Project Great White – Featured Truck

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It isn’t that often we come across a truck that looks powerful and clean with just the right amount of modifications. Through in the fact it is owned by a woman in an admittedly male dominated truck market and we took a double-take. Simply put this truck, BLOWS US AWAY!

Project Great White - Featured Truck

A beautiful beach scene made better with this awesome 2010 Toyota Tundra.

The truck has quite a following on Facebook (Check out or Instagram: @txtundrae) and we can see why. This beautiful 2010 Tundra has a myriad of modifications that left us drooling. Combine that with the “don’t tell my wife how attractive the owner is,” is really just icing on the cake. PLUS, add in the great promo piece that shows of the sponsors and well, this truck is in our top ten.

Project Great White - Featured Truck Collage

A collage of photos of Project Great White. You can see the passion she has for her truck.

What is this machine? It is a 2010 Tundra 5.7L SR5 4X4 Double Cab that is currently sponsored by WESTIN Automotive, Bushwacker, and House of HID (

From the Owner

Snow White was purchased in November of 2011 brand-spankin new off the show room floor at my favorite Toyota dealership (Red McCombs San Antonio!!)

Right after that she was shipped off to 4 Wheel Parts here in SA for her first lift – ProComp Stage 1 6″ Suspension with 20″ XD Hoss Wheels and 35″ Toyo M/Ts. I picked her up a week later, and the rest is all history 🙂

Current Mods list:

  • 6” ProComp Suspension
  • 4” rear blocks
  • 35×12.50×20 Toyo Open Country M/Ts
  • 20 x 10” -44mm Fuel Hostage Wheels – black
  • Bull Bar
  • Volant CAI
  • Custom Exhaust – true dual – exit before rear axle
  • Dual Cherrybomb Vortex Mufflers
  • 3.5” Tubing
  • 2 RBP 5” tips black
  • Black Headlight Mod (painted housings)
  • Tail lights – Spec-D
  • Custom plastidipped front & rear bumpers
  • Custom painted – colormatch
  • Grille surround
  • Mirror caps
  • Door handles
  • Tailgate handle
  • Bilstein shocks/struts – 5100 series
  • Westin Sportsman Winch-mount Grille Guard
  • Westin T-max 8500lb Winch
  • Westin 6″ Offroad lights
  • Westin Gen-X steps
  • Bushwacker Pocket flares

What do you think? Does this truck ROCK or not?

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  1. Bill says:

    Truck is ok, driver not so cool. She getts mad when you don’t give her the time of day. She leaves a truck club cause she was not getting enuff guys to give her any care. Also talks about other clubs and says they could never win at a car show. Only time will tell.

    • Sam says:

      As a friend of hers, I can tell you right now that just ain’t true. You really should try to get the full story before running your mouth. That truck is her world, she couldn’t care less whether or not guys “give her any care” as long as she gets respect. Funny how that works.

  2. LJC says:

    That is certainly a good looking truck, especially the color: white!
    The color of snow 🙂

    But I’d go nuts if mine were treated and mod’ed like that.
    Here’s why.
    I’ll describe how my interior looks and is treated.
    Here are the highlights of it:
    Fossilized chicken McNuggets and fries on the floor
    Muddy, sandy and a bit salty Husky Liners
    Crud on the back seats
    Hand prints on the windows
    A few down feathers on the seats (from winter coats)

    Now, for how it is treated:
    Two cans of Scotch Guard each spring
    Quote from my son: “I don’t’ have clap the mud off my boots now that you have Husky Liners!”
    On trip back from Mt. Abram Ski Resort, my wife, son and his friend wanted to stop and look at the Elks at an elk farm. So I opened the back sliding window; my son and his friend climbed on the seats with their muddy boots for a better look—Scotch Guard works 🙂

    I wonder if family truck would make the front page of a web page 🙂

  3. mk says:

    More pics of the owner please!

    She may be high maintenance but just want to borrow her from time to time is all!

  4. JL says:

    I hope the owner is in the top ten as well!!!

    we need to see more of these Tough Truck Girls!

  5. Mason says:

    This thing would rape the Power Wagon while eating the Raptor and shitting on the ram runner.

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