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Toyota Rear Bumper Rust/Corrosion – TSB

Toyota has recently released a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) for 2010-2012 Tundra’s related to the rear bumper exhibiting rust or corrosion on it.

New Toyota Tundra Problem – Bumper and Lug Nut Rust

UPDATE: After our blog post and press release, Toyota dropped a TSB stating that the rust spots seen on many chrome parts are actually brake dust particles that have stuck to the bumper, lug nuts, etc. and then rusted. The TSB recommends a good clean and polish to get rid of the spots.

While we have seen evidence to support our original theory, this is a possible explanation as well.

In what may be old news for some people, there is growing evidence that Toyota Tundra bumpers may be rusting much faster than they should be. While exact numbers are hard to guess, it’s safe to say this problem affects a very small percentage of Tundra owners. Based on our correspondence and the handful of forum threads we could find, this problem is mostly confined to areas of the country where rust is already an issue.

Here are some pictures of the typical types of rust being described – the first was sent to us, but the rest were found searching and It’s fairly minor rust, but totally unacceptable for such a new vehicle.

Toyota Tundra bumper rust spots

These spots are pretty small, but they’re consistent with other photos and descriptions we’ve read. We think they’re the most typical.

Rust in bumper around fog lights. Another example of small rust spots.

More examples of rust found on popular Tundra forums.

What could it be?