2007-12 Toyota Tundra Rear Rubbing or Grinding Turning Noise – TSB

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Does your 2007-2012 Toyota Tundra have a rubbing or grinding noise from the rear when turning? If so, Toyota has released a technical service bulletin (TSB) to address this issue.

2007-12 Rubbing or Grinding Rear Noise - TSB

Does your 2007-12 Toyota Tundra have a rubbing or grinding noise coming from the rear when turning?

The T-SB-0013-13 addresses a condition where “some 2007 – 2012 model year Tundra vehicles may exhibit a rubbing or grinding noise from the rear when making left or right turns. New parking brake plate sub-assemblies have been developed to address this condition.”

Like other TSB’s this repair is covered under the Toyota Basic Warranty, 36 months or 36,000 miles whichever occurs first, from the vehicle’s in-service date. And the repair is limited to the condition described.

The Fix

  1. First, the mechanic will test drive the vehicle to confirm the condition by making left and right turns.
  2. Next, the truck will be raised on a lift and the rear wheels will be removed. Checking over the rear rotors, you should be able to see some irregular contact on the brake plate from the rotors (see picture below).

    2007-12 Rubbing or Grinding Rear Noise - Rotor Pic

    Example of irregular wear and tear on rotor.

  3. If irregular rubbing is present, then you will need to replace the brake parts with a “Special Service Part Bearing Kit.” Contact your local Toyota dealership for a list of the parts.
  4. After replacement of brake parts, take the truck for a drive to settle the parking brake shoe and disc. This is done by driving .25 mile on a level, dry road at approximately 31 mph. While driving, depress the parking brake pedal about 2-3 times. Lastly, stop and depress the parking brake, you should hold this position with 6-9 clicks of travel.
  5. Finally, take the vehicle for one more test drive to confirm the fix.

With these types of repairs, it is recommended to have your local Toyota dealer perform the repair.

Although, we hadn’t heard of this issue, have you? Did you get it fixed?

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  1. LJC says:

    Nope, haven’t heard of any, however, for those who have, I’m curious to know how the truck was used. For example, always carrying a fairly heavy payload and or a lot of towing a fairly heavy trailer.

    I wonder what makes the “Special Service Part Bearing Kit” special.

  2. MPToy07 says:

    The parts supplied for this TSB are the exact same kits supplied for a previous TSB for 07-10 Tundras with rear wheel bearing noises. It includes a wheel bearing assy, axle seal, spacer (which contacts the axle seal), snap ring, and parking brake backing plate. This is REQUIRED to be done at the dealership, as the wheel bearing has to be pressed off the axle to remove the backing plate. There are special tools required to do this.

  3. Mickey says:

    MPToy my 07 has that bearing noise when I turn. I may take it in. You still have to pay to fix it even if it’s a TSB unless you’re under warranty.

  4. Mickey says:

    Also forgot to mention is that they always do this for 07’s and on. Knowing dang well 07’s and on are over 36k miles. Very ridiculous to put that in there. Yes they will get the unimformative and they go in not expecting to pay and then get the bill.

  5. 4.7 says:

    i know this off subject but on the bed rust i was over 36,000 mile but as they said toyota going to take care. i don’t have no rubbing or grindind.

  6. Mickey says:

    4.7 your bed rust has a longer warranty than 36k miles.

  7. Jessee says:

    Thanks for info. My 2010 Tundra has just developed the noise while turning left. Has 46500 miles. I will use this info while speaking to my dealer thanks again

  8. Ed S. says:

    My 08 Tundra just started making that grinding noise it has 43,000 miles on it,dealer wants $1100 to fix it.Why isn’t there a recall on this?they know of the problem,they actually put a kit together to fix it,$400 per kit, you need 2, plus labor.

  9. David LeBron says:

    My 2010 tundra is having the same issue and only has 33k and not covered cause I’m over 36months mark this sucks Toyota should fix this free of charge.

  10. Jim Beahm says:

    My 2011 Toyota Tundra has went in twice for this noise. I finally got them to take it apart yesterday and it has the problem. My truck has 43,000 on it and is out warranty. I got them to cover the parts @ $941 and I’m paying for the labor. I drive my truck in the country on curvey hilly roads. I do carry loads in it, but not that frequently. The last load I was carrying in it was a yard of loam it did make any noise then. I do tow my boat to the mooring and back once a year. This sound is difficult to hear, I could only hear it when I was going around a corner with the windows down and there was trees to reflect the noise.

  11. DcCook says:

    Truck was under warranty and Toyota fixed it. Now the other side has started the same noise.

  12. Rick says:

    My 2005 has developed this problem.

  13. dave says:

    Yes. Took multiple visits and several hours in order to even identify the problem. Sad considering searching wheel rubbing noise tundra, this was one of the top links to come up. $600 repair estimate, not covered under standard warranty or the $2000 extended warranty purchased when I got the vehicle. 2011 45Kmiles . Disappointed with dealership and manufacturer.

  14. […] I have the same problem as described and my dealer took the backing plate off and ground it down to eliminate the rubbing…$175 labor. I just recently found out that there is a BIGGER issue here as one of my co-workers has brought his Tundra in for the same issue and the dealer informed him there is a TSB for the this. The problem is not the backing plate at all but carrying heavy loads causing axle bearing to fail. I will be going back to the dealer on this and getting the fix. Here is the link on the TSB (T-SB-0013-13) article. 2007-12 Toyota Tundra Rear Rubbing or Grinding Turning Noise – TSB | Tundra Headquarters Blog […]

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