Bedrug Bedliner for the Toyota Tundra – A Review

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There are many bedliner brands and approaches on the market, and we decided to try something a little different with our project Toyota Tundra when it came time to install bed protection. We chose Bedrug, which is intended to offer a softer alternative to spray-in and drop-in rigid plastic bedliners.

What Is Bedrug?

Bedrug is designed to mimic the appearance of carpet, which means that it looks and feels like a low-pile rug that sits in your truck bed and also covers your inner bed walls and tailgate. Unlike a real rug, however, Bedrug is manufactured out of a special plastic that won’t trap dirt and won’t rot or mold when exposed to moisture. It’s also UV-resistant, which prevents fading from the sun, and it’s strong enough and versatile enough to transport any type of cargo without deformation. In fact, Bedrug claims that its product can cushion the truck bed when items are dropped into it, helping to minimize denting. The material is also easy to clean with a hose and doesn’t retain water like older fabric bedliner designs.

Easy To Install

Bedrug after installation.

Bedrug takes a few hours to properly install in your Tundra, but we found the entire process to be simple enough. The box contains the liner for the main bed along with the bed walls, which are mounted on Velcro strips that adhere to the truck’s steel surfaces. You really have to clean the bed well with the product they provide in order to make sure you get good tack for the Velcro. Once in place, the main bed rug and the side rugs zip together in order to create a seamless look.

The Bedrug Advantage

Bedrug zippers in action.

So why go with Bedrug instead of a more traditional spray-in liner? Well, for one the softness of the Bedrug material makes it much more comfortable to crawl in and out of your cargo bed, should the need arise. It also doesn’t heat up in the sun like some other plastic bedliners do, which means that you won’t burn yourself while loading up your gear, and it’s simple to take in and out thanks to the Velcro – although given how tough this bedliner is it’s hard to think of a reason for removing it. Speaking of durability, we’ve had our Bedrug installed for three months now and there haven’t been any issues with mildew or mold. Ilgalaik─Ś automobili┼│ ir mikroautobus┼│ nuoma Vilniuje

A closer look at the installed Bedrug liner.

After our experience with Bedrug, we can see no reason to choose any other type of liner over this particular product. Bedrug is soft, does a good job protecting your cargo area, and is easy to install. One caveat – the liner doesn’t cover your bedrails (which is the case with many other bedliners), so if you are worried about scratching the paint on top of your rear fenders, then you should look into pickup up bedrail caps to go with your Bedrug liner.

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