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Roll-N-Lock Retractable Tonneau Cover

A lot of Toyota Tundra owners opt for a hard-shell bed cover for one simple reason: security. If you’ve got cargo to protect, then a soft top cover just isn’t going to cut it, and neither will many of the rollback tonneau covers that aren’t able to stand up to a determined attack from a tool-wielding thief.

Roll-N-Lock has been building truck accessories for close to 20 years, and their latest and greatest product is the Roll-N-Lock retractable tonneau cover. This special unit combines an aluminum structure with a vinyl laminate in order to provide the best balance between looks and protection for all of the gear that is stowed in your truck bed. Its special construction allows it to offer the versatility of a rollable cover that is stronger than most typical fiberglass options.

The Roll-N-Lock tonneau cover in action

The Roll-N-Lock cover comes in two flavors – M-Series and E-Series. Both feature the same retractable cover that automatically rolls up into a housing mounted at the front of the bed, and both feature a key lock that integrates with the tailgate to keep both the cover and the cargo bed’s rear opening secure. The housing itself is claimed to be the smallest in the industry, taking up a maximum of eight and a quarter inches of cargo bed depth on long box pickups (seven and a quarter on short beds).

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Undercover SE Paintable Hard Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers come in seemingly infinite varieties. One of the newer cargo-protection products to hit the market for the Toyota Tundra is the Undercover SE. At first glance, the Undercover SE seems similar to many other hardshell tonneau covers already available for the Tundra, but a closer looks reveals some intriguing features that make this particular product worth checking out.0

First, this tonneau cover is paintable. That’s a big deal to a lot of Tundra owners, especially considering that the official Toyota painted-to-match Tundra tonneau cover is a little pricey (about $1500). Of course, there are lots of fiberglass tonneau covers available that can be painted to match…but they’re heavy. Which brings us to the second benefit of the Undercover SE.

BakFlip Tonneau Cover For The Toyota Tundra

Lockable tonneau covers available for the Toyota Tundra have traditionally been divided into two camps: those that lift up as a single piece, and those that are divided into three or more compartments that can be individually opened to access a specific portion of the cargo bed. Either style of tonneau cover features one big drawback: they must be completely removed in order to haul large cargo that is sits taller than the sides of the truck bed.

BakFlip tonneau Toyota Tundra

The BakFlip is one of the slickest tonneau covers you can buy for your Tundra

BAK has come up with a very innovative way to enjoy a locking tonneau cover and still preserve the ability to easily load up your Tundra with oversized items. The product is called the BakFlip tonneau cover, and at first glance it appears to be a standard segmented tonneau cover that offers three separate lockable compartments in the truck bed. However, on closer inspection it becomes clear that the BakFlip is unlike any other tonneau cover currently available on the market.

Undercover Tonneau Cover For The Tundra

Choosing a tonneau cover for your Toyota Tundra is often about compromises. Choose the least expensive tonneau cover, and you end up with a limited versatility accessory that doesn’t protect your cargo. Choose the most expensive tonneau, and you start to approach the price of a full-size topper without many of the benefits of a full-size topper/shell.

Undercover's tonneau is a decent option for covering your Tundra's bed.

Undercover's tonneau is a decent option for covering your Tundra's bed.

One of the best middle of the road solutions when looking for affordable and effective cargo protection is a solid, hard plastic tonneau cover. Unlike a vinyl or cloth tonneau cover, hard plastic units are lockable and extremely resistant to cutting or “smash and grab” style thefts. Hard plastic tonneuas are also waterproof, impact and stain resistant, and unlike vinyl/cloth tonneaus, they won’t start to sag after a few years of ownership. Finally, solid hard plastic tonneaus are the most secure tonneau cover option – slightly more secure than any folding tonneau covers (like Extang’s Solid Fold Tonneau).

Product Review: Extang Solid Fold Tonneau Cover

Extang is one of the most well-known brands in tonneau covers. In fact, it’s one of the most popular Tundra accessories according to Mark, one of our readers, installed and reviewed an Extang solid fold tonneau for the Tundra.

Extang solid fold tonneau cover

The Extang Solid Fold is a very simple tonneau cover install that can be done by one person.

The kit itself is brutally simple – in fact, the installation instructions are only two pages(pdf). Because there’s no lock, no struts, no complicated brackets, you can put on the tonneau without any tools. Extang claims the tonneau cover can be installed in as little as five minutes, and it probably can be if you’re in a hurry. But 10-20 minutes is more reasonable if you’re interested in being careful to make sure it’s squared-up properly by measuring all corners a few times.