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5 Reasons Toyota Should Merge With Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

For a few weeks now, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio¬†Marchionne has talked about finding another company to merge with. It isn’t just hot air either with news of an email being sent to General Motors. GM rebuffed the notion, yet that wasn’t the only email sent.

A recent report by says there were multiple emails sent to other perspective partners. While another merger seems like fiction, there are several companies that could profit greatly from working together with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Let’s play match maker and give you our top 5 reasons why Toyota joining with FCA makes a lot of sense.

5 Reasons Toyota Should Merge with FCA

Would a FCA and Toyota merger ever happen? Here are 5 reasons it should.

Toyota Kills 2015 Tundra V6 Option – Pricing Up Slightly

Toyota announced it has decided to kill the V6 option on the 2015 lineup and in all future products. The reason? Demand was so low it just didn’t make business sense to keep building it.

Toyota Kills 2015 Tundra V6  Option - Pricing Up Slightly

With the 2015 model, Toyota is killing the V6 option and raising prices a very small amount.

Devolro Diablo Toyota Tundra Apocalypse Beast – Featured Truck

The people over at Devolro have a new Tundra toy they have named the Diablo. We can certainly see why it was given that name. This thing looks like you drive through an Apocalypse and come out alive.

Devolro Diablo Toyota Tundra Apocalypse Beast - Featured Truck

This beastly, apocalyptic-ready custom-built Diablo Tundra is ready for everything you can dish out.

Toyota Trucks Dominate 2012 Consumer Reports Reliability Rankings

Consumer Reports have released their 2012 Annual Auto Survey and once again Toyota dominates the rankings with both trucks finishing 1-2.¬†And once again the so-called “Domestic Brands” are struggling to catch up.

Toyota Trucks Dominate Consumer Reports Reliability Rankings

Toyota continues to dominate the Consumer Reports Reliability Rankings with both trucks getting top honors.

Car Commercials Super Bowl 2012

Here’s a recap of the most important car commercials of the 2012 Super Bowl – if you like this post, please share it on Facebook!

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