Toyota Tundra Radiator and Horn Mounts Cracking – TSB

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Toyota has released a Technical Service Bulletin for a condition where cracking develops around the horn and/or radiator mounting brackets in 2007-2012 Tundra vehicles.

Toyota Radiator and Horn Mounts - TSB

The repair areas for the radiator and horn mounts technical service bulletin.

Toyota is recommending a fix of adding additional support brackets to reinforce the horn and radiator mounting location areas. The TSB, released on February 2, 2012, says that cracking may occur under continuous or frequent off highway driving conditions. The new support brackets have been developed to reinforce the horn and radiator mounting location areas and address this condition. The TSB number is T-SB-0032-12.

The repair consists of removing the parts/plastic covers around the horn and radiator. Then you will need to drill holes for the support brackets to be attached. Make sure to paint the area around the holes with an automotive primer to avoid rust from forming.

Tundra TSB Radiator/Horn Parts List

The parts, quantities and numbers needed for the repair.

Here’s the TSB process in a nutshell:
Step 1:Remove both horn assemblies from the vehicle.
Step 2: Drill out the spot welds that attach the broken horn bracket reinforcement to the upper radiator core support as shown below. Replace the horn assembly and add support brackets.
Step 3:Remove the plastic radiator side covers.
Step 4:Add new support brackets to sides of radiator.

If you own a Tundra within these models years, you are encouraged to check with your local Toyota service department. As with any TSB’s the repair is covered within Toyota’s Comprehensive Warranty, 3 years or 36,000 miles whichever occurs first.

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  1. LJC says:

    Great info!

    There doesn’t happen to be a TSB for the dealer installed Grill Mounted Bug Deflector (aka, uni-brow) damaging hood paint is there?

    I uninstalled the uni-brow from my Tundra and noticed that metal fasteners rubbed through the paint, down to the primer in three spots.

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      LJC – Bummer. That’s an installation issue, however…there are some little rubber stops that are supposed to protect the paint.

      • LJC says:

        I spoke with a dealer and a local rep has to take a look. It sounds like it will be covered. I’ll follow up when I have some facts, which will be soon.

        Yeah, it’s a bummer, but I’m confident that it will be taken care of–one of the reasons why I decided on going with Toyota 🙂

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  3. Mickey says:

    I had mine replaced in 08. This was cuased by the deer strike.

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  5. Winghunter says:

    A BIG thanks!

  6. Mickey says:

    Also this TSB is worthless if you have an 07-09. Your 3 years are up. Why do these manufacturer’s do thid knowing most of the vehicles are out of warranty. This is a bad practice that all manufacturer’s do.

    • AyCaramba says:

      June 2014, I’ve been smelling Antifreeze in my 2009 Tundra no dripping on the garage floor noted. Took it in for 84,500 / 90,000 service and a visual inspection found the radiator cracked and leaking “pink” antifreeze/coolant. I’m able to drive the vehicle but I’m waiting for a new replacement radiator. Toyota dealership states the radiator is “plastic” and not made of metal cost for r/r will be around $650.00. Totally agree by the time a person sees the failure it’s way past 3 Years / 36,000 miles I consider 50K a new vehicle. I’m waiting for the 2016 for the Tundra Diesel model for replacement of my 2009 Tundra.

  7. mk says:

    Agree, they should honor this very inexpensive repair under 5/60K no question about it. How many 3 year old tundras will have this issue, not nearly as many as 4-5 years out. Yet another example of cheap inferior metal components made to thin and cheap just like the middle section of the inside part of the tailgate is way too thin and dents/creases everytime you step on it – junk!

  8. LJC says:

    Do a search for Ford F-150 ecoBoost problems and you will feel a lot better about your Tundra.
    For me, it was either a Tundra or ecoBoost; I’m 100% glad I went with a Tundra.

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