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SEMA 2011 – Scion Showcases New Cars

Scion continues its trendy designs by bringing a new crop of exciting cars to the 2011 SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV.

Here is a list of all the cars that were at the show:

SEMA 2011 - Scion iQ Pit Boss by Cartel

The 2011 Scion iQ “Pit Boss” by Cartel features a convertible top.

2011 Scion iQ “Pit Boss” by Cartel


This car was inspired by

Toyota and Aston Martin Partnership Opportunities

In an effort to meet European fuel economy and emissions standards, world-renowned Aston Martin is going to produce a high MPG mini-car called the Cygnet City Car. In order to preserve exclusivity, this vehicle will only be available to current Aston Martin owners.

Seeing as how Aston Martin isn’t in the mini-car business, they approached Toyota about re-badging the Toyota iQ.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Toyota UK

The next Aston Martin. Seriously.

OK – so it’s likely a little more than a “re-badging.” Aston Martin is going to put their own personal touch on the iQ with interior and exterior refinements. However, they’re likely going to leave the powertrain intact in order to preserve the fuel economy rating of the iQ and the boost that will bring to Aston’s fleet.

Since Aston and Toyota aren’t natural competitors, and since Toyota is always interested in selling more vehicles, this partnership makes some sense. While there are some branding concerns on Aston’s side (some call it an abomination), it seems like a simple and logical way to help Aston’s fleet meet fuel economy and emissions regulations.

So, are there any other Toyota – Aston Martin partnerships worth considering?