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Ford’s EcoBoost Losing Steam With Ford Loyalists

Update: Brian J in the comments below asked me to support my post with some data – here’s the data that supports the original conclusion.

When Ford’s EcoBoost engines came out, a lot of people (myself included) saw the engine as a game-changer. A bold new step forward for trucks, one that promised better fuel economy without sacrificing much power.

Ford truck owners question value of EcoBoost

A growing number of Ford truck owners are questioning the reliability and fuel economy benefits of the EcoBoost V6. That’s bad news for Ford, as they’ve put all their eggs in the EcoBoost basket.

Years later, we’ve seen copious amounts of evidence to suggest that the EcoBoost isn’t the game-changer it promised to be. From anecdotes about mediocre fuel economy¬†to problems with stalling and hesitation to hefty turbo replacement costs, there is ample evidence for skeptics like me to grab on to.

But what about Ford loyalists? Are they too seeing that EcoBoost isn’t what it’s cracked up to be?¬†The answer seems to be yes – at least partially.

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