PIAA Silicone Wiper Blades – An Overview

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What They Are and What They Do: PIAA silicone wiper blades are a set of windshield wiper blades that differ greatly from ordinary wiper blades. These wipers feature an active silicone treatment that coats your windshield with a thin layer of silicone that promotes water beading as it wicks water away. These wipers are available for all wiper arm sizes.

PIAA Super Silicone Wiper Blades

A visual comparison of PIAA super silicone wiper blades.

Who It’s For: Anyone who wants high-quality wiper blades and is willing to pay a bit of a premium. The active silicone windshield treatment boosts clarity and, logically, enhances safety…especially in nighttime and low-visibility driving conditions.

Key Features:

  • The active silicone coating treats your windshield as it operates, creating a thin layer of silicone that beads water for easier wiping.
  • High-quality silicone-rubber compound promotes quiet chatter-free and streak-free operation.
  • Better performance than standard wiper blades in nighttime and inclement weather conditions

What Owners Say: One reviewer on AutoAnything.com tried a pair of these wiper blades and remarked that these “clear the windshield better than any I’ve ever had.” Other reviewers agreed, impressed with both the quality and the ease of installation offered by these wiper blades.

Who Makes It? PIAA Super Silicone wiper blades are made by PIAA Corporation, an American company headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Since its founding in 1963, PIAA has manufactured lighting products for various consumer automotive, racing and powersports applications. The part is manufactured in the USA and features a 1-year warranty.

How Much? AutoAnything.com offers PIAA Super Silicone wiper blades for as little as $25 and as much as $36 (depending on application). Also, be sure to check prices at AutoAccessoriesGarage as well, as they currently have a lower starting price ($20)

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  1. Dez says:

    1st gen Tundra only. 🙁

    …and other Toyota models.

  2. Bobby says:

    Compared to the rain-x wiper blades I pay an arm and a leg for, they might be worth trying….about the same price.

  3. mk says:

    neat idea, is that 25 bucks per pair or per wiper? 25 bucks per pair is a good buy, but not 25 bucks each wiper side. Still pretty cheap for better safety on the road as long as they last as long as OEM wipers. Only time will tell but great idea.

  4. Jason (Admin) says:

    Dez – Good call! I can’t believe this – I thought they were on the 07+ Tundra…my bad.

    Bobby – Cool – let us know how it goes.

    mk – Yes, $25 each. Pricey.

  5. Mike T says:

    well, it removes squeak and drag, regardless of the shape
    of the windshield, providing greater comfort for
    both driver and passenger.

  6. Will says:

    The design of these new style wipers puts more pressure along the length of the wiper blade, giving a better and consistantly clear windscreen which in turn means streak free wiping

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