Featured Tundra – Bill’s Red Rig

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Bill sent us an email telling us about his 08′ Tundra CrewMax X-SP 5.7L V8 , and when he told us about all the equipment, we had to have some pictures. In addition to his regular driving, Bill uses his truck for light-offroading in order to get to the best kayaking places. We like it because it’s a sharp ride, and a testament to just how nice you can make your truck without breaking the bank.

Bill's red Tundra crew looks great.

Notice how level this truck is? It’s got a ToyTec 3″ front-end lift 1″ rear-end lift with a differential drop kit.

Carbon fiber dash close-up.

Adding a carbon fiber dash kit is a great way to customize your truck without spending a fortune.

Bill’s truck features a 3″ ToyTec level-lift kit, a set of 20″ JTI wheels with BF Goodrich AT T/A’s (285/55/20), an aFe cold air intake with the pro dry filter, Flo-Pro mufflers, and Bill also completed the black headlight mod described on TundraSolutions.com.

Not satisfied with the way his aFe air intake was fitting, Bill spent some time coming up with a way to improve the seal between the air intake and the fender. Check out Bill’s aFe air intake mods.

JTI 20 Carbon fiber arm rest.

The JTI 20″ rims and the carbon fiber armrest.

Bill’s story about finding this truck:

I found my truck on the internet at a dealer in NC and drove down to pick it up (which was 525 miles one way). I bought the truck in March and now I have 5200 miles on it. I love to drive it everywhere. I live in a rural community and there are only 3 Tundras in town so I still get people asking if it’s a Toyota . When I talk to them, they always say ‘It’s a Big Truck !’

Burn-outs are fun.

Burn-outs are awesome. Nuff’ said.

Bill’s future mods are going to be bigger tires, dual exhaust, and powder coating the rims. Thanks for contacting us Bill – nice truck!

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  1. patrick says:

    What is that button next to the trac control?

  2. Joey says:

    Hey man nice truck…

    I see ya’

    Hawaii 5.7

  3. mitch says:

    That’s the rear window control. It slides up and down.

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  6. Bill Green says:

    Thanks for the comments .
    Also thanks for posting my truck , Bill

  7. patrick says:

    Oh ok, I have an 07 limited and the button is in a different location.

  8. Kevin says:

    Bill’s Red Rig is awsome. I was wondering where he got the running boards?They are just what I’m looking for.

  9. Bill says:

    Kevin , the running boards came with the X-SP package . You can call here to order them http://www.jimbarkleytoyota.co.....Parts.aspx

    Thanks for the compliment on the truck !


  10. TIM says:

    Really nice truck. Can I ask what size and demention are those BF Goodrich tire’s those are? I love em. Hope to hear from you. TIM

  11. Tyler says:

    I love the carbon fiber trim. Do you have a link to where I can find those? Nice truck btw.

  12. Leon Harris says:

    Looking for a place to purchase the carbon fiber like the ones pictured above


  13. ramoine says:

    Leon , I bought the truck with the Carbon fiber like trim already installed as part of the X-sp package .

    Try and call some southern state Toyota dealers and parts depts. to see if they can find it for you .

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