ProRYDE Front End Lift Kit for the Toyota Tundra

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ProRYDE has been offering lift and leveling kits for pickups and SUVs for a number of years now. Based out of Minnesota, ProRYDE has recently been working to expand its offerings for Toyota vehicles, recently adding a 4Runner lift kit to its already existing 2007 – 2011 Toyota Tundra kit. A Toyota Tacoma lift is also on the way, although there is as of yet no timetable dictating when that product will hit the market.

The ProRYDE kit installed on an 07-11 Tundra.

How Much Lift?

The ProRYDE Tundra kit is intended to allow a fully adjustable front end lift of between 2 and 3-inches, although some owners have been able to see a range of 1.5 to 3.5 inches of adjustment after installation. On-the-truck adjustability is the key difference between the ProRYDE kit and other fixed height suspension leveling options. Impressively, ProRYDE offers this level of fine-tuning without the need to install an air compressor or run hydraulic lines. The kit actually makes use of what its manufacturer calls “Helix-Drive” gears, which can move the kit up and down in order to achieve the desired amount of lift.

ProRYDE's unique Helix-Drive ride height adjustment system.

Once the ProRYDE kit is installed on the Tundra, it allows for the use of tires up to 33-inches in diameter. It also offers additional front end support for anyone running a plow or a winch, and it doesn’t require any modifications to the stock suspension or the replacement of any components.

How Hard to Install?

I spoke with John at ProRYDE and asked him his opinion on how easy the kit would be for the average mechanically-inclined Tundra owner to install. He told me that since the kit actually installs on top of the strut, there is no need to use a spring compressor – a tool the average truck enthusiast typically doesn’t have in their arsenal.

John also stressed that the build quality and versatility of the ProRYDE kit help to make it unique amongst other suspension leveling options. Kit components are forged and then machined, with the machining taking place in the United States. ProRYDE actually inspects each and every kit before putting it on sale in order to make sure that there are no quality issues lurking in a particular batch.

In terms of versatility, John explained that the ability to independently adjust the height of each side of the front of the Tundra was also an advantage compared to traditional fixed-lift designs. Few trucks emerge from the factory perfectly level – the Tundra test truck used by ProRYDE in fact features a 3.5-inch lift on one side and a 3.25-inch lift on the other – which means that with careful measurement it is possible to dial-in a more stable suspension setup.

The ProRYDE kit for the Toyota Tundra.

What Does It Cost?

The ProRYDE kit retails for $299, which is competitive with a wide variety of different lift and leveling options. You can find an online manual describing the ProRYDE installation process here and make your own judgment call regarding how comfortable you would be adding this adjustable lift to your own Tundra.

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  1. Mickey says:

    Not only having a spring compressor but also a great safety issue. I’m talking about when a spring compessor fails and the spring does what it is suppose to do. That’s a violent expansion and anything in the way gets hit.

  2. Jason (Admin) says:

    Mickey – Very true. A compressed spring can be a dangerous thing if the compressor fails…which is why so many people don’t recommend using a rental spring decompression tool.

  3. TXTee says:

    Nice – good to see some more competition on the market and an even easier install.

  4. Anonymous says:

    so this is not good lift kit

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