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Toyota to Out Export Big 3

Facing a tough yen and a weak dollar, Toyota has announced plans on becoming the top exporter of vehicles manufactured in North America. The new plan means Toyota will out export the so called big 3; General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.

Toyota to out export Big 3

Toyota plans on ramping up its exports from North American and further challenge the Big 3.

Toyota Exports Expand – It’s All About The Weak Dollar

Recently Toyota announced that it will be adding the Kentucky-built Camry to its growing list of vehicles it will be exporting to South Korea. This growth in exports, fueled by a weak U.S. dollar, means the thousands of American factory workers that Toyota employs will have increased job security and a stable income during a very difficult economy.

Toyota Exports Camry

Toyota is expanding its list of American Made Cars for export adding the Kentucky built Camry to the list.

All of these exports add up to big growth in U.S. economic sectors like manufacturing, customer service and transportation. and they could even start a hiring boom. SO, the next time someone says that so-called “foreign” automakers are killing America, you can explain to them that not only is Toyota building cars in the USA – they’re exporting carsĀ from the USA to other markets.

Toyota Increases Export of American Made Cars

Between the relatively low value of the dollar and the steadily increasing demand for vehicles world-wide, Toyota has announced that they will continue to increase the number of U.S. made vehicles exported around the world. This increase in exports is great news for U.S. workers, and it challenges the notion that so-called ‘foreign’ automakers are bad for the U.S. economy.

Toyota Exports American Made Cars

The Toyota Sienna will join other vehicles like the Tundra in being exported to other countries.

Specifically, Toyota announced that the U.S. built Sienna van will now be exported to South Korea. While the initial expectation is that there will only be a small number of Siennas sent overseas, this is good news for the folks that produce the Sienna at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing plant in Princeton, IN (TMMI) and the American economy in general.