The Auburn Pro LSD for the Toyota Tundra

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Last month, we ran a post discussing the benefits of the ARB Air Locker differential for the Toyota Tundra. Today, we’re going to talk about a different type of aftermarket differential, the Auburn Pro LSD, which is also designed to help Toyota truck owners out wherever traction might be at a premium.

LSD = Limited-Slip Differential

Unlike the Air Locker, the Auburn Pro is actually a limited-slip unit, not a full-on locking differential. The Auburn Pro makes use of a cone clutch design that is capable of maximizing straight-line traction and efficient torque transfer from one axle shaft to the other during cornering and hard acceleration.

A look at the internals of an Auburn LSD.

Since the LSD clutch setup allows the inside and outside wheel to rotate at different speeds – up to a certain point – the chatter and binding that can be associated with a full locking differential is absent. This helps to make the Auburn Pro design very streetable in a daily driver while still providing the extra grip that Tundra owners are looking for.

Differences between Auburn Pro LSD and Toyota’s Auto LSD

To get a better idea of how exactly the Auburn Pro LSD improves over the electronic Auto LSD feature provided in the Tundra, I spoke with Ralph Traycoff, Sales Manager from Auburn Gear.

Ralph was very familiar with the stock Toyota setup, explaining that since the Tundra Auto LSD makes use of the anti-lock brake system to slow a wheel that might be spinning due to traction loss, over time brake pads and discs can wear out prematurely for trail drivers or those who constantly require the intervention of the system. The Auburn LSD makes use of its internal clutches to redistribute torque, saving brakes and preserving forward momentum.

Traycoff also gave a very illuminating example of just how old fashioned Toyota’s electronic Auto LSD system really was, comparing it to the timeworn boat owner’s trick of gently applying to brakes while spinning the wheels up a wet loading ramp in order to reduce wheel spin.

The Auburn Advantage

I asked Ralph what the main advantages were in choosing the Auburn Pro over other limited-slip options available to Tundra owners on the market. He said that one of the primary reasons Auburn enjoys such a healthy reputation amongst off-roaders, drag racers and custom car builders – in addition to its extensive OEM business – is the durability of its products. Regular maintenance and not abusing internal components through endless clutch drops or smoke shows will ensure years of trouble-free use for pickup truck owners who install the Auburn Pro LSD.

Traycoff also explained that Auburn offers one of the strongest warranties in the business. The Auburn Pro comes with a 12-month guarantee against manufacturing defects, but on top of that coverage it also qualifies for Auburn’s D-REX program. The Differential Replacement EXchange is an initiative where Auburn will replace damaged differential components – no matter how “dumb” someone might have gotten with it – for a much lower price than picking one up new.

Putting It All Together

It’s hard to argue against more traction, especially in pickups where weight is concentrated at the front of the vehicle. The Auburn Pro comes in both 9.5-inch and 10.5-inch 12-bolt models for the Tundra, and is also available on the Tacoma and a host of other Toyota products. Installing the Auburn Pro in your truck most likely means never having the Auto LSD engage again – in addition to offering you much more predictable traction management without needing to worry about brake wear or an uncomfortable, chattering ride.

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  1. jeff hickerson says:

    I would like some more info on this.

  2. mk says:

    sounds good, much better than our stock tundras have now which suck.

  3. Mickey says:

    I think the ARB locking diff would be the best for the Tundra. If I was in the market I would go that way.

  4. Jason (Admin) says:

    Jeff – Probably want to check out the Auburn website and/or give them a call. We had to call to learn this much.

    mk – I’ve got mixed feelings about the stock Tundra setup. It’s not a true LSD, but the electronics help with traction.

    Mickey – I hear you, but we thought this was interesting info since there’s not a lot out there about LSD’s for the Tundra.

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