says:

    It is time to replace the rear axle brake shoes for my 1986 toyota motor home..has a full floating axle..local mechanic claims all his warehouse suppliers have no source for supplying the replacement parts..where can I go for parts & service..home area is northwset Iowa..will winter in New Mexico..will appreciate any help or advice..thanks

  56. notsandy says:

    I love my 83 Toyota sunrader with only 37k miles on it! BUT I left it sit this summer and now nothing in cab or engine works, click or anything. The house works fine. It is plugged in seperately.

    I am finding that there is a fusible link somewhere..But where?
    Any help would be apprciated.

  57. notsandy says:

    ps…yes, I’ve tried to jump it. At first, the dome light came on..that was 85 tries ago…

  58. Jason (Admin) says:

    andrew – ebay? No idea man, sorry.

    notsandy – If the battery was completely drained, it just won’t work no matter how much you charge it. You probably just need a new battery.

  59. Nat says:

    hi there, we just bought a 1990 Toyota Warrior V6 & while the truck part (engine & body) seem great, the interior is in rough shape. Does anyone have experience with replacing the ceiling? There is extensive water damage and sagging so I figure I will have to rip it all out. The few generic rv sites say that you need to remove the top of the camper from the outside to get at the insulation & plywood to redo-replace it but I’m wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to do from the inside? Also any hints on where to find a manual?

    • Joan says:

      I have a manual for mine. I could scan and send it to you if you wish. I am in the process of putting our 1991 toyota Warrior up for sale. Jut put in a Brand New Refer.

      • Jim says:

        Interested in your toyota if you still have it, and where are you located at?

        • sharen floyd says:

          I have a 1986 Dolphin RV for sale. Hate to think of losing it, but have to downsize. It’s in really EXCELLENT condition. Automatic. Full floating rear axle. Can send pics. ALL appliances, etc. work GREAT. Been happy with it for several years, but now moving back close to family and have to sell. In PRIMO shape, well loved and cared for.
          S Floyd
          541 505-2334
          Eugene, OREGON

      • Ron says:

        Looking for one. Ron from Peoria,Illinois. Thanks,

        • Glenn Borne says:

          I have a 1986 Toyota Winnebago with rear bath configuration, dually rear, roof a/c, rubber roof, automatic, cruise, 63k miles, no rust, everything works, FOR SALE $5950 located in Pa.

      • gary says:

        Could I have all particulars of your r.v. mileage, year, here can it be seen? Size of the motor. etc. etc. and of course the price. thanks

      • linda6536 says:

        I have a 1990 Toyota warrior, do you still have a copy I could purchase… linda

    • Jon Sweitzer says:

      I do ground up restorations on TOYBOXES and when I do I usually yank the entire top roof off and then I replace the original 1×2 cross members with 1×4 pressure treated slats AND I also mechanically fasten continuous L shaped 3/4 x3/4″ aluminum braces on the sides of the 1×4 strips AND I place them every 24″ apart instead of every 36″ that they did originally, the cabinets need to be carefully unscrewed and removed first as they are screwed to the ceiling and ceiling braces and I then use 1/4 luan underlayment sheeting / paneling that I get from Lowes. It runs about $13 bucks a sheet and can be primed and painted afterwards, Also buy a few 4×8 ft sheets of 3/4 foam and cut sections of this to go in between the newly installed strips, be certain to use liquid nails or panel adhesive to adhere the foam panels in place on top of the newly installed ceiling panels then re sheet the roof with the same 1/4 inch paneling and reinstall an aluminum roof or fully adhere a new rubber epdm membrane roof material to your newly installed roof paneling, making certain to leave a few inches overhang on all sides which goes UNDER the aluminum stips that are installed around the outside wall perimeters.. any questions email me ill help any way I can for you to do it yourself or if interested I do them for a flat fee of $4000 which includes all materials and labor complete.. Thx JpS OR 704 933-8232 Happy RVing

    • jim winters says:

      yes, I removed my 80 dolphin ceiling from the inside. lot of work but worth it because I reinstalled ceiling such i can remove individual panels to work inside rafters or check roof has sprung a leak.

  60. Anonymous says:

    What about rhinoliner spray on?

  61. Patrick says:

    Just stumbled into the Toyota mini-rv world from CL ad and this discussion forum has been great. Thanks to everyone for sharing!

  62. View of the Peaks says:

    I missed the rally in Quartzite, AZ a couple of weeks ago. Any comments from anyone on how it went and photos.

  63. Clay says:

    Great site! I spent 2 years back in 00-01 traveling North America and living in an ’86 Dolphin with my 2 dogs. It was a life-changing experience, made quite comfortable by all of the great features packed into my Dolphin.
    My favorite thing about the Dolphin was the size and maneuverability. I’m not a campground camper, so I drove my Dolphin many miles up countless narrow mountain dirt roads in Alaska and Canada, across open desert in the Southwest, on beaches and across praries, and even “camped” in downtown San Francisco one night thanks to the ease of parking my rig.
    Life changed some after all that and I sold it rather than let it waste away in the driveway, but I’ve got a strong urge to pick up another one…

  64. Luke says:

    I had a Toyota Chinook and I am sorry I ever sold it. My only problem was the roof would leak. I went over the Rockies several times and drove from Michigan to the Gaspe in Canada. We drove to Florida three times too. We went to Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. I bought it with 72 K and put another 40 K on it. All this from a 2200 CC engine
    with a stick shift and no fuel injection.

  65. Luke says:

    And I forgot 19-20 mpg on the highway.

  66. Dave says:

    we have a 1987 e/z ryder toyota camper, does anyone who built it? can’t find any info on the e/z ryder

  67. rae says:

    I had a micro-mini toyota dolphin motorhome in 1988. It had the bathroom in the back. After traveling fom AZ to Ak and back I sold it. Biggest mistake I ever made. I’m looking for another one… this time for keeps! If anyone out there knows of one that is in good condition please contact me through this site.

  68. Nan says:

    Hi, Just bought 84 Dolphin/Toyota, Hellix 2.4, Manual Tran, Unusual floor plan….Side Kitchen with Oposite built in Dinning Booth with removable Table, Rear Full Bed with Closet above Foot Area, Front Overhead Bed and
    Side Bath with Potty and Separate Shower w/ Sink.
    Really Cute. Route 66 Deco and Drapes Very Clean 38K miles
    Averaged 18 mpg in Mountain Driving COOL!!!

    Like to Know of Clubs Also for Toys
    Any one know of where to buy used Oven Parts need new control or mercury sensor?

    • Jacqui :o says:

      I’m in Palm Springs, CA. I’m looking to buy one. any leads will be appreciated.

  69. Nan says:

    Supplemental info for 84 Toy/Dolphin,
    Oven is a Wedgewood, Stainless Steel Exterior Finish

  70. Pat Arnold says:

    I have the 1988 Toyota mini exactly as above photos. Our trouble is – where in the heck can you find parts – like the little grommets for the stove eye covers?
    We have having a lot of trouble. Also need the strips across the top to hold the inside ceiling pieces. Two are missing.
    Help! We are in southern California.

    • So far I’ve been able to get parts through an RV supply place, but I’ve had to make a few things too. The rubber rings under the stove burners I had to replace by making them from material I got out from a heating company, and the valves for the water pipes to drain them (in the cupboard on the rear starboard side)had to be removed and replaced with straight hose (so far I’ve still been able to drain the pipes enough not to have them freeze and split over the winter), but I’ve been able to take care of everything one way or another….so far!

  71. Tim Brown says:

    Hello well I got a 1978 Toyota mini and its a basket case but what do you expect for $200 its mine and my Grandma would of loved it too.Now its time to fix it up and do what Grandma wanted too do and travel the world befor she passed away, I have some time to do this any thing will help me get my mini on the road up here in Gods Country !!!

    P.S. are there any Toyota mini Clubs out there ???

  72. rae says:

    Still looking for a Toyota micro-mini motorhome. I love in Colorado.

  73. Joan says:

    I have one for sale. I’m in Wasington state. outside Spokane. 1991 Warrior.

    • rae says:

      What is the layout of the 1991 Warrior?
      How much are you asking for it?
      Does it need much work?

    • jc says:

      Do you still have the toyota minnie for sale? I am interested in it, I live in Idaho, would like to look at it if you still have it and what are you asking for it? thanks Jim

  74. Uta says:

    I’ve had a 78 Toyota Little Chief for 1 year now, and as cute as it is, the previous owners really didn’t take care of it…so it’s been a massive investment so far. There doesn’t seem info on this motor-home, which makes me wonder if it was “a more difficult” model than the rest of them?

    Anyway, I’m selling mine, as it’s too much for me to repair now. I shall check out the suggested yahoo and Toyota sites – thank you for the helpful info posted here!

  75. Craig Larson says:

    Hi I do own a 1991/2 Toyota Motoahome that I bought from the origional owners. It had a rebuilt v-6 engine but was not in good shape. I have rebuilt the roof, new air conditioning, new floor, tile, toilet, upholstry, rock counter tops and I have had mulitable offers on it although it is not for sale. One offer was $15, and the other 18,000. I want to drive it around the country then sell it when I get back for $20, or so….Craig

    • Nancy W says:

      I live in Alabama and would like to know where to get parts for a new bathroom in my 1986 Toyota Dolphin motorhome.

  76. Kay says:

    I have a 1989 Winnebago Itasca Spirit that looks just like the pictures above but slightly worn with 93,000 miles. It needs some work due to rust and water damage. I’m the 3rd owner. Mine is a rare one with a 4 cylinder automatic. I bought it last January 2012 for $4000. It runs great but the gas mileage has been disappointing. I only get between 10 to 12 mpg. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get the mpgs up, please comment. Thanks.

  77. Mary says:

    I just bought a 1987 toyota coachmen micro mini in des Moines for $2200 like the above picture. It isnt pretty but everything works. I can make it look better w new carpet and paint inside and just clean it up. It has all the paperwork w manual. Rear kitchen full bath. 2 beds swivel chairs side entrance. Only 52,000 mi. I’m 67 and will hit the road soon. In meantime will camp w my granddaughter. What’s funny is the seller offered to go camping w me. (it does have 2 beds) i may take him up on it to learn how everything works esp the awning.

  78. DeanoD says:

    There are many different layouts for these mini- RV’s unlike the one above mine does not have the breakfast nook it has a full couch that makes down into a 2 person bed and 2 swivel lounge chairs on the opposite side with a small cocktail table between them. With the full bunk above the drivers seat it sleeps 4 comfortably. The kitchen is in the rear along with the bath room. I am sure that when they sold these units new they had a number of floor plans to choose from. I get between 18 and 20 miles per gallon on gas (depending which way the wind is blowing). Mine was used but not abused, so she’s still on the road and doing good. So wave if you own one!!

  79. Mary says:

    I just got the very micro mini setup you described however mine has the rectangular table and not small round table. It does have three hole slots to place table into. Some of these might have come w both tables. 1987 model w 52,000 mi.

  80. DeanoD says:

    I bleleve you are right mine has the holes in the floor for a longer table in front of the couch but no table or tubes for it. might be the previous owner tossed the other table? who know’s work’s for me though.

  81. rainy says:

    Hi all. I owned a Toyota truck that would not die. Someone finally stole it! ha! But I loved it to near death!
    I’m looking at a mini Sunrader. Says it has the 1 ton free floatin axle. 5-sp. Is this a V-6? I noticed a comment about “rollover factor” Andy truth to this? Any comments on the V-6? I’ve heard not so great. Not sure why?

    Comment: Stabalizer for steering. It’s like a shock absorber for your steering. If you drop off the pavement, or hit a big ol’crosswind, or blowout. This reduces extreme reaction, giving you time to recover, and keep it on the road.
    Other ideas…having driven and lived in an RV, I learned to distribute interior weight. I like books, and had them all to one side near the rear. Wrong. Consider balancing weight, putting heaviest over the axles, remember fuels weigh, and your own sweet self, too. Otherwise, check front end carraige, and steering gearbox.

    happy trails, rainy

  82. Active Gal says:

    I am currently looking at an 85 Dolphin, so thanks for all the great info here. First saw an 84 Granville for sale in the neighborhood, but decided against it as they said it got about 13 miles/gallon. Those here who quote mileage for the Dolphin indicate it is much higher than that, and it appears larger than the Granville. Are those mileage quotes accurate? Time to move up from a tent to something a little more solid. Hoping to retire in a year and “take this show on the road”. Thanks for all the great info here.

  83. Karl says:

    Have an 87 Toyoto Winnebago w/22Re eng A340E trany, and improved rear axle w/duals. Just blew trans, towing two full dress cruisers for the third time up east coast from central Florida. Wife and I love its convenience. Super ride, super sleeper, easy to park/hook-up, and economical.Will repace trans w/rebuilt, and will treat it better. Stabilizer works well, tho’ semi gusts rock it. Had front wheel blow out, and handled very well to full stop off road. I intend to dress her up to show off! It has complete plumbing, including toilet and shower, but we use a portapotty at night, campground facilities for bathing. All systems work, but wish it had three-way refrigerator. Especially in southern tier of states. We love our mini!!

  84. Karl says:

    The fastest we’ve travelled is on a tow dolly behind our F150 on I-4!

    • DeanoD says:

      What about down hill with a strong wind at your back? I just got back from Southern Utah in my 81 Dolphin, Looks like it’s time to rebuild the 22R, It’s developed a bit of blow-by, not sure if it’s from the valves or the rings but i can get a complete rebuild kit from ebay for around $250.00, That ought to keep her going for another 30 years. I’ll rebuild it my self and save some money. No mater what the problem is she always get’s me home!!

  85. Rick says:

    Hi I looked at minis 4 six months ended up with a 92 Dolphin on a V_6 Toyota best rv i have ever owned, first reason 17 miles on a gal. and I dont believe I sacrificed anything as far as size, check repair costs, ins. how about the reg tags, tires, and so on. reason sold my class c to buy this last sept. my savings as of today $ 900.00 lets c thats how many oil changes tags, 6 tires, and fuel.

  86. liz says:

    I just bought a 1985 Odyssey. It has 90,000 miles and runs great. Going up hill is a little slow but i am on vacation. It needs some rehab on the interior. I would love some pictures of the table an how it should be done so it can drop down. I can’t wait to bring it back to life. Still we are already having fun in it.

  87. DeanoD says:

    Hey if anyone is looking for a mini motor home there is a 1986 Toyota Dolphin for sale in Carson City nevada, to see a picture of it you can go to the Carson City nev craigslist for sat. July 21st. to get more info. I have nothing to do with this unit other than seeing it on craigslist and trying to pass on a good thing to my fellow rv enthusiasts.

  88. Pamela says:

    I recently purchased a 1990 Toyota Ultra Gulfstream MH. It is in excellent condition inside and out. V6 engine of course. Duel axel in the rear. Have not been able to find another one like it to compair, only Dolphins. Sleeps 4, 2 above the cab, 1 on sofa, 1 on dinet. Has fridg, 3 burner gas stove, sink and microwave. The bathroom is very small(like a closet), you can sit on the toilet, hook the shower to the little sink and shower…LOL. I am quite happy with it, but still want to sleep in my tent with a big air mattress for longer trips. Just wondering if there is another Ultra out there somewhere to compair with. This is the first MH I have ever owned and I am just getting used to the quick setup and teardown of camp .. MORE TIME FOR FISHING .. YAYA … LOL

  89. August says:

    Hi there, I just bought an 87 Dolphin 22EFI with 40,000 miles on it, gonna change out all the fluids, and radiator, has only AC in Cab and it has not been blowing cold, so maybe changing fluids will solve it, hope so, Does anyone know what my average expected MPG should be if I travel lite? Just curious, and if any suggestions on what to do to improve mpg and power (besides bigger engine,lol) I plan to travel the entire USA Coastline and wonder if anyone thinks this really is the rig to do it in? Also does anyone have any suggestions for security, as I travel alone with my Pup, and dependability (besides a good mechanic and towing insurance? I am new to RVing so starting out close to home, and will get fluids changed, put new front brakes on, but gonna have them checked again this week, as they seemed to have gotten softer, also, curious if anyone has any ideas on the best airbags and springs for these models and help with the overhead weight wind blow problems for stabilizing my highway rides? All comments are appreciated, I was originally looking fro smaller self contained Toyo MH with low miles, but came across this Dolphin and figured i just better buy it, from all I have heard they are dependable great little rigs, but I really like the idea of the solid fiberglass roof on the Sunraders, atc., and the smaller size for traveling across the US, any suggestions are welcome???

    • Erin says:

      I definitely think this is the rig to travel the coastline in! I only averaged 10 MPG on my last big trip but others seem to be getting 15-18 pretty consistently. I’m not sure what you mean by security? If you’re worried about break-ins while you’re not there, just do what you’d normally do to deter thieves; don’t leave valuables in site (ex. if you have a dvd player throw a shirt over it so it looks like a clothes line), lock your windows and doors, leave the hatches open up top if you need some air, and use a CLUB on the steering wheel. It’s amazing how many people will pass by a car/motorhome etc. that has an anti-theft device on it.I’m pretty sure there aren’t any airbags on the 87 but I could be wrong. Mine is a 88 and has none as far as I know. (of course we’re talking about airbags to level and control the bounce, like shocks, I suppose) as I don’t think there were personal airbags in 1987. Depending on where you live you can google RV sites and also the comments prove helpful. I’m new to rving too and have found the rv sites to be pretty true to form according to the yelp comments and general comments on the sites. Enjoy your new toy and welcome to the club~

    • I bought mine in Denver & have now driven it back & forth between Colorado and Alaska 3 times and all over Alaska, for the last 6 years. Perfect! VERY easy to drive. Just need to be able to find dump stations, propane, and RV service places like you would with any RV 🙂 I close all my curtains and cover my generator with a sheet like someone else suggested, and so far no problem. The only thing I’d add is that you can’t sit long without running down the coach battery, and I solved that by buying a little Honda 1000 watt generator, and I can charge my laptop, mifi, cell phone, and use my printer too, so that has allowed me to stay in one place for more than a few days (I don’t plug in RV parks). Well worth the cost for the freedom it gives you. Make sure you seal your roof and around the windows WELL. Even if you can’t see a hole. Reseal it at least every two years, and check it every year. When it leaked around the air conditioner I chucked it and replace it with another hatch, which also helped when my dog was older and couldn’t hike much with me anymore. Takes a lot of weight off the roof too, but I don’t live in a hot climate. You have to be plugged in to use it anyway. The other place I had a leak was around the antenna tower. I don’t use the antenna, but I do use it to hold onto to get on the roof from the ladder I strap to the back bumper (you’d be surprised how often you have to get on your roof for one thing or another….)

  90. Robert n Quigley says:

    just bought a 1987 Toyota sun land express rv. But there are no manuals. Can anyone help me.? Thanks.

  91. t stimmel says:

    I travel all over in mine and i love it. Where else can you get 17 mpg in a full functioning motor home. It will go anywhere just a little slower. I can cruise 60 to 65 all day no problem. 55 to 60 if headed into a headwind even pulling a large motorcycle on a 5 x 10 trailer. Mine is a 83 dolphin with a 22r 4 cylinder and a 4 speed standard. Just went from Texas to Pensacola Florida on the 4th of July no problems.

  92. t stimmel says:

    I am also selling a 1981 Toyota Huntsman that only has 68000 miles on it. It is on Waco Texas craigslist. Only $3900. I would keep it but do not need two of them. It has a good running onan generator. Everything works and is in good shape. If interested look it up on Waco Texas craigslist thanks.

  93. Erin says:

    Hey People,

    I saw this ad on Craigslist…looks like a DEAL! The Dolphin is located in Santa Rosa…if I didn’t already have mine, I’d check it out! Good luck. Here’s the title:


  94. davidr says:

    just bought a 1989 toyota odyssey 6 cyl fuel injected. believe it or not the gentleman that sold it to me was the original owner. (sweet) always kept under cover and maintained. he bought it here in central florida when he retired 23 years ago. traveled to alaska and who knows where while he and his wife had it. it has about 130000 miles on it and still runs very smooth. just put 6 new tires on it and replaced the roof air seal and power steering hose. this thing is just too much fun. took it to fort desoto park on our first outing and had no problems. getting 12 to 14 miles per gallon which is about double what the full sized rv’s are getting. that is actual miles per gallon. never could figure out why most people lie about how many miles per gallon they get. just purchased a 31″ RCA tv with built in dvd player. wow , talk about a show inside that thing ! everybody said that would be to big for such a small motorhome. just watched the eagles farewell tour last night while parked in my driveway at home and i’m telling you it was just too cool. anyone thinking about buying this type of rv should go for it as far as i’m concerned. just find a good one. i would suggest one of the later models 89 and up. happy motoring and be safe…

  95. dan herring says:

    we have a 1984 where saleing for 4800 dollars its a 21 foot toyota with 49,000 miles runs and looks great we just bought a bigger one and need to sale this nice mimi cruser with a bath, stove, and two airs one inside truck and the other in the camper 4800 dollars cash no checks are money orders

  96. reenie says:

    I have an 86. Just today I broke the white plastic outdoor drain while trying to winterize here in Dubois, WY. Wondering if this is an easy replacement or if I’m going to have to replace the whole thing.
    ALSO. The wingnut on the outside heater drain is rotten and I think I’m going to have to replace it also as it won’t turn and is pretty rotten. Feels like it could bust off at any minute and is basically non functional although I’m not sure if it’s stuck open or closed. Any hints as to how to get this fixed. Do you know of any Dolphin mechanics in Wyoming? Help! Winter is on her way.

  97. Bama Nancy says:

    We just purchased a 1986 Toyota Dolphin 21ft motorhome. I want to remodel by bathroom with fiberglass instead of plastic. everthing works now but there’s a crack in the shower pan. I eventually want to put linoleum in the living part and reupholster the cushions and seats with bama colors for tailgaiting. So far we luv it. just right for 2 senior couples at games or Talladega. Any suggestions where I can find bathroom materials.

  98. Ted Thurlby says:

    I will be planning a trip in june of 2013 to alaska. I am leaving from Seattle. Anyone interested in venturing up there next year with the minis. Hope to be gone a month of slow camping fun. Ted @206 419 7009. Seattle #.

  99. Lynn says:

    I just bought a 1987 Toyota Gran Ville, I have been wanting one of these for a long time. I’ve been retired for three yrs. now, and my husband is retiring in January, so we are ready to start traveling. We haven’t gotten it yet we are having it ship to us, and we can’t wait to see it, we’ve only seen pictures of it. it should be arriving next week. I still can’t believe we’re getting it. Get this, it’s like it’s been in a time capsule for this long, because it only has 8,000 original miles on it, it looks brand new. I would like to get some pointers on these rv’s, since we have never had one. Will we have to level it when we are camping? I don’t know if it comes with a jack or jacks, can anyone tell me how to level it properly, if it does need to be leveled ? Loved reading all of the comments!!! Happy Rving everyone…@=@/Rv-/@@…….beep! beep! d:>

    • jim winters says:

      yes, it must be leveled if you are running a propane refrigerator. I installed travel trailer electric jacks on the rear and manual jacks in front.

  100. Karl says:

    We just had our tranny rebult, as the torque converter and clutches had been grossly overheated in the past. Technician in Jacksonvilole, FL rebuilt it for us, and we have added about 2,000 miles around Florida. It is great! We get about 15 + mpg on road, a little less possibly while towing our two heavy cruisers. Ours is an 87 Micro Minnie Winnie, 4cyl, dual axle, with 87,000 miles on it. It’ll cruise 60-65 on flats, 55 and lower on grades. We had it up in the Poconos and had no trouble. My wife and I have a love affair with it, warts and all. Bought it for $4,000 in 2010, and have replaced the roof air. Well worth it.

  101. Betsy Morrigan says:

    Looking for a lovingly cared-for Toyota mini in the $5,000- $6,000 range that we can purchase and pick up in coastal Washington/Oregon area next May 15 or so for a 5000 mile cross country trip to see kids and grandkids. Need awning, dual cold A/c, 6 cylinder, dual axle.

  102. Gary Bennett says:

    We have had 3 motor homes, 2were dolphin type, loved them both.First was an ’81 with auto trans, 4cyl with carburetor. The fuel injected were much better called 22r. Our present one is a ’92 v6 auto, sleeps 6. It’s a model 900 which has coach door near front, fold down couch behind driver, dinet and refer on curb side.Double sink, microwave and 4 burner stove on street side .At the rear corner is a closet on one side and shower and sink and regular size toilet.We have a built in generator and 1 coach battery. Best floor plan, AC unit on roof and regular truck AC too.Two factory airbags on top of rear springs. I first aired them up to much, it lifted the MH nicely, but was squirrly on the road, so about 10 lbs psi keep it in a strait line. Also if yours doesn’t have anti sway bars front and rear there are aftermarket bars you can install yourself.We were getting 11 to 13 mpg on a trip with the rig loaded as if we would never see another store for the duration. After unloading the stuff, I drove it to work and wes getting 16,,17 around town!! WEIGHT MATTERS.when buying Always buy new. Tires, belts and hoses. A tire will look like new because of low mileage, but can be old enough to blowout when it develops high heat on the road. A blowout can wreck the side of your rig and also cause accidents., Don’t be afraid of hi mileage, that just means it is a good rig. Notice all the big busses with only a few thousand miles? The last owner couldn’t afford to drive it and you won’t be able to either.

  103. keith says:

    we have a 1981 toyota Mini Motor home, exterior worn, interior needs some work runs good
    make offer please

  104. Jose says:

    Hey i live in las Vegas nevada I’m looking for a Toyota dolphin rv anything in six cylinders to 1990-1992 good price. If u could send me an email thanks

  105. Meredith says:

    Appreciating the time and energy you put into your site and in depth information
    you present. It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed material.
    Great read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  106. Kellie says:

    I have 1980 dolphin needs little work but i love it. Runs great along with all appliances shower, towlet and shower. keeps my austic son and myself dry and safe. Life is good.

  107. John Balogh says:

    I have a 1987 Toyota Odyssey RV for sale. It’s a fixer – $3500 If interested.

    The good: only 87K on original engine, 4cylinder automatic. The exterior had some minor cosmetic damage, which has been fixed, and is now being freshly painted (almost finished).

    The Bad: The interior is very rough. Needs a full re-vamp. There is a local person who can redo the interior for $1,500- and up, depending on how fancy you want to get (he specializes in restoring these RV’s)

    I live midway between LA and SF, just south of San Luis Obsipo by twenty minutes.

    Medical bills force sale. $3,500 obo

  108. David says:

    Great forum…! Lots of useful information. I am looking for a Toyhome. Got the itch to travel. Had planned to convert my Toyota Previa to camping but sadly her motor expired with 323000 dependable miles. Thought about a rebuild, but decided to look for a proper rv and the Toyota Toyhome is the logical choice. I live in Western North Carolina. If anyone close by has a Toy for sale give me a shout. Thanks Dave

  109. Bill Anderson says:

    I am suffocating in the Florida heat in my 1984 Toyota Dolphin RV. The air conditioner in the cab does not work due a missing belt. Can anybody please tell me what the part number is?

  110. Glenn Borne says:

    I have a 1986 Toyota Winnebago with rear bath configuration, dually rear, roof a/c, rubber roof, automatic, cruise, 63k miles, no rust, everything works, FOR SALE $5950 located in Pa.

  111. Dena says:

    I have a 1991 Toyota Dolphin. It is in great condition. 6 cly, tires are barely used maybe 1,000 miles on them. It has less than 80,000 miles on it. Stove, oven, refrig, freezer inside very small, have all service records and manuals. New awning. Small shower sink and potty. Tow package added. Clean and very well taken care of. Yearly professional winterizing and roof seal. New vent shades. Would like to get $7,000.00.

    • Annette says:

      Hi Dena,

      Where is this Toyota RV located?
      And do you have some pictures?

      Thanks so much,


      • Dena says:

        It is in Eugene, Or. The actual mileage is 70, 905 miles. I will send you pictures if you would like I am not sure how to load them on here. I know how to email them though.

      • Glenn Borne says:

        I have a 1986 Toyota Winnebago with rear bath configuration, dually rear, roof a/c, rubber roof, automatic, cruise, 65k miles, no rust, everything works, FOR SALE $5950 located in northeast Pa.

        • Bill says:

          interested reply if still available thanks Bill

          • Ed Jones says:

            1987 Toyota Horizon with 74,000 miles
            Located in Sebastian FL
            We purchased to enjoy weekend getaways but was just laid off. Need to sell.
            Shower, toilet, sink in back.
            Generator runs, A/C cold. Dual wheels.
            Cab interior is worn. needs carpet. seats are good.
            Call if interested. Asking $3000 obo.
            Ed 772-664-5670

    • Dena says:

      I still have my 1991 toyota dolphin for sale. Great condition low miles and motivated to sell… is my email fell free to ask questions and then I can show recent pictures. Thanks

      • Carole says:

        Hi Dena,
        Can you email me more info & pics of your Toyota Dolphin micro mini motorhome ??
        Has it had any water leaks ?? Thanks so much. Carole

        • Dena says:

          Hello Carole,
          Yes I do still have my rv. Give me an email and I will send you pictures. It had a leak by one vent, but it was fixed immediately and it has been winterized every year and had a new seal coat put on the roof yearly. You can email me at

      • Pat says:

        Do you still have your RV for sale?

    • Jeremiah Buchanan says:

      Hello Dena,
      Do you still have the RV?

  112. angelo says:

    i have a Toyota dolphin 83 in the prosces of remodeling adding a new fireplace ect. new light fixtures floor and much more if anyone is interested in buying and would like to have oppatonity to choses how rv comes out custom to your needs send me a e mail with any serious offers only please

    • Carole says:

      Hi Angelo,
      Is your Toyota Dolphin still available ??? Did it ever have any water leaks ??? Can you email me pics & more info about it ??? Thanks so much. Carole

  113. Glenn Borne says:

    `1986 Toyota winnebago motorhome for sale: 4cyl, automatic, 65k, ac/rubber roof, four burner stove, no oven, refrig, full bath in rear, double sink, no rust, 6 lug rear axle, 5 lug front axle, am/fm/cd radio, no generator, everything works, ready to be used. $5995 email me at and I can send you some pics and any other info you need to know.–I live in NEPA.

  114. wendy says:

    Hi I am looking for a toyota sunrader with low milage. anyone know of one?

  115. Ruben says:

    Got a 1989 dolphin project for 2500.Contact for pictures.

  116. Rena says:

    Got a 1990 Toyota Odyssey motorhome for sale now–down in Grants Pass, Oregon!

  117. Glenn Borne says:

    `1986 Toyota winnebago motorhome for sale: 4cyl, automatic, 65k, ac/rubber roof, four burner stove, no oven, refrig, full bath in rear, double sink, no rust, 6 lug rear axle, 5 lug front axle, am/fm/cd radio, no generator, everything works, ready to be used. $5995 email me at and I can send you some pics and any other info you need to know.–I live in NEPA.

  118. John says:

    I am selling my 1987 Toyota Winnebago $6500 it has a new engine
    Very clean and very good condition. I am from San Francisco

    Feel free to contact me

    Thank you

    (650) 898-5740

    • Jack Schultz says:

      We are an elderly couple in Santa Cruz who are planning an extensive trip around the country.
      $6,500 is beyond our budget – but we would appreciate some pictures and other information. Maybe something can work out.

  119. Dennis Horton says:

    Good Afternoon Judy Smith:
    I was reading some of the information on the Toyota RV site and noticed you are looking for one of the Toyota Warriors. I have a 1992 with the V6 overdrive that has just over 40K miles. It belonged to and Aunt and Uncle of mine that purchased it new and I aquired it this past summer but find I am too tall at 6’5″ to use it with out hitting my head and plan to sell it. Everything works as it should and almost new tires. interior in near mint condition as they kept everything covered. New mini blinds as well. I would consider selling it for $6500.00.
    Located in NY north of Watertown. 315-783-7666.

  120. Phil says:

    If any one is selling one let me know. I’m in Iowa.

  121. Rob says:

    Hello everyone, I am ready to sell my Warrior to the right enthusiast. Please see link for details.

  122. Mike Sotot says:

    I Have A 1994 Warrior Toyota Front With 62,000 Miles New Tires Always Kept Under A Carport Im Asking 15,000 OBO

  123. Phil says:

    Would like to purchase a Toyota Sunrader in good running condition. I live in Iowa and would be willing to drive a bit for the right motorhome. Please contact me at philipnew(at)gmail
    Thanks for looking.

    • Hi Phil. I have a 21′ Toyota mini RV for sale. I am from Oskaloosa Ia. The name of it is a “PHOENIX” 55822 miles on it. Great little home on wheels.Looks like the Sunrader. Let me know w/ any questions. 928-713-1464, leave mess.

  124. alan cassetta says:

    Just bought a 1991 21 ft, Winnebago Toye! 35,856 original miles. from 1st owner, Kept in a rv garage since new, perfect body and interior, 3.0 V6, with 4 speed auto/od. We took the train from Reno, Nv. to Cleveland, Ohio and drove back Hwy 80 to Hwy 70,the back to 80 to avoid the weather! 2618 miles 160 gallons of gas!
    16.3 mpg,wow we even went up to 11,800 ft in Colorado without a hitch, had to get 2 new front tires as they were 1991 originals and the steel belts broke after 1800 miles coming back, Other than that no problems!

  125. Hi, this weekend is fastidious designed for me, since this point in time i am
    reading this wonderful educational paragraph here at my home.

  126. Sherry Dodd says:

    I have a sweet 1988 21′ Toyota Sea Breeze Mini. It has 38,500 miles on it. I get around 14 miles to the gallon. It has a microwave, flat screen TV, stove top, no oven. bathroom with shower and awning. I absolutly love it but, I just got married and it is too small for all of us. There was a small leak in the front bunk area and my husband is repairing that, he previously worked for an RV dealer. We are getting it in pristine condition for sale. Asking $5500.00 . Located in Pittsburg, Ks. You can contact me,

  127. Hi all… Im selling a 1983 Toyota mini motorhome. “Phoenix” is the name of it. Has 55822 miles on it and is in really good cond. I live in Az. and it is from Calif. Has no rust. 22R motor w/ 4 speed trans. I just listed it on Craigslist. Check it out. Everything works good. E-mail me at for info or questions. Thanks, Guy

  128. Gilley says:

    I would like to join a Toyota Mini motorhome Club. Can someone give me contact info?

  129. aaron says:

    Hello everybody I saw this post and thought I’d throw a line out. I’m looking for a Toyota sunrader in driving condition. The rear Dinette version. I have cash and not really looking to spend a ton. I have possibly up to 4000$ for the right one.


  130. Blair says:

    I’m looking for a Toyota RV to drive across the country. I’m located in So. California.

  131. jan serwinski says:

    Can’t seem to respond to Nancy or Beth about their Toyotas for sale..if you are in NE Pa.area,and still for sale please text me @570-290-9009 with particulars and your phone number. Thanks.

  132. Trinity says:

    Any one have any idea what the out side is made of? I am going to repaint mine and need to know what the what kind of paint to use. I think there is some kind of coating over aluminum, but cant find it online. Thank you!

  133. Ben says:

    I see a lot of motorhomes that might be available for sale posts are from May 2014 forward. If you have one please reply with: model, year, price, description. Looking to purchse within next month. Thanks, Ben

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you still looking? I have a sweet little 1987 Dolphin. Have loved it dearly but need to let it go so I can focus on house building. Low miles (49,000). Runs like a top. Not sure how you contact me through this site, so just email me at if you’re still looking. $5,500

  134. dena says:

    I have a 1991 toyota dolphin that looks just like the one pictured here except everything is on the opposite side like sink on the left instead of right entry door is on passenger side instead of drivers side… I have pictures for those who are interested. Email me at thanks

  135. Arvin says:

    Hello. I am seriously interested in BUYING a Toyota motorhome. looking for a 91+ 6 cyl in “excellent condition- turn key” . I am located in Huntington Beach, California. Have cash in hand.Looking to purchase ASAP. Please email pics to or call me 714-394-3691. Please no solicitors. Thank you for your time.

  136. Arvin says:

    Hello everyone. I am seriously interested in BUYING a Toyota motorhome. I am looking for a 1991-1994 6 cyl in “excellent condition- turn key-ready to drive” . I am located in Huntington Beach, California. Have cash in hand. Looking to purchase ASAP!!!!! Please email pics to or call me 714-394-3691. Please no solicitors. Thank you for your time.

  137. Doug says:

    I’m looking for a Toyota-chassis motor home for not more than $10,000 and located as close to west Michigan as possible. It needs to be in good condition, without having had roof leaks, and have a toilet and shower.

    I’m hoping someone reading this page might have one, or a lead to one!



    • Marilyn says:

      Are you still looking? I just bought and drove one from the U P to colorado. No problems at all. Got it from my parents, however too small for my husband. Let me know f you are interested. It only has 25,200 miles.


  138. Alexwiec says:

    I am interested in using one of these mothers as a touring vehicle for a band. However in all the fotos i’ve seen, there is limited space for the band gear.
    The band intending to use it is a 3 piece. The drummer uses 7 pc kit (this includes cymbals and skins), I use a simple 1×12 and guitar head, the bass player rig is similar in size. Inaddition are our 3 sting instrument cases, Merch fits in a tupperware lugger.

    Without removing anything cosmetically from the inside and with out adding a trailer, could all our gear fit in this, without loosing the comfort?
    The MPG from what i’ve been reading is exactly the same as a huge ford econoline rig if not better.

    thanks for everyones input so far on this awesome article.


    • tony says:

      Hey, having recently been in a Minnie Winnie configuration I’d say you have a winner, and I’m familiar with band gear (been in touring biz 17 years).

      The cabover is good for locking down the drum set and probably + guitars, you would certainly want a safety net and or bungies to keep them in place. But it’s a good space.

      Clear that out when you park it for the night, and fit the gear in the driver’s cab so the cab over can be a bed. I’m inclined to think you’d be good. The other two bunks are a tad cramped, but other layouts may not be, (there are a ton of configurations). Bring EVERYTHING when you look at a prospective buy! 🙂

      I haven’t driven the camper version, but I have driven the U-Haul version, fully loaded with a two-room apartment and it was a gem, hauled us from Camarillo CA to Sacramento CA and was fine. Looking to find one just like you except to use for camping, and like you for long distance travel (retirement).

      Hope this helps, and I think you have a winner here. If you find one and love it please let us know, we’re on twitter at team_goobie.

      Tony & Laura

  139. Linda says:

    how much does this vehicle way and what would it cost to register it?

  140. Josh says:

    I am looking for a Toyota motorhome 1989-1994 with v6
    I want it to be in nice condition.
    Also interested in a sunrader model.

    please email me or text me at
    646-360-0102 or Detroitjosh(@)gmail,com

  141. SamG says:

    I have a Mini Mirage I just bought last week. I have started gutting the inside and am completely rebuilding the roof and electrical (not taking any chances). They didn’t know what they are doing and made a TOTAL mess of it . To the point it now has a lot of water damaged wood . However these things are so easy to work on. I hope to have it completely operation within 2 weeks if all goes well. Otherwise this thing is a champ. Plus it is so EASY to drive . Nothing like my truck when I put a slide in camper in it.

  142. sb says:

    We would love to have a Toyota rv. We live Iin North Florida. Prefer less than 100,000 miles and a 6 cylinder but will look at any 4 cylinders available.

    • Ed Jones says:

      We live in Sebastian FL.
      Our mini is a Toyota Horizon 1987 with 74,000 miles.
      We just purchased this for weekend getaways, haven’t gone anywhere because I was laid off right after we bought it.
      If you are interested, email and we can exchange telephone numbers.
      Ed and Cheryl

  143. Francis says:

    I am looking for a Toyota motorhome (dolphin) 89-94. In Cali, open to come to you.
    Love to have one by March. Cash in hand.


    • SamG says:

      After I rebuild this one and use it for what I have planned . I might be interest in selling mine but I live in Indiana 40 miles north of Louisville KY.

    • Tami Stoltz says:

      I have a 1992 Toyota Seabreeze if still looking?

  144. Anonymous says:

    im looking at a 1991 micro Minnie Winnie with 68,000 miles and very clean is that a good price to pay?

  145. RICHARD LEWIS says:

    Have a 1987 Toyota RV sunrader, FOR SALE OR TRADE.

  146. Roy says:

    I am really interested in a +- 21′ Toyota Motorhome if you have one for sale.
    Here is my wish list. Fiberglass panels on exterior or a Sunrader type clamshell exterior, V-6 , AC , roof rack. No more than 100,000 miles.
    Can have a near perfect to a rugged interior( I am a great carpenter and fixer).
    Let me know where you are I live in the Pacific Northwest

    • dena says:

      Hey Roy I have a 1991 toyota dolphin 70,000 miles great condition inside and out its located in eugene now. I have a slack price of 6,500 on it but let’s talk. 503 381 3362 Dena

      • Roy Benard says:

        Yes I am very interested . I will call and you can send me some pictures to start and give me a full description.

    • Tami Stoltz says:

      I am in McMinnville and we have a 1992 Toyota Seabreeze. 80,000 miles. I can send you some pictures if you like. Text me your number 503-435-9334

      • Roy Benard says:

        I have texted you , I have found McMinnville, send me all specs and pictures please.


    • Jean says:

      I have one for sale. Email me and we can “talk”. It’s a 1987 Dolphin, $49,000 mi. I can email you pictures and details. Live in NE Oregon. $5,500.

    • Jean says:

      Hey Roy,

      Forgot to give you my email address.

  147. Tami Stoltz says:

    We have a 1992 Toyota Seabreeze for sale. 80,000 miles. Just don’t seem to use enough. $7500.00

  148. Keith Stakkestad says:

    Beth, interested in your rv. need details and where is it located.

  149. Tim says:

    I have an 84 Toyota mini camper with the name “New World” on the camper. Anyone know where I can find diagrams for this thing?

  150. Tony says:

    Still looking for a Tundra for the upcoming season, we are local to Reno, NV so our pickup range, our checking out/pickup range is east to Elko/SLT north to Boise, south to Yerington and west to Davis/Vacaville.

  151. Marilyn says:

    Hi everyone, I have a Dolphin for sale. 25,200 original miles. Probably the lowest in existence. Please let me know if there is any interest out there. If so then I will spend more time on this site. (I’m a newbie)


    Moho is located in Colorado.

    • Roy Benard says:

      Yes interested I have many questions , send some pictures and specs to
      I live west coast of Canada but can travel to pick up , I must be sure the unit is worth it first and there is no disappointment on arrival after a long flight.

    • Sue Pemberton says:

      Interested. Send email to w/particulars, please.

    • Tom Wagner says:

      I am interested. I am not ready to pick up until 2015, but I have a brother in Arvada who would be willing to pick it up. Pls email me with pics and asking price of what you have. Tnx,

      Tom Wagner

  152. Adel AlGhawi says:

    I’m interested in 1987 to 1994′ Toyota Motorhome for sale with Fiberglass panels on exterior or a Sunrader type clamshell exterior, V-6 , AC on roof . No more than 100,000 miles, Cash in hand ….. my email

  153. david says:

    no price, mileage, engine size or location? In Africa?

  154. Arvin says:

    Hello everyone. I am looking to PURCHASE a Toyota motorhome 1990-1994 in very good-excellent condition. I am located in Huntington Beach, CA but willing to drive as far as Las Vegas, No.Cal/So.Cal, Phoenix, etc. within reason for the right coach and price. Thank you everyone for your time. Please no scammers, solictors, or interests besides motorhome. Serious only. Thanks email me with info, pictures, etc.

    • arvin says:

      Hello everyone. I am seriously interested in BUYING a Toyota motorhome. I am looking for a 1990-1994 6 cyl in “very good-excellent condition” . I am located in Huntington Beach, California. Have cash in hand. Looking to purchase ASAP! Please email pics to Please no solicitors. Thank you for your time.

  155. jeannie says:

    Do any one have a 1986 Toyota Dolphin RV Motorhome tire and rim for sale

  156. Maha says:

    How can I unsubscribe? I sold my camper and I’m leaving the country for an extended period.


    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      There is a link on the email that gets sent.


      • Maha says:

        Thanks Tim, I’ve been trying to unsubscribe for a couple weeks. I sent an email with “Unsubscribe” in the Subject almost two weeks ago. I’m not quite sure what you mean by “a link on the email that gets sent.” I’d be deeply grateful for your further help.


        • Tim Esterdahl says:


          The subscribe or unsubscribe isn’t handled by us, it is embedded through our website software. This means we can’t manually “unsubscribe” you. It is simply impossible.

          You can though do it yourself. When a comment is made on this thread and you signed up for email notifications, on the email will be an option to “unsubscribe.” Just click this link and you are done.


          • Anonymous says:

            Tim, either my grasp of the language is not great or you’re not communicating clearly. In any case, I’m just not “getting” your instructions:

            “When a comment is made on this thread and you signed up for email notifications, on the email will be an option to ‘unsubscribe.’ Just click this link and you are done.”

            I’ve tried everything…I even went to FeedBurner Email Subscription site, but there is NO “unsubscribe” link anywhere. UNSUBSCRIBE should be easily viewed and accomplished.

            Please give me step-by-step instructions to access the site with the “unsubscribe” option. I REALLY do not want to receive anymore comments.

            Thanks again.

          • Tim Esterdahl says:


            Ok. If you don’t see that option, try this. Look at the box below the “submit comment” button and there should be a box that says manage comments or notify you of followup comments. Make sure this isn’t clicked.


    • Anonymous says:

      I’m interested. How do I contact you? Please give me your email address or telephone #.

    • Roy Benard says:

      I am interested if you are selling , where are you located?
      Can you send interior floor plans and or pictures?
      what specs does the truck and camper have?


  157. MJ says:

    CJ, you left this message but no contact info. I’d like to know more (mechanical condition, price, etc), if there is some way to get in touch with you or you can email me at

    CJ says:
    September 25, 2014 at 2:04 pm
    Have94 Sunrader w/64k on it. Beautiful shape–no leaks-newer tires–engine & roof air–we call her “Chibi” which we were told is Japanese for “runt!” Had a stroke and need to sell. Let us now what you think. Thanks for your interest.

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