Toyota and Aston Martin Partnership Opportunities

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In an effort to meet European fuel economy and emissions standards, world-renowned Aston Martin is going to produce a high MPG mini-car called the Cygnet City Car. In order to preserve exclusivity, this vehicle will only be available to current Aston Martin owners.

Seeing as how Aston Martin isn’t in the mini-car business, they approached Toyota about re-badging the Toyota iQ.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Toyota UK

The next Aston Martin. Seriously.

OK – so it’s likely a little more than a “re-badging.” Aston Martin is going to put their own personal touch on the iQ with interior and exterior refinements. However, they’re likely going to leave the powertrain intact in order to preserve the fuel economy rating of the iQ and the boost that will bring to Aston’s fleet.

Since Aston and Toyota aren’t natural competitors, and since Toyota is always interested in selling more vehicles, this partnership makes some sense. While there are some branding concerns on Aston’s side (some call it an abomination), it seems like a simple and logical way to help Aston’s fleet meet fuel economy and emissions regulations.

So, are there any other Toyota – Aston Martin partnerships worth considering?

The short answer? Probably not. Aston Martin isn’t interested in diluting their brand exclusivity by sharing platforms or powertrains with Toyota, so whatever “partnership” occurs will likely be one-sided. Still, there are some moves that Aston and Toyota could work together on:

  1. Racing. Toyota could share the costs of fielding their many race teams (LeMans, F1, WRC, etc.) with Aston in exchange for leveraging Toyota’s incredible presence in racing worldwide.
  2. Licensing a hybrid powertrain. Aston Martin would be able to boost their fleet fuel economy rating by offering Toyota’s next high-performance hybrid powertrain in one of their supercars, and Toyota would enjoy sharing some development costs with Aston.
  3. Vehicle and parts distribution. Toyota also has a worldwide presence in vehicle sales and parts distribution. Aston Martin might be interested in piggybacking onto Toyota’s infrastructure.
  4. A one-off supercar concept. Toyota could use a boost in “street cred” when it comes to garnering the attention of young people. Working with Aston Martin to build a concept sports coupe, and then using that concept as a springboard for a new Supra, might be a great way to help Toyota get back in the sports car game.

Most likely, none of these ideas will come to fruition…but never say never. James Bond never would have believed that Aston would be making a 67 hp “City Car,” but here we are.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Oh, wow. I wonder if that will be the next James Bond car. Sorta kills the sex appeal, but maybe the next Bong girl will be a Tree Hugger.

  2. mk says:

    Lets see if we can fit that car in the bed of my tundra much like my ATV. I saw a fit for two car pull up beside me and I could not help but laugh out loud in front of the owner of that midget car and couldn’t stop laughing. Two people could pick up the back end and move it sideways in a parking stall and still fit in the stall sideways. I would feel almost as safe driving my ATV on the road going 55 mph as that car. I heard these dinky cars are not very safe even with the new crumple zone crash protection they do have and might even get passed by a YUGO if still around. Sorry, I could not stop laughing.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Yes, It will fit in the bed. Now that would make it a cool car, roll off the rear of a Tundra in moving traffic. That and a turbo Charger, 50 percent more power would give it 3 horsepower. I heard the gas mileage isn’t that great for half a car. If I had to drive that it would have to get 60 to 70 MPG and transform into a cool robot that washed itself and mowed my lawn. Yea, I’d buy that.

  4. mk says:

    See, you are correct – next James Bond car – all you need is a tundra, put this car in the bed of the tundra, start it up, put in reverse, and floor it out of the bed of the truck just like what James Bond would do. Or, hook up a bunch of balloons around it and have James Bond pull a trigger to release the balloons and have it float away in to the atmosphere with the Tree Hugger ‘green’ bond girl at his side.

  5. Bond – “Moneypenny, would you like to go for a ride?”
    MP – “Not tonight – promised myself a TV dinner and a re-run.”
    Bond – “Tomorrow then?”
    MP – “Uhhh…no – I forgot I’ve got to floss my cat. She really hates it, so I can’t do more than one tooth a night. Probably going to take me the rest of the year to get it done…sorry.”

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