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New Tundra Leveling Kit From ReadyLIFT

ReadyLift has come out with a new suspension kit offering for the 2007 – 2011 Toyota Tundra pickup truck. We covered the ReadyLift SST kit in the summer of 2010, a comprehensive lift package aimed at hardcore off-roading enthusiasts. The latest ReadyLift product doesn’t go to the same extremes as the SST kit, but rather works to level out the Tundra’s suspension and reduce the factory rake inherent in all editions of the vehicle.

The ReadyLift T6 Leveling Kit

The ReadyLift T6 Billet 2.5” leveling kit offers a few extra features to set it apart from other competitors on the market. Most notably, the ReadyLift aluminum spacers that are used to lift up the front end of the Tundra bear an anodized finish that can be had in either red, blue, black or silver. The idea is for the blocks to stand out once they have been installed, and there is no doubt that bright red or blue steel will be extra visible given the additional space in the wheel well afforded by the kit.

ReadyLift SST 3-inch Lift Kit for the Toyota Tundra

There are no shortage of lift kit options for the Toyota Tundra. The Tundra – like most Toyotas – is quite popular amongst off-roaders and those who just like the look of a lifted truck. Not all lift kits are created equal, however, which is why we take notice when one comes along that claims to be the “only complete kit on the market.” When you see that kind of claim, it makes sense to investigate.

ReadyLift SST 3-inch Lift Kit

While the ReadyLift 3.0-inch SST Suspension Lift System for the 2007-2010 Tundra is NOT the “only” complete lift kit on the market, it certainly does seem as though ReadyLift has thought of everything.

Low Range Off-Road Updates Tundra 3″ Lift Kit

A few months ago we reviewed a Tundra lift kit offered by Low Range Off-Road, and we gave it very high marks. The Low Range kit is made using rust-proof, light weight CNC machined aluminum (far superior to powder-coated steel kits offered by many others), the instructions are excellent (the best we’ve ever seen), and the design is well conceived. Unlike many kit manufacturers, Low Range took the extra steps (using metric bolts just like Toyota does, maching a very slight 3.5 degree taper on the rear blocks, etc.) to make this kit stand out.

In fact, we recommend the Low Range kit right alongside the Tundra lift kit from ToyTec. The only difference between the two kits is their basic design – ToyTec favors an in-coil spacer lift design, and Low Range favors an above-coil lift design.

Low Range recently made a couple of updates to their lift kit for the 2007-and-up Tundra, further demonstrating their commitment to providing a top-notch kit. Here’s what they’ve done:

Toyota Tundra Lift Kit Review: Low Range Off Road 3″ Lift Kit

Low Range Off Road, based in Utah, recently began offering a 3″ leveling lift kit for the 07+ Tundra. This is in addition to offering lift kits for the older body style Tundra, the Tacoma, the FJ, and soon the Land Cruiser. Their kit is very similar to the Truxxx 3″ lift kit we reviewed a few months ago – they both lift the front of the truck 3″ and then level it out by adding a 1″ block in the back. The Low Range Off Road kit is easy to install, high quality, and for reasons we’ll dive into further, we recommend the Low Range Off Road 3″ lift kit over the Truxxx 3″ lift kit.

The lifted and leveled truck after the kit has been installed.

Low Range Off Road’s kit installed on a 2007 Tundra. Note the level roof line and even front and rear fender gaps.

Starting with the kit itself, we were amazed at the parts quality.

ToyTec 3″ Tundra Lift Kit Review Update

Once ToyTec had a chance to reflect on our review, they made a couple of adjustments to their kit.

First, they’ve added some machined skid-plate spacers so that the skid plate does not touch the front differential after the diff has been dropped 1″ (the front diff is dropped to preserve the factory axle and ball joint angles).