Featured Tundra – K&N’s Custom CrewMax

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K&N, famous for making top quality air filters and air intake systems, decided to trick out a Toyota Tundra for SEMA. In addition to adding their Series 77 air intake for the 5.7L V8, they made a few other enhancements:

K&N Custom Tundra Crew for SEMA

The wheels are tight – 24″ CEC rims with Toyo tires.

Custom flame job on engine cover and K&N air intake.

Check out the K&N series 77 air intake and the custom paint on the engine cover.

Smoked headlights and a billet grille make the Tundra look mean.

The headlight lenses have been smoked, and combined with the billet grille and black paint, this Tundra looks mean.

The truck also features a Belltech drop kit, a LEER tonneau cover painted to match, and an Eclipse DVD head unit. It’s always nice to see an after market company put their “money where their mouth is” and K&N did a nice job showcasing their product along with some other parts. Even better, K&N sent us an air intake kit to test (which we have scheduled for later this month).

Large 24 Smoked headlights.

Thanks K&N, and nice truck!

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  1. Mickey says:

    Very Sharp…. I bet hard to clean…..

  2. Garrett says:

    Did you pain the chrome up front? If so how much did it cost? Just trying to get a general idea. You need black wheels, haha.

  3. ESPADA 000 says:

    THAT’S F#$%^&# SICK!

  4. skar says:

    yes jus seen the 09 custom tundra would like to know if selling for and how can i get something like the one shown in the page above.very interested if any info please contact bac

  5. […] have the 4/6 drop, but check out the link below for a truck with the BellTech drop kit. Featured Tundra – K&N’s Custom CrewMax | Tundra Headquarters __________________ Check Out My Tundra Cardomain […]

  6. Jarren says:

    Wow you should have a ford instead this is the us of a

  7. Jarren – You wish you had a truck this nice man. Jealous!!! 🙂

  8. Mickey says:

    Jarren they tried but not enough power. K&N want real power in the USA. So they went with the truck that’s mostly made in the USA. Now do your research and come back to discuss what you found…..

  9. Ernell Saunders says:

    Very curious to know your paint. In one pic it looks bronzeish and in one its just strait black. Gotta love it. What is your paint combination?

  10. gerald and sydney says:

    this is a nice car and were planning to purchase one of your cars

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