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Electronically Bypassing The Tundra’s Air Injection System (Hypothetically Speaking)

UPDATE: We have recently become aware of a module that “fixes” this issue. See for more details.

If you own a second generation Tundra, something you should be aware of is an apparent design flaw in the Tundra’s air injection system. While the likelihood of having this problem is probably pretty low (most of the dealers we talk to report this as a fairly rare problem), you never know if it could strike your Tundra.

Some trucks are covered under warranty (see the link above for more details), but if your truck has this problem and it’s not covered, you don’t have a lot of options. You can either rebuild the pumps and/or remove and clean the valves yourself, or you can pay your dealer a few thousand bucks to put in new parts…or maybe, hypothetically speaking, you might be to bypass the issue altogether…

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Ask Unichip: Black Boxes and Cracking Codes

We have recently been privileged to discuss the world of aftermarket ECU tuning in depth with Jack from Unichip, one of the pioneering companies when it comes to engine tuning software. This post wraps up our Q & A series with Jack, and we finish things off by posing some questions about the dark and mysterious details of the computer coding required to achieve the outstanding results offered by Unichip’s tuning products.

Ask Unichip: Towing, Racing and Gas Mileage

In our last Q & A post with Jack from Unichip, the ECU tuning specialists, he offered us some very interesting opinions on how engine modifications interact with air intakes and exhaust systems.  In this post, Jack blows open some of the myths that have accumulated around the idea that chip tuning can save money at the gas pump, as well as how the ECU’s engine management affects specific driving activities like towing or drag racing.

Ask Unichip: Exhaust Systems, Air Intakes, and Custom Tunes

In this second part of our Q & A with Jack from Unichip (read part one), one the automotive aftermarket’s premier chip tuners, we dive a little deeper into the often confusing interaction between performance accessories and engine computers, and how these interactions affect a performance chip’s programming.

Unichip custom tuning air intakes exhaust systems

How does Unichip customize engine tuning for air intakes and exhaust systems?

In other words, if you want to learn a little bit about how air intakes and exhaust systems impact your truck’s computer system, read up.

Ask Unichip: Tuners For The Tundra 4.6 and 4.0?

Not all wrenching on the Toyota Tundra gets done with an actual wrench. The complex computer systems that manage the Tundra’s engine are a ripe source for unlocking extra horsepower. Somewhat conservatively-tuned from the factory, the Tundra has attracted attention from aftermarket chip manufacturers and programmers intent on squeezing every last drop of potential from the vehicle’s drivetrain. However, only Unichip offers a tuner for the Tundra.

Toyota Tundra unichip tuner

The first part of our interview with Unichip

We were given the opportunity to interview Jack Friedman from Unichip, one of the authorities in ECU tuning. Unichip has been in business for more than 15 years, and during that time the company has maintained a strong presence supporting the many different engines offered in the Tundra. Jack provided us with an almost overwhelming amount of information concerning the ins and outs of Tundra tuning, and we’ll be sharing that info in a series of posts that should help Toyota Tundra owners get a better understanding of the ECU tuning process.