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GM Wins Ignition-Switch Lawsuit Shield, Hides Behind Old GM

As expected, it has happened. A U.S. Bankruptcy Judge has ruled the “new” General Motors isn’t liable for some of the ignition-switch defects that occurred prior to the bankruptcy. If you are following along that responsibility falls on the “old” General Motors. A shell company comprised of bad assets.

GM Wins Ignition-Switch Lawsuit Shield, Hides Behind Old GM

GM won a major court victory over the ignition switch debacle.

Dear Ram – You Could Have Had A Cummins

How Ram Stole The VM Motori 3.0L From GM, and How Nissan Stole the Cummins 5.0L From Chrysler-Fiat

Ram Nissan GM diesel truck engine story

It’s a wild story, but it’s all true. Nissan stole from Ram, Ram stole from GM, and Toyota still won’t talk about a diesel Tundra.

Every once in a while I see something happen in the auto industry that makes me shake my head and wonder, but the story of Ram’s new 3.0L EcoDiesel and Nissan’s new Cummins diesel is a comedy of errors. It’s a little complicated, but the bottom line is this: Ram stole GM’s diesel, Nissan stole Ram’s diesel, and Toyota still doesn’t offer one on the Tundra. Here’s how it happened.

In News That Should Suprise No One, Former GM Execs Are Clueless

Imagine that you were a senior manager at the old GM. Now imagine how you might feel when the company eventually succumbs to bankruptcy, and hundreds of thousands of people lose their jobs. Would you feel like a failure? Would you perhaps feel a little responsibility for what went wrong? A little guilt about not trying harder, putting up more of a fight, etc?

After all, if a company’s senior management isn’t somewhat responsible for corporate failure, than who is?

Sure the economy was a factor. So was the UAW. But GM and Chrysler failed while Ford (which had the same basic set of problems) didn’t. GM management has to take some responsibility for what happened to GM…right?

Evidently, about 100 retired GM executives (most of whom were VP’s or higher) didn’t see things that way. Go figure.

GM Wants to Partner with Isuzu Again

Reaching way back in its past, GM has reportedly decided to buy a 10 percent stake in Isuzu. Remember how well their last partnership worked out with the LUV? See the video below. What cool (!) truck will come out of this rekindling?

YouTube Preview Image

GM Says No Magnesium Alloy Truck Frames – At Least Not Yet

As fuel economy regulations force automakers to tighten their belts, manufacturers are looking to pull a few different “levers” to improve efficiency. Those levers are drivetrain efficiency, aerodynamics, friction losses, and weight.

GM magnesium alloy truck frame

An Automotive News report all but says GM won't be producing lightweight truck frames made from magnesium alloy

General Motors, seeking to make their truck as fuel efficient as possible, researched the possibility of a Magnesium alloy truck frame. However, according to a recent tidbit in Automotive News, those plans are dead…at least for now.