VIDEO: Stupid Idiots Ruin Trucks with Tug-O-War

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I’m a Tundra fan, but I definitely wouldn’t mind having a cool lifted 80’s domestic pickup with a big block and a gigante (pronounced he-gone-tay) set of mudders. That would be a fun truck to own.

What I’m saying is, you wouldn’t see me ruining my truck like the Rhodes scholars below…

About two years ago, I railed against the stupidity of “tug-a-truck” competitions because ultimately they’re about destruction. While one driver appears to win, the truth of the matter is that both trucks are damaged by the competition. As you can see in the video above, something broke on the truck on the right at the 16 second mark. At 18 seconds, the shirtless referee starts waiving off the “competition”. Nearly 7 seconds later, the other driver finally becomes aware that his buddy’s pickup is destroyed.

What, exactly, was the point of that little exercise? The loser just ruined hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of parts and accessories. The “winner” just ruined someone else’s vehicle…and truth be told, the winner also strained some of the components in his truck’s powertrain, suspension, and frame. How these strained parts will hold up long-term is a question mark – one that the winner brought upon himself.

Tug-a-truck fans will say that any sort of vehicle enthusiast activities (off-roading, racing, drifting, etc.) puts some sort of undue strain on a vehicle, but I can’t think of an event that can junk an entire driveline and bend a frame in 7 seconds unless a crash is involved.

Tug-a-truck fans will also argue that there’s some sort of strategy or skill in what we saw above. Yet the video makes it clear that the truck on the left won because it had better tires. The truck on the right had tires that were incredibly oversized – almost like flotation tires – and to me it seems they couldn’t get a good contact patch compared to the truck on the left. The proof? The truck on the left is kicking up dirt at the 13second mark, while the truck on the right is spinning out. I’m not a genius, but it seems like a no brainer to say this event is all about tires – at least based on the video above.

For all of these reasons, I stick by my belief that this type of thing is stupid. Idiotic, in fact.

What do you think?

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  1. Dez says:


  2. STC says:

    So?….. You sound like an uptight chick complaining about all of the stupid things that guys do. This looks to me like a beautiful thing happening between two consenting adults. Keep yer laws off my truck…. body.

  3. Mickey says:

    STC I sure the Chevy guy wouldn’t agree with you. He may have consented but the Ford guy just had to roll the Chevy truck in the dirt. Like Jason stated these truck tug a wars don’t prove anything but beat a truck apart. You want to prove something take your truck to a tractor pull and we can see how well your truck will do then.

  4. Jason (Admin) says:

    STC – SO? indeed. Good luck at your next self-destructive sporting event.

    Also, free advice: When women tell you that you’re acting stupid, they’re generally correct. At least that’s been my experience.

  5. Mickey says:

    Actually Jason the truck on the right at the 13 second mark was pulling the ford till the 15 second mark. That’s probably when something broke and the jerking of the ford as it was digging multiplied the issue for the chevy. At the 17 second mark is where you saw an actual sign the chevy was doomed.

  6. Jason (Admin) says:

    Mickey – I stand corrected.

  7. Will says:

    If you look the Chevy doesn’t have a 4 link, If it did it would have prevented it from bending like that and the rear end wouldn’t have snapped out like that. It looks like he built it for next to nothing.

  8. Jason (Admin) says:

    Will – Good call – thank you!

  9. pepay says:

    Well i dissagree……….build you junk right and they last. My dodge will tug all day with no issue. Sorry you can’t build a truck right……

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